Certified North Africa

WW II Emergency Issues
Last updated 12-3-18NORTH AFRICA
2306*$11934A*70971225A63EPQNorth Africa Star less than 5000 apart, 99 of 100 have centering issues that keep them out of 65 and higher in PMG holders. Bright white and very well embossed.$1,595 Image
2307$51934AK56765255APMG50Flat but cheap you get what you pay for$150Image
2307$51934AK34410982APMG58Pressed but from an earlier run$145Image
2307$51934AK55293767A65EPQI have seen no better 65s than these of late.$625Image
2307$51934AK65331497A65EPQThis one faces up wonderfully with fantastic blue and yellows against a white contrasting paper.$600Image
2307$51934AK63028971A65EPQFrom the Gerry Glasser collection$595Image
2307$51934AK54245553A66EPQFrom the Gerry Glasser collection$700Image
2307lfp$51934AK54364063A58EPQLate finished face plate #307$500Image
2308m$101934A91074345A63PPQThe Rare AA block of the elusive 1934 $10 North Africa issue! PMG only shows a 63 and 64 without the EPQ designation, and nothing finer. I have personally never seen a more original AA block in high-grade. This exact note sold for $51,750 in a 2007 Heritage auction.$19,950 Image