Certified North Africa

WW II Emergency Issues
Last update 1-22-21NORTH AFRICA
2306$11934AWANTED65EPQOriginal raw or properly graded TPG notesWANTEDImage
2306*$11934A*AVF+Original raw or properly graded TPG notes VF & betterWANTEDImage
2307$51934AK56765255APMG50Flat but cheap you get what you pay for$150Image
2307$51934AK55293767A65EPQI have seen no better 65s than these of late.$550Image
2307$51934AK65331497A65EPQThis one faces up wonderfully with fantastic blue and yellows against a white contrasting paper.$600Image
2309$101934AB11086289A65EPQGem Type NA $10$525Image
2309*$101934A*01184809A35EPQStar N.A. $10 in an unusual, to survive original, original grade.$475Image
2309*$101934A*01196053APMG58AU and affordable as the original paper is no more.$775Image
2309*$101934A*01063519A58EPQLarge right margin, light handling and good color$995Image