Uncertified $1 SC

I have recently purchased a large collection of $1 Silvers Raw and Certified. See this list and the Certified Silver Certificates for hundreds of new items! I make a genuine effort to offer a wide range of notes regardless of value so that all collectors will find something to fit their respective budgets. Please call or write with specific wants or general questions. As always I will do my best to accommodate all requests. DUE TO MEDICAL ISSUES I WILL BE LIQUIDATING RAW $1 SC AND $1 FRNS SO THIS LIST MAY DISSAPEAR SOON!!! CALL WITH OFFERS OR WATCH FOR THIS MATERIAL IN GROUP LOTS AT HA.COM!!

$1 Silver Certificates
1600$11928A17876901AGEM(F)Pack fresh, white, crisp singles$95 Image
1600$11928A17876902AGEM(F)Pack fresh consec pairs $180$95 Image
1600$11928A17876903AGEM(F)Just a smidge less margin on the bottom$85 Image
1600$11928A17878695AGEM(F)The AA block is always popular as the first Funnyback block$85 Image
1600$11928B04111599AGEM(F+)The more difficult to find BA that is a 64+$115 Image
1600$11928G87383635ACCU(F)A 63+EPQ if TPG'd, crispy white$75 Image
1600$11928H15980741AGEM(F)A crispy, white note from a pack with a 65Q face and a 64Q backSOLD Image
1600$11928H15981339AGEM(F)Pack fresh singlesSOLD Image
1600$11928H31864927AGEM(F)Pack fresh singles$80 Image
1600$11928H31864879AGEM(F)Pack fresh singles$80 Image
1600$11928H31864849AGEM(F)Pack fresh singles$80 Image
1600$11928H15980875-6AGEM(F)Pack fresh consec pairs$160 Image
1600$11928H15980888-9AGEM(F)Pack fresh consec pairs$160 Image
1600$11928H15980869AGEM(F)Pack fresh singles$90 Image
1600*$11928*05416159AVGSolid VG with minor clip rust right face$35 Image
1600*$11928*03441603ACH/AU(F)Trip-over embossing on the seal and serial numbers on crispy white paper and only one center fold that does not break the paper on the face, otherwise you might pay four times as muchSOLD Image
1601$11928AE06502078AVFA nice VF on a very rare block$200 Image
1601$11928AH03388008ACCU(F)As below but from a different source with a cooler serial number!$95 Image
1601$11928AH03388068AGEM(F)Excellent white paper and embossing$80 Image
1601$11928AI05999995ACCU(F)A short Radar fancy on another pack fresh single block$195 Image
1601$11928AJ21751911ACCU(F)A less frequently seen block with trip over embossing$100 Image
1601$11928AK93586678AGEM(A)So tight on the right margin it gets the dreaded (A) centering$69 Image
1601$11928AL43913316AAU+(A)A bit better block, fully original with a tight bottom margin$49 Image
1601$11928AM57177547AAU+(A)Very choice with a tight left margin$59 Image
1601$11928AN58307052ACCU(F)Attractive but cut close on the top$125 Image
1601$11928AP08240593-94AGEM(F+)Very nearly 65 margins on an elusive block, Consec pair or $110 each$200 Image
1601$11928AU21692143-8AGEM(VF/A)A lovely cut half sheet of this available block. The face of each note looks like a 67 but the back is shifted up considerably.$395 Image
1601$11928AY00817644ACH/AU++(F)Another fresh, white and snappy Funnyback that is a 58 to a 63Q. With decades of experience it is still a flip of the coin on this one which is called a "Slider" in coin slang. Slider basically means a coin, or note in this case, that can 'slide' between AU and CU grades.$50 Image
1601$11928AZ48135275AGEM(VF)A Gem face, yet the centering on the back isn't quite all there$100 Image
1601$11928AA68441143BCU(F+)Nicely centered, well embossed with a slider bend$69 Image
1601$11928AE00306121BCCU(F+)A better block with only 38 in all grades submitted at PMG so far (8/15) that I think should 63Q. Not high enough to go through the expense of slabbing.$95 Image
1601$11928AI97020703BVF+Only 12 at PMG in this block to date but over half are 64EPQ (8/15), a very scarce block in a nice circ.$95 Image
1601$11928AJ17305964BVGThe last 28A block and scarce$30 Image
1601$11928AJ01784587BVG+The last 28A block and scarce$40 Image
1601$11928AJ22133493BVG+The last 28A block and scarce$40 Image
1601$11928AJ23890661BAU/CU(VF)RARE and totally DOCTORED beyond belief! Designed to fool the less experienced collector this note has been pressed (although I am not sure why), possibly cleaned prior to pressing, but the real 'work' was done on the re-embossing of the Treasury Seal and Serial numbers. Incredible and currently Not For Sale as I wish to use it as a teaching tool to make collectors aware of the length the scum collectors and dealers alike whom resort to this all too common fraud.$125 Image
1601*$11928A*20850789AVG/FAttractive Star for the money$40 Image
1601*$11928A*22624376AF+Solid for the gradeSOLD Image
1601*$11928A*22515808AVFSolid for the grade on the lower end of the scaleSOLD Image
1601*$11928A*16939458AEF/AUTight on the top or I would be asking more. Only three light wallet bends from CCU and with that good ole' crispy money smell and feel!$165 Image
1601exp$11928AX07012995BVF+Experimental block and a scarce one to find in this grade as it has always been the more difficult of the 28A Experimental blocks to locate. In fact the easy to use and FREE resource at PMGNOTES.COM shows only 15 in this block submitted to PMG in the last 10+ years in ALL grades! What would this be worth in the world of Coins with that rarity? Regardless this one will not last long.SOLD Image
1601exp$11928AY06914667BVG/FExperimental block$50 Image
1602$11928BW73412389AFINEA rare block that easily makes fine and only 6 have been graded so far at PMG in all grades. This one would be the lowest graded yet rare to find in any.$100 Image
1602$11928BY90145062ACCU(F)Only 35 at PMG graded so far 8/15 and the fourth rarest with the WA, XA and ZA being rarer.$125 Image
1602$11928BC50788524BCCU(A)A better block but not well centered, tight on the top and right$100 Image
1602$11928BD62461385BCCU(VF)In the middle for rarity, affordable and very uncirculated$75 Image
1602$11928BD67997325BGEM(F)Crispy, white paper, centered a bit low to make a 65$95 Image
1602$11928BE24619416BCU+(F)A better block but someone has trimmed the right side, badly.$65 Image
1602$11928BF18533013BGEM(F+)Another borderline Gem 65 and all I see are from this same packSOLD Image
1602$11928BF18533078BCCU(F)The Scarcer 28B series$95 Image
1602$11928BF18533080BCCU(F)The Scarcer 28B series$95 Image
1602$11928BG00557905BCCU(F-)A lower number on a common block$85 Image
1602$11928BG74671370BCCU(F)This common block always nice$85 Image
1602$11928BH27927894BCH/AU(F)A common block near CU$45 Image
1602$11928BH54411210BCCU(A)Tighter at the top$55 Image
1602$11928BH54411216BGEM(F)I purchased these notes decades apart yet they are from the same pack.$75 Image
1602$11928BH99404072BGEM(F)A cool and not often seen 99 Million start on a Funny Back$125 Image
1602$11928BI80337613BEF/AUWashed and pressed to look CUSOLD Image
1602$11928BI98238619BAU(VF)A paperclip depression and a small spot on back$50 Image
1602$11928BJ54896502BGEM(F)Well centered face that is Gem with a bit better centering$90 Image
1602$11928BI51541530BCCU(VF)A Gem in every respect but for a light handling pinch$115 Image
1602exp$11928BY07386148BVG/FExperimental block and conservatively graded$50 Image
1602exp$11928BY01241760BVFA very nice VF experimental$115 Image
1602exp$11928BZ03408138BVF+Another and a less available block as well$125 Image
1603$11928CI65648214BVFSlightly better VF with more original paper$215 Image
1604$11928DI93513723BVGAs nice a VG as you can hope for$45 Image
1605$11928EJ33877981BFINEThe Key to the set on a slightly better block which matters little in this grade$475 Image
1606$11934A06087095AAU(F)A soft center bend$69 Image
1606$11934A85512949AGEM(F)Wonderful paper color and contrasting inks$140 Image
1606$11934B61659835-6ACCU(F)Consecutive pair of pack fresh Choice notes, ea. $120$225 Image
1606$11934C67921428ACH/AU(F+)One corner fold from CCU$69 Image
1606$11934E53012071ACH/AU+(F)A 58EPQ equal in the raw and half the price of a Gem$95 Image
1606$11934E72712185ACH/AU+(F)A 58EPQ equal in the raw and half the price of a Gem$95 Image
1606$11934F17988644AVF+An attractive VF+, white and still lots of crispness remains$45 Image
1606$11934G18524525AVF+/EFIf you don't look closely it appears AU yet has numerous folds and handling$59 Image
1606$11934G65189640ACCU(F+)A nice CCU on a classic one year design type,tip fold not into the design$95 Image
1606$11934G30402136ACCU(F+)A bit nicer CCU without any distracting corner issues on white, bright paper$120 Image
1606*$11934*03061708AVGWith one smaller 4mm rust spot$35 Image
1607$11935A69132344ACCU(A)Only one super white, original AA blockSOLD Image
1607$11935B10058358AVF+Four fold, nice original VF$10 Image
1607$11935B33839037AGEM(VF)Should PMG but I am too lazy but my price reflects my confidence in its grade, scarce in true Gem$125 Image
1607$11935C52696338ACU(A)Tight on the bottom but whiteSOLD Image
1607$11935C13963836ACCU(F+)Superior white and original near GemSOLDno image
1607$11935D17192629-37ACCU(F)Consecutive pairs $60, singlesSOLD Image
1607$11935D17192616-42AGEM(F)Consecutive runs of 3 $110, a run of 4 atSOLD Image
1607$11935E76587696ACCU(A)So hard to find with better (VF) centeringSOLD Image
1607$11935F43982134ACCU(F)A much less available block until Hadji came up with a nice run$50 Image
1607$11935J78987112AGEM(F+)A common block that is Gem on the faceSOLD Image
1607$11935L15492908ACH/AUAttractive one year typeSOLD Image
1607$11935L86125807ACCU(VF)Very near a 65 but as I already have one in stock this will stay raw for now, late addition so no image and if I do one I will raise the price laterSOLDno image
1607$11935M09027354AVFA better block$10 Image
1607$11935N78116511AGEM(VF)Nicely centered, well embossed and easily a 65EPQ$145 Image
1607*$11935*07123837ACCU+(VF)$895 Image
1607*$11935*12862028AVGNot pretty but I can't find enough of them$89 Image
1607*$11935*04410250AVF/EFMight go EF but a 35 is more likely. Very original and a scarce Star that rarely shows up in this gradeSOLD Image
1607*$11935*02894099ACCU+(VF)This may go 65EPQ but is a slam-dunk 64Q+ if not. I have enough in slabs at the moment so this one will stay raw for those who prefer it.$800 Image
1607*$11935*07123837ACCU+(VF)This will go 65EPQ but I just bought it a week before this list went live so didn't feel like slabbing it. I have enough in slabs at the moment so this one will stay raw for those who prefer it and if noone does I will slab eventually.$995 Image
1607exp$11935A04513364BVF+A fully original Choice Very Fine ExperimentalSOLD Image
1608m$11935AN54645652ACCU(F)Attractive and affordable CCU Mule$75no image
1608m$11935AP51815907ACH/AU(F+)A less available Mule block that have become extremely popular as the rarity is exposed by TPG submissions. There are less than 180 (8/15) on all 18 mule blocks in the 1935A Series.$80 Image
1608m$11935AZ81184591AVF+And this one is very Rare with only Four on all grades in the census 8-15. Will grade close to EF but has a few margin spots.SOLD Image
1608m$11935AW13788404-06ACH/AU(VF)Mule consec. Pair or each $25$45
1608m$11935AWAFMule 8 total in the PMG census 12/15$22
1608m$11935AXAFMule 4 total in the PMG census 12/15$25
1608m$11935AYAFMule only 5 total grade at PMG for this scarce mule block 12/15$25
1608$11935AY66634759ACCU(VF)Exceedingly scarce A suffix block$100NEW
1608$11935AACGEM(VF)Consec. pair for $40, another shared block with Hawaii issues$25
1608$11935AFCCCU(F)AU+ $10, another block shared with the scarce Hawaii FC$15
1608$11935AICCU+Small spot$10
1608$11935AI99954055-99CCCU(F)Or better consec. Pr. for $30 or each, this block also was a N.Af. Issue$20
1608$11935AJCGEM(F+)Consec. Pair for $35 or each$20
1608$11935AADCCU(F)Only 1 available$15
1608$11935ABDGEM(F+)SUPER WHITE$20
1608$11935AC28912486DGEM(VF)Well centered with ample right margin$25NEW
1608*$11935A*48949655ACH/AU(VF)Well centered star$50NEW
1608*$11935A*28879535ACCU(F)THESE GREEN HILIGHTED NOTES$100 Image
1608*$11935A*43587298AGEM(F)ARE ACCOUNTED FOR!!!!!!!$100 Image
Experimental 'R' & 'S'
1609$11935AS71339806CCCU+(F+)I can't keep the raw stuff in stock as it usually sells at shows. I bought this one right and is a real bargain. Always looking for these in any grade.$595 Image
Regular Issues Continued
1611$11935BFDCCU(VF)Small paper clip depression from Gem$15
1611$11935BGDGEM(VF)Or one CU+(F+) $20, the gems have snappy, printed yesterday, paper, each$32
1611$11935BHDCH/AU(VF)Or one AU(F) $10$12
1611$11935B*11595118BGEM(F)Gorgeous, more difficult Star with bright, white paper and punch through embossing. The back is shifted high, defeating a possible Gem grade$295 Image
1612$11935CXDGEM(VF)Consec. Pair for $40 or each$25
1612$11935CM95330627DCCU(VF)only one$25NEW
1612$11935CAE & BEGEM(VF)Very nice$25
1612$11935CF05289616EGEM(VF)Easily of GEM 65EPQ quality$35 Image
1612$11935CG55215030EGEM(F)Consec pair for $39 or each for$25 Image
1612$11935CJEGEM(VF)Consec. Pair for $40 or each$25
1612$11935CLECCU(F+)Consec. Pair for $35 or each$20
1612$11935CRECCU(F)Only 1 available$20
1612$11935CT86116302ECCU(VF)Well margined all around$15 Image
1612*$11935C*32092237BCCU(F)Exceptional seal embossing$100 Image
1613w$11935DV83211839ECCU(VF)Much more difficult than the narrows$30NEW
1613w$11935DZ98232237ECCU(F)Always difficult$23NEW
1613w$11935DD22017472-74FGEM(VF)all three consecutive wide GEMS for $85$35NEW
1613w$11935DE91674373FGEM(VF)A scarce block with only 7 at PMG so far 11-15, and I only have the one$45NEW
1613w$11935DV517115703FCCU(VF)Another difficult wide block in near GemSOLD
1613w$11935DPFCCU(F)Wide, always has been one of the more underated varieties even for type with many scarce blocks within.$20
1613w$11935DJ29295433GGEM(F)Centered low but bright white with three large marginsSOLD
1613w$11935DJ71554375-77GGEM(VF)Only two well centered, white Gems to chose from$50
1613w*$11935D*01364214CVF+Wide, nice for the grade and now imaged$200 Image
1613n$11935DVAR.AU(VF)Narrow DG,HG,LG,SF$12
1613n$11935DSFCCU(F)Narrow each$15
1613n$11935DSFGEM(VF)Consec. Pair for $40 or each, hot off the press fresh$25
1613n$11935DT29511949FGEM(VF)Certifiable as a 65 or better$25 Image
1613n$11935DJGGEM(VF)Narrow GEM(A) $15, GEM(F)$20 or the best for$25
1613n$11935DM35992499GCCU(VF)Well centered but we wish it was a wide$18
1613n*$11935D*86707339BCCU(F)A bit of a rippled top edge on this attractive and more difficult Star$65
1613n*$11935D*03932924CCCU(VF)A really spectacular star that I will likely image and slab later. Call me before the price goes up!$250 Image
1613n$11935DGGAU+(F)Narrow 18 subject sheet$15
1613n$11935DGGAU+(VF)Narrow 18 subject sheet$20
1613n$11935DG82248131GCH/AU(F+)Narrow 18 subject sheet$15NEW
1613n$11935DG00972155GCCU(VF)Narrow 18 subject sheet, small spot$35NEW
1613n$11935DG00972154GCCU(VF)Narrow 18 subject sheet, small spot from Gem but very difficult to find this nicely centered$45NEW
1613n$11935DNGAU+(A)Narrow 18 subject sheet$15
1613n$11935DN36493480GAU(F+)Narrow 18 subject sheet$25NEW
1613n$11935DN29734610-11GCCU(F)Narrow 18 subject sheet each $65:Consec pair$110NEW
1614$11935EA64148762HGEM(VF)Would 67 if the back were better centered$12
1614$11935EC11263434-44HCCU(VF)$8 each, GEM(VF)Eight consecutive pack fresh notes $75 or each..$10
1614$11935EM17471195-99HCCU(F)or better, each$7
1614$11935EE38518131-2ICCU(F)or better, one pair consec. $13 or each$8
1614$11935EG17553941-2ICCU(F)pair consecs for $12 or each$7
1614$11935EJ88249401IGEM(VF)one only and pack fresh and perfectly centered$10
1614$11935EL95201204-10IGEM(VF)Pack fresh Gems, run of 4 at $25, or pair for $14, each..$10
1614*$11935E*38869814FCCU(F)Or better Star F$25
1614*$11935E*23030769FCCU(VF)Pair consecutive Stars at$50
1614*$11935E*23030770FCCU(VF)Or each at$30
1615$11935FZ62263765IGEM(VF)only one$10
1615$11935FA36981213-15JCCU(F)or better pack fresh consec runs of 3 for $20 or each$7
1615*$11935F*73861259FCCU(F)Star F block$25 Image
1615*$11935F*80611435FCCU(F)Star F block$25 Image
1615*$11935F*63573560-64FGEM(F)Star F block$30 Image
1615*$11935F*65450023FCCU(F)I paid more so pick a cheaper one for now$35
1615*$11935F*73373729-38FGEM(F)Pack fresh singles with great semi-fancy numbers like; *73373737 $100; the other each at$40
1615*$11935F*00288740GCCU(F)Shifted to the right but fresh *G$22
1615*$11935F*04296981GGEM(F)Or better *G block$40
1615*$11935F*04296985GGEM(F)The better *G block$40
1615*$11935F*04296961GGEM(F)Pack fresh$40
1615*$11935F*04296959GGEM(F)All singles no consecutives left$40
1615*$11935F*04296957GGEM(F)Buy any two take 10% off or all for 20% off$40
1615*$11935F*04296953GGEM(F)The better *G block$40
1616$11935GB99154440JGEM(F)No Motto$12
1616$11935GB57634252-61JGEM(VF)No Motto, some also GEM(F) in this run, consec pairs $22$15
1616$11935GC46973479JCU+No Motto$8
1616$11935GC46746003-99JCCU(F)No Motto at $9 and GEM(VF) for..$12
1616*$11935G*10860684&88GGEM(F+)No Motto Stars that have great margins all around and an 1/8" extra on the left. Someone will trim them and end up with 66s and 67s.$60NEW
1616*$11935G*10860680GGEM(F+)NO MOTTO$60 Image
1617$11935GD53069904JAU+/CU(F)With Motto$20
1617$11935GD74371020JCCU(A)With Motto$25
1617$11935GD67117240-578JGem(F)or better with mottos consec pairs $49 or each$29 Image
1617$11935GD53630401JCU(VF)With Motto & 55997001 EACH$30
1617$11935GD77883351JCCU(F+)With Motto$35
1617$11935GD76319061JGEM(VF)With Motto$60
1617$11935GD53630615-53JGEM(F)With Motto$35 Image
1617$11935GD48960054JCCU(F)54TH note printed as this block started at D48960001J$75
1617$11935GD48960136JCCU(F)With Motto 136th note printed$45
1617$11935GD48960137JCCU(F)With Motto 137th$45
1617$11935GD48960138JCCU(F)With Motto 138th$45
1617$11935GD48960139JCCU(F)With Motto 139th$45
1617$11935GD48960141JGEM(F+)With Motto 141st note printed with MOTTO$55
1617$11935GD48960142JCCU(F)With Motto 142nd note printed with the "In God We Trust" motto.$45
1617*$11935G*19860233GCCU+(A)With Motto Star with typical margins for the issue$145 Image
1617*$11935G*19481545GCU+(A)With Motto Star$140 Image
1617*$11935G*19817192GGEM(F)With Motto Star$150
1617*$11935G*19817150GGEM(F)With Motto Star$150
1617*$11935G*19817146GGEM(F)With Motto Star$175
1618$11935HD80902077JCCU(F+)$25 Image
1618$11935HD91436612-99JCCU(F)Or better runs of 10 for $100 or each at..$12
1618$11935HDJGEM(F)numerous runs each$13
1618$11935HDJGEM(VF)Just a few with better centering$17
1618*$11935H*20467976GCH/AU(F)Almost unc.$25 Image
1618*$11935H*20708800GAU/CUSlider Star$30 Image
1618*$11935H*20576081GCCU(F)These are pretty inexpensive at the momentSOLD Image
1619$11957A16649004AGEM(VF)67 quality but raw$8
1619$11957CA & FACCU$6
1619$11957G78092814AGEM(VF)CCU $5, one 67 quality but raw available$8
1619$11957QAGEM(F)two available$6
1619*$11957*06441437-388ACCU(F) each, consec pairs $16$9
1619*$11957*33302648-50ACCU(F)All three consecutive stars $25 or each at$10
1619*$11957*74993876-900AGEM(VF)Pairs for $22$13
1619*$11957*56396008-012CCCU(F)Pairs for $25$15
1619*$11957*89302106CGEM(VF)Only the one well centered and white C* block$20
1620$11957AAA & DAGEM(VF)one only and pack fresh and perfectly centered$8
1620$11957AC86634101-200AGEM(VF)a couple AU+ $4, GEM(F) $7$8
1620$11957ALA & QAGEM(VF)two short runs of each block, pairs for $14 or each$8
1620*$11957A*63753748-49AGEM(VF)one pair $29 or eachSOLD
1621$11957BPACCU(VF)one only,$8AUCTION
1621$11957BRA,SA & UAGEM(VF)CCU(VF) $7 each, the GEMs each$9AUCTION
1621$11957BVAGEM(VF)CU+ $6, CCU(VF) $7 and Gems$8AUCTION
1621$11957BWA,YA,XACCU(F)Mostly better than CCU$7AUCTION
1621*$11957B*30613631-38BCCU(F)Or better, each$13AUCTION
1621*$11957B*24222601-15BCCU(VF)Pairs for $22 or each$15AUCTION
1621*$11957B*38873209BGEM(F) And #*38873109B, each$15AUCTION
1621*$11957B*30574738BGEM(F)$20 Image
1621*$11957B*30574724BGEM(F)$20 Image