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UPDATED 12/26/17
$5 Silver Certificates
1650$51934A69565313ACU(VF)Very close to choice but it looks Gem. Abundance of wet paper wrinkle over the white and well centered paper. Difficult in CU and in demand as such.SOLD Image
1650$51934B13621052ACCU(F)Original, white with good embossing, shifted right with one crunched lower left corner, nowhere near the design as it is on the broadest margin.$80 Image
1650$51934D66261009AGEM(F+)Shifted lower by 1mm, well balanced and very white and of course the back is a 67$95 Image
1650*$51934*01700363AAU(A)Centered low with white paper, a wallet bend and a corner crease at right from CUSOLD Image
1651m$51934AD97957808AAU(VF)But expertly pressed to appear Gemmy and on second look I dropped the grade and price on this difficult mule block$85 Image
1651m$51934AE57548009ACCU(F)Centered a bit low and left$60 Image
1651m$51934AE57548010ACCU(F)All very similar with slightly bumped corners$60 Image
1651m$51934AE57548011ACCU(F)A consecutive pair of mules for $110$60 Image
1651m$51934AE97241674ACCU(A)Centered low with whiter paper than the above group and from the last run on this more common mule block.SOLD Image
1651m$51934AG42352311AF/VFEx Jamie Yakes (X-JY) Mule$25no image
1651m$51934AG15827367AVFX-JY Mule in even VF grade$30no image
1651m$51934AG56419860AVF++very choice VF with white and crisp paperSOLDno image
1651m$51934AG04881682ACH/AU(VF)Overall a CU mule but the handling is such I am erring on the side of conservative grading, difficult in this nice a grade.SOLD Image
1651m*$51934A*05045174AFineMule Star$50 Image
1651m*$51934A*05125862AVF+EFLooks AU but it was pressed and doctored to make it appear CU so it 'looks' a lot nicer than it isSOLD Image
1651$51934AE87509439ACH/AU++Fantastic embossing, color and centering but has one diagonal fold that is difficult to find$40 Image
1651$51934AF89893356AVF+Very attractive for the money as VF35 quality$20no image
1651$51934AF13889666ACCU(VF)Nearly perfect and will eventually be slabbed$75 Image
1651$51934AG27658280AAU+(F)SOLD Image
1651$51934AG16819530ACCU(F)Each one a decent example of this early $5 SC issue$39 Image
1651$51934AG16819531ACCU(F)Attractive, white and well centered$39 Image
1651$51934AG52818979ACCU(F)Well embossed, original and white$39 Image
1651$51934AG87399561ACCU(F)Well embossed, original and white$40 Image
1651$51934AI16505077AAU(A)Tight top and right$25 Image
1651$51934AJ71328307AGEM(VF)Nearly perfect but I can't slab them all. Besides you really want to be able to see the embossing on this note, it is incredible.SOLD Image
1651$51934AK34933965AF/VFX-JY Interesting KA runs between NA Silvers$20no image
1651$51934AK38982629AVF/EFX-JY Mr. Yakes looked high and low for these$25no image
1651$51934AK42817461AVF+X-JY No doubt$25no image
1651$51934AK45512343AVF++35EPQ quality$30no image
1651$51934AK80481148AVF/EFX-JY I am grading less liberally and PMG would 35 them at best$35no image
1651$51934AK88994504-05ACCU(A)Just two CCU examples in this more available run that was shared with North Africa issues$69 Image
1651$51934AK01607751AGEM(F)A scarce early run KA block with decent centering on the face but less so on the back which the embossing makes up for as it is unimprovable.$100 Image
1651*$51934A*07639845AVFlower end of the VF scale but attractive$55 Image
1651*$51934A*10391167ANet FineVF+ but has a small margin tear$35 Image
1651*$51934A*08591648AVF/EFLooks EF at a glanceSOLD Image
1652$51934BK93428342AFineScarce block$15 Image
1652$51934BL43706427AVF+pressed to look AU$20no image
1652$51934BL32922244ACU+An UNC note but someone has trimmed the top margin badlySOLD Image
1652$51934BL17074296ACH/AU(VF)Light center bend from a 65 that would fool most without good lighting$50 Image
1652$51934BL34879908ACU(F)Right margin trim but it still looks nice as the scan shows$65 Image
1652$51934BL27136019ACCU+(A)The key to the regular issues with great embossingSOLD Image
1652*$51934B*11429871AVG/FThe blue overprints have bled a bitSOLD Image
1652*$51934B*11976722AFineThis Key Star brings $3000 to $4000 in TPG gem$95 Image
1652*$51934B*11657454AFineAnd solid for the grade$100 Image
1653$51934CL86136950ACU(F)A better block and a better looking note than the grade assigned$35no image
1653$51934CM19916809ACCU(F)Great embossing$40 Image
1653$51934CM19916818AGEM(F)Great embossingSOLD Image
1653$51934CM19916853AGEM(F)Great embossing all from the same pack$50 Image
1653$51934CM66617062ACH/AU(VF)A light wallet bend from GemSOLDno image
1653$51934CN52033443ACH/AU(VF)Looks superbSOLD Image
1653$51934CN92164647AGEM(F+)What they call an original 64 now$60 Image
1653$51934CP75296673AGEM(F+)64EPQ that is$60 Image
1653$51934CQ33877309AGEM(VF)The rest I slabbled 65 and better, this is the last raw one.$55 Image
1653m$51934CN42472338AVF++Mule 637 BackPlate and very attractive with abundant eye appeal on an interesting back plate variety.SOLD Image
1653m$51934CP23022597AVFMule 637 BackPlate and though on the lower end of the scale this is a neat mule 637 for low priceSOLD Image
1654w1$51934DQ81687178AAU+(F)Great original paper, embossing and cheap$16 Image
1654w1$51934DQ77812569-70ACCU(VF)Pack fresh consecutive pair, only one available$95 Image
1654w1$51934DS14500860ACCU(F)Dark inks over white paper with great embossing, centered high on the face$35no image
1654w1$51934DS19596677-680AGEM(F)Four consectutive that range from Gem(F) to Gem(A) with superb embossing and original paper $160 or each at..$45no image
1654w1$51934DT46113570-71ACU(A)Or better consec wide 1 pair $40!$40 Image
1654w1$51934DT46113564-65ACCU(F)Two consecutive for $50 or each for SOLDSOLD Image
1654w1$51934DT36014167ACU+(F)Easily UNCSOLDno image
1654w1$51934DU12680759ACCU(VF)Great registration and color and likely to 65SOLD Image
1654w1$51934DU89377908AGEM(F)Centered a smidge low or it would be encasedSOLD Image
1654w1$51934DU02272289AGEM(F)Centered a smidge high with superb colorsSOLD Image
1654w1$51934DV13904306AGEM(F)Blast white paper with blazing blue overprint$80 Image
1654w1$51934DV13904307AGEM(F)Consecutive pair of VA blocks, 307-309$130 Image
1654w1$51934DV13904308AGEM(F)All four consecutive for $250 or each at$70 Image
1654w1$51934DV13904309AGEM(F)All four consecutive for $250 or each at$70 Image
1654w1*$51934D*18606970AFine+Affordable Wide 1 star$35 Image
1654w1*$51934D*21720538AVF+Three hard folds with embossing$50 Image
1654w1*$51934D*19351570AVF++One for every budget and eye$85 Image
1654w1*$51934D*21047261AAU(F)Another attractive near CU Star to chose from$110 Image
1654w1*$51934D*18382482ACH/AU(VF)Very light, difficult to see center bend$125 Image
1654w1*$51934D*21953111ACU(VF)Some teller bends or it would be a 65EPQ$145 Image
1654n$51934DT58034036ACCU(VF)I would have sent this to PMG as it is a scarce block in Narrow and has perfect centering and registration. I did detect a slight hint of toning on the edge of the upper left margin that might be noticed and drop it to a 64.$95 Image
1654n$51934DU29549886A-709EFLightly circulated Narrows$20 Image
1654n$51934DU99305747AEF/AUTwo folds with fantastic embossing$20 Image
1654n$51934DU63226588AAU(VF)A well centered Gem at a glance$25 Image
1654n$51934DU78499720ACH/AU(F+)Narrow$30 Image
1654n$51934DU24896806ACH/AU+(VF)Some industrious note doctor could press out this whisp of a wallet fold and make it a GEM with ease but who has time for this kind of nonsense? Rhetorical question as many do. The embossing is trip over and unimprovable!$40 Image
1654n$51934DU99681595ACU(F)Very well embossed Narrow$50 Image
1654n$51934DU74026068ACCU(F)Difficult to find much nicerSOLD Image
1654n*$51934D*22890533ACU(A)I can't find any Narrows that have this narrow of dimensions so I can only conclude that either the top or the bottom margin have been trimmed. I guess some notes are just not Narrow enough. Actually a nicer note than the grade allows but I hate stupidly trimmed notes so it is priced and graded conservatively. The paper quality is otherwise Gem and original in the untrimmed portions:($495 Image
1654w2$51934DU81496840AVF/EFAmple embossing is evident on this W2$25 Image
1654w2$51934DU70284465AAU+(VF)Wide 2 in 'Gem' AU with light c-bend only$50 Image
1654w2$51934DV09767862AVFWIDE 2 better block$30no image
1654w2*$51934D*22023269AVF+Becoming extinct as original, crisp white and undoctored this is a lovely collector grade and a bargain as such in a Wide 2 Star.$195 Image
1655$51953A35812954AEF$15no image
1655$51953B69625748ACCU(VF)Slabbed gem quality$35 Image
1655$51953B43008080AGEM(F)Interesting serial numberSOLD Image
1655$51953C93123773AGEM(F)Top margin is a bit tight$32 Image
1655$51953D12585255AEF$15no image
1655*$51953*05693623AVF++A more difficult star than the 53ASOLD Image
1655*$51953*13119654AEF/AUA vertical and a horizontal fold$40 Image
1655*$51953*11878568AAU+(A)Tight top and a center fold$50 Image
1655*$51953*06702824AAU(F+)I can't find an nice CCU to Gem notes$60 Image
1656$51953AD48293361ACH/AUWell centered$15no image
1656$51953AD54410792ACH/AUWell centered$15no image
1656$51953AE05217428AGEM(VF)A candidate for 67 hence the price!$95 Image
1656$51953AE99546288-665AAU(F)Choice with only a centerfold$15 no image
1656$51953AE25253157AAUSee below$15no image
1656$51953AE890044988AAU(F)988, 190, 157, 172 end numbers$15 no image
1656$51953AE29213906-107AAU+(F)Just a smidgen better than above$18 no image
1656$51953AE35209406ACCU(F+)Or better as many have VF centering$25 Image
1656$51953AE53914865ACCU(F)Original embossing and orange peel paper$25no image
1656$51953AE99546289ACCU(F)99 starts are popular with many$25no image
1656$51953AF61213484ACCU(F)The pair of consec. Near gems for $45SOLDno image
1656$51953AF61213485ACCU(F)Everywhere equal and good margins with an overly broad left margin$29no image
1656$51953AF46083674ACCU(F+)Lightly bumped corner from Gem$30no image
1656$51953AF63753374-394ACCU(VF)Pack fresh consec. pairs $60, some are gem$35no image
1656*$51953A*27688994ACU(F)A nice affordable UNC$65 Image
1656*$51953A*26917485AGEM(F)Both nice original near gems and I can't really tell the difference except I paid less for this one$75 Image
1656*$51953A*27516035AGEM(F+)Paid a bit more but I can't tell the difference between these except for my cost basis.$95 Image
1657$51953BF82601084-99AAU++(VF)Light horizontal mishandling, 2 consec $27, 3 con. $39 or more at $12 ea or a single for..$15no image
1657$51953BF84733760ACCU(A/F)Just a smidge tight on the top margin$25no image
1657$51953BF73926365ACCU(F)Difficult to find much nicer as true TPGs are not that easy$25no image
1657$51953BF83062922AGEM(F)Gem paper shifted slightly to the right and high$35no image
1657$51953BF84798012AGEM(VF)Near perfect centering and quality, PMG 66+, PCGS 68 or better from the way I see them grading of late.$75 Image
UPDATED 4/16/16$10 Silver Certificates
1701$101934A21690449AVF+Very attractive, white and well embossed$50 Image
1701$101934A52293460AEF+Original 3 fold, white and well centeredSOLD Image
1701$101934A07250451ACU(F)Fully original and white and will grade 63 net due too staple holes and a scratch on Alexander's lapel. Priced to sell$90 Image
1701$101934A36275252ACCU(F)Shifted left, lt. teller bend and great embossing$125 Image
1701*$101934*00311205AFINEHonest soil and wear only and defect free budget minded Star$95 Image
1701m$101934A85152285AVFChoice by Third Party Graders$45 Image
1701m$101934A44022951AVF++Mule, crispy, embossed and still very white$55 Image
1701m$101934A64379899AEF+Mule w/ 1 off center fold and some light handling, superb paper quality and embossing$75 Image
1701m$101934A59508671AAU+(VF)Mule w/ 1 off center fold, superb paper quality and embossing$95 Image
1701m$101934A35172696AAU+/CU(F)Another lovely mule that is a slider I cannot call CU but has good color and decent embossing.SOLD Image
1701m$101934A48070418AAU+/CU(F)Some edge mishandling but no dicernable folds$125 Image
1702$101934AB17329194AVG/FFace plate 86, small edge nick and soiling$50 Image
1702*$101934A*01474874AVFWith one small red ink spot on faceSOLD Image
1702*$101934A*00993869AVF++From the back this looks AU but VF++ from the front with ample embossing on this earlier run Star$375 Image
1704$101934CB38027232AEF?AUThe question mark is for the fact this note has been pressed to appear AU+, cheap though$50 Image
1704$101934CB24680735ACCU(F)Slightly low centering and one bumped corner$125 Image
1704$101934CB28152679ACCU(F)Centered a bit low with great embossing$125 Image
1704$101934CB27393027ACCU(F)Decent embossing, short of gem quality paper$125 Image
1704$101934CB33416753AGEM(F)Gem, embossed paper and more attractive$135 Image
1704$101934CB33416754AGEM(F)Consec. pair for $325$135 Image
1704*$101934C*01780698AGEM(F)Super dark blue ink with great embossing and the typical right shift seen on most 34C*s$525 Image
1705$101934DB39296974AVF++Wide, white with three light wallet bends and some handling$65 Image
1705$101934DB39357023ACU+(VF)Wide, slightly toned paper and weak emb.$125 Image
1705$101934DB39003701ACCU(F+)Wide, Very small blue ink spot on edge$125 Image
1705$101934DB39187994AGEM(F)Crisp, original & pretty, close to TPG 65q$175 Image
1705$101934DB39376948AGEM(VF)Exquisite in its originality and too cheap presently$215 Image
1706$101953A03956673AVFSome light stains$65 Image
1707$101953AA10757350AVFRarely are these 1953s available in circ as a $10 as they were heavily redeemed for silverSOLD Image
1707$101953AA10492039ACCU(F)I took this in trade at a busy show and discovered it is trimmed. We all get fooled, make me an offer, I need to sell this 'error' noteSOLD Image
1707$101953AA10492831AGEM(F+)This one with all the margins$375 Image