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$1 Silver Certificates
SERIES 1928 & 1928A
1600$11928D60000060A65EPQA great serial number on a scarce Gem DA block$225Image
1600$11928E00000878A64EPQA less available block but a few low numbers have come out. A gorgeous 64EPQ and a bargain grade in most notes across the board.$225Image
1600$11928J40379085A55EPQRare Block$375Image
1600*$11928*09026750A65EPQEleven finer in 66 but I have enough trouble just finding one PMG65. This one, although I agree it is Gem, where the margins on the back are on the boarder line. Difficult but still affordable (4/18)$895Image
1600*$11928*06911589A65EPQJust too cheap and the most difficult of the affordable series Funnybacks.$845Image
1601$11928AJ72639770A65EPQCommon block and too cheap as a PMG65Q$110Image
1601$11928AW06333680A64EPQSemi-fancy that I thought might 65$80Image
1601$11928AI83760920B53EPQThere are only 16 graded at PMG on this block and most of them are better than this AU+ (4/18)$135Image
1601*$11928A*33434414A65EPQA nice 65, just a question of if you want this one with the narrower face design, evidently due to shrinkage in the wet paper process, which makes the margins larger. $650Image
1601/2exp$11928A/BWANTEDAU and betterALL X,Y,ZB, experimental blocks WANTED
1601exp$11928AX04640933BPMG58Scarce in CCU or better$395Image
1602$11928BA99999922B58EPQA lot of nines so my best guess on price as much as anyone's$225Image
1602$11928BD78507085B65EPQA hoard has made this block more affordable$115Image
1602$11928BF52581675B67EPQTop pop 1 of 5 at PMG! 4-18, Embossing and margins are superb$575Image
1602$11928BH82136217B65EPQA total of 16 finer 4/18$125Image
1602$11928BI09000090B64EPQGreat RADAR serial and difficult in a FunnyBack$345Image
1603$11928CD92849339B64EPQVery rare block with only 15 graded at PMG in all grades. One of four in 64Q with a lone 65 and 66 finer (4/18)$1,350 Image
1603$11928CE71349606B64EPQDarned scarce, 1 of 3 in this grade with three 65s and one 66 finer (4/18)$1,195 Image
1603$11928CG19121614B65EPQOne of eight, only 9 finer 4/18$1,250 Image
1604$11928DD82596260B65EPQThe common type in Gem for the series normally cut from sheets as was this one so the quality is difficult to match in other blocks.$595Image
1604$11928DG24222671B63EPQGreat embossing, inking and white paper on a much scarcer block. Only 13 to date (10/15) now 12 (4/18) in all grades at PMG and this 63Q is exceeded by only one 65Q and a 64 flat.$595Image
1604$11928DH77822831B64EPQThere are currently 9 finer at PMG 4/18$595Image
1604$11928DI24019347B64EPQA more available block but still difficult in Gem as there are only 12 finer than this nice CCU+ specimen$395Image
1605$11928EI13193215BPMG20Yeah but barley VF so I am pricing below book$450Image
1606$11934C49498385A65EPQBIG BLUE ONE$175Image
1606$11934D57292695A65EPQBIG BLUE ONE$175Image
1606$11934D47272469A65EPQNice Gem$170Image
1606$11934D93153997A66EPQLess available in 66, this one very close to 67. Nice Gem+, plus encased in newest and best designed holder to date!!!!$215Image
1606$11934E43294910A65EPQONE YEAR TYPE$195Image
1606$11934F28906470A64EPQA 64EPQ that compares well with many PC65PPQs, plus encased in newest and best designed holder to date!!!!$115Image
1606$11934F18001472A65EPQONE YEAR TYPE$185Image
1606$11934G59796614A65EPQONE YEAR TYPE$185Image
1607$11935A05968669A65EPQ$90no image
1607$11935C57515241A65EPQ$95no image
1607$11935E82044784A65EPQStill one of only 9 with only 9 finer at PMG 4/18$125Image
1607$11935F53393670A64EPQMore affordable now that this run has come out in PMG holders$50Image
1607$11935G47734458A65EPQStill one of only 5 at PMG, only 8 finer 4/18$130Image
1607$11935L63373564A65EPQ17 now with 18 finer at PMG 4/18$110Image
1607$11935M22227598A58EPQPriced as low as I can go…$60Image
1607$11935M22237588A63EPQThere are currently 8 in 65 and 7 in 66 (10/15).$85Image
1607$11935M22237589A63EPQThis is about the seventh most difficult block based on total graded at PMG to date.$85Image
1607$11935N75105996A50EPQA scrarcer block in a more affordable alternative that has a light horizontal which shows on the back only$50Image
1607$11935N04013280A65EPQA couple of 65s left from a group I was able to sell at reasonable prices but the well is running dry now.$135Image
1607$11935R55842779A65EPQTop pop 1 of 3 at PMG fantastic Gem with newest and best designed holder to date!!!!$995Image
1607*$11935*09828421A64EPQWith the EPQ and fuller margins at about $100 a mm. The key to the 35 stars and a basic one year type that most all need to complete the set.$795Image
1607m$11935Q13059113APMG20Only 9 at PMG 5/17, and although not pretty it is priced very fairly considering the rarity.$100Image
1607m*$11935*AALLStar mules wanted in all grades!!WANTED
1607exp$11935A02251445B63EPQOne slightly more affordable$245Image
1607exp$11935A05036909B64EPQThe only experimental that was available 20+ years ago in runs. A few packs were found.These all in the newest crystal clear holder!$275Image
1607exp$11935A02251667B64EPQThe only experimental that was available 20+ years ago in runs. A few packs were found.These all in the newest crystal clear holder!$260Image
1607exp$11935A02251593B64EPQThe only experimental that was available 20+ years ago in runs. A few packs were found.These all in the newest crystal clear holder!$260Image
1608m$11935AN48442634A64EPQA scarcer mule with only 20 finer graded at PMG to date 4/18$125Image
1608m$11935AP10678780A45EPQMost are CU or better though this one looks CU as well$55Image
1608m$11935AQ87971932APMG6426 in total at PMG$75Image
1608m$11935AQ12934771A65EPQ1 of 4 6-66s finer 7/19$150Image
1608m$11935AR67630619A64EPQOne of 14 in this grade with only 12 finer 4/18$100Image
1608m$11935AS34938110A55EPQLooks like a 64 or better but has a whisp of a center bend on this 'common' block with 23 total at PMG 10-15$50Image
1608m$11935AU38165662A45EPQI consider this one of the more available blocks$65Image
1608m$11935AU87217476A63EPQ26 total in all grades at PMG 4/18 with 12 finer than this scarcer mule$125Image
1608m$11935AV33597222A63EPQ46 at PMG so a bit more 'available' and affordable CCU example$75Image
1608m$11935AW86728436APMG58Really scarce in high grade with only 12 finer 4/18$60Image
1608m$11935AX35562828A55EPQOnly 8 total grade at PMG 8/19$90Image
1608m$11935AX29710607A64EPQRARE!! 8 IN TOTAL AT PMG 7/19! 1of 2 only 2 finer!$195Image
1608m$11935AY77195056APMG35Crazy that in 12+ years that only 9 have been graded at PMG! 8/19$65Image
1608m$11935AY38492150A58EPQOne of two with only 2 finer, 9 IN TOTAL AT PMG! $245Image
1608m$11935AZ24695334A30EPQOnly 8 at PMG 8/19 though these are both the lowest grades$75Image
1608m$11935AZ46996102APMG45This ZA mule is exceedingly scarce to rare$95Image
1608m$11935AB06421868B58EPQOne of six in this grade with only four finer.$295Image
1608m$11935AC32951140B64EPQFIVE in all grades at PMG 1 of 2 with only ONE 66's finer(8/19)$550Image
1608m*$11935A*25216412A63EPQShifted high and right but these mule Stars have never been easy in CU or better.$495Image
1608$11935AZ01863999A63EPQScarce A suffix new clear holder$50Image
1608$11935AZ01863995A65EPQScarce A suffix Gem new clear holder$150Image
1608$11935AI99954079C65EPQThis block is shared with the North Af. issue$35no image
1608*$11935A*00893871B66EPQRarely seen *B block and this one looks very close to a 67! NEW HOLDER!$595Image
1608*$11935A*00893872B66EPQRarely seen *B block and this one looks very close to a 67! NEW HOLDER!$595Image
SERIES 1935A R and S Experimental
1609$11935AS71288808C63EPQR Experimental, this one with typical centering and orginal paper and embossing$395 Image
1609$11935AS71288902C64EPQR Experimental, this one with near gem quality and punch through embossing$495 Image
1609$11935AS71288087C64EPQThis R exp has Gem margins on the face$525 Image
1609$11935AS71858425C64EPQR Experimental$495 Image
1609$11935AS71846156C66EPQR Experimental$895 Image
1609$11935AS71288941C66EPQR Experimental$845 Image
1610$11935AS74264395C58EPQS Experimental$325 Image
1610$11935AS74264396C58EPQS Experimental$325 Image
1610$11935AS75016808C65EPQS Experimental$695 Image
1610$11935AS74671800C65EPQS Experimental$675 Image
1610$11935AS74671386C66EPQS Experimental$895 Image
SERIES 1935B & 1935C
1611$11935BC93384102D64EPQA more affordable CCU+ on this scarcer block$200Image
1611*$11935B*11818821B64EPQThis is what I expect a 64Q to look like but I have seen PMG start grading more like this 63 than previously.(4/14) I have enough so this one is priced to sell as well.$175Image
1611*$11935B*04304871B66EPQONLY FOUR finer than this superior 66EPQ 4/18$395Image
1612$11935CN64348097D66EPQOne of 6 with a lone 67 finer 10-15 and 4/18$95Image
1612$11935CD42939235E65EPQA type block, one of the few$60Image
1612*$11935C*32489354B65EPQGEM and affordable!$145Image
1613w$11935DR88104723E65EPQThere are only 12 at PMG on 10/15 and 4/18 with 7 finer than this 65Q$250Image