Small Size Nationals

Small Size National Banknotes 1929
1800-1$5ALE000001A65EPQFNB in Decatur, AL. C#10336 Serial #1 Gem on a much better state!$2,950 Image
1800-2$5ARA01200365EPQFNB in Lake Village, C#13630 Arkansas Gem Type$395Image
1801-2$10ARA014089F/VFComm. NB of Little Rock, C# 14000 And a State Capital! Some slight wallet staining is evident on the face only but the paper has oodles of body and 3/4 of the original crispness$245Image
1800-2$5CAA000492VFThe Pacific NB of San Francisco, C#12579$125Image
1801-1$10CAF007612AF/VFCentral NB of Oakland, C#9502, a slightly better LA county bank$145Image
1800-2$5CAD590121A65EPQThe B of Am NT&Savings assoc. San Francisco, C#13044 Type 2 Gem CA type.$400Image
1800-1$5DCA01306950Hamilton NB of Washington, C#13782 A scarce state and National capital. $450Image
1800-1$5IDD002492AFINEThe Boise City NB of Boise, C#3471, difficult State and Capital combined$350Image
1802-1$20ILF012373AVF+The NB of the Republic of Chicago, C#4605, super white, crispy and original$75Image
1802-1$20ILC000389AVF++The FNB of Vienna Illinois, C#4433. Great embossing and only a couple small size records in the last couple of decades, one from 1997 (a low grade T1 $10) and a $20, S#B000365A in raw VF20, 2005 HA $603.75 so this original beaut should be worthÂ…(T&P census 9 small 6/15)$795Image
1800-2$5ILA00138864PPQThe FNB&T Co. of Rantoul, C#5193 PCGS properly graded$285Image
1800-2$5INA01648065EPQThe N City B of Evansville, C#12132 Great Indiana Type$250Image
1800-2$5INF001847A64EPQFNB&T Co. of Laporte, C#377 Scarcer Indiana City$450Image
1802-1$20KSB000410ACCUThe Citizens NB&T Co. of Fort Scott Kansas C#3175. There are only a few reported Uncirculated but none certified yet. This is 64EPQ quality due to the one smaller margin.$450Image
1801-1$10KSE001305AFINEThe Farmers NB of Topeka, C#10390, a better State Capital, evenly soiled$195Image
1800-2$5KSA12929065EPQFNB in Wichita, C#2782 Gem State Kansas type$295Image
1800-2$5KYA11694066EPQFNB & TC of Lexinton, C#906 Looks Superb!$295Image
1800-2$5MEA12398964EPQThe Canal NB of Portland, C#941$295Image
1802-1$20MEB000128AFINEThe Portland NB of Portland, C#4128, only one from Maine, a difficult state$125Image
1801-1$10MAF008696AFINEAtlantic NB of Boston, C#643, ink & margin stains, but far from unsightly and quite affordable State Capital$60Image
1801-1$10MOB003066A63EPQFNB of Cape Girardeau, C#4611 Gem paper and embossing but no-one worried about margins when these were cut.$375Image
1800-1$5MOB000725AVFThe Drovers NB in Kansas City, C#12794, a great title that brings to mind the old Cattle Town days and affordable for a KC as most go pretty dear.$115Image
1802-1$20NED000225AFINEThe Stephens NB of Fremont, C#13408, a half dozen pinholes right of portrait$150Image
1802-1$20NEB000807AF/VFThe Continental NB of Lincoln, C#13333, a neat Charter no. on a State Capital$145Image
1801-1$10NJE000567AF/VFThe Peoples NB of Hackettstown, C#8267$175Image
1800-2$5NYA07712065EPQSterling NB&T Co. of New York, C#13295 Gorgeous$350Image
1802-1$20NYD001090AAU+/CUManufacturers NB of Troy, C#712$245Image
1802-1$20NYD001091AAU+/CUManufacturers NB of Troy, C#712$245Image
1802-1$20NYD066634AEF/AUFNB of the City of New York, C#29. Common one left #34$125 Image
1801-1$10NDF001432AVFFNB of Dickinson, North Dakota C#4384 A nice VF I bought from Orville Berve in Feb. of '96. Orville was one of the best old-time vest pocket dealers you would ever want to meet.$255Image
1801-2$10NDA001683CCUFNB of Dickinson, North Dakota C#4384 Tim Kyzivat found me this type 2 a decade ago, Best I have seen.$1,000 Image
1802-1$20NDA000392AVF++FNB of Dickinson, North Dakota C#4384 Glen Jorde this one in '96$350Image
1802-2$20NDA000262AU+FNB of Dickinson, North Dakota C#4384 Tim Kyzivat found me this type 2 a decade ago, Best I have seen.$795Image
1801-1$10NDF000479ACU+Grafton NB of Grafton, ND. C#3096$395Image
1802-2$20NDA000042PMG25The First NB of Park River, C#3436$750Image
1801-2$10NDA00063158EPQFNB of Rolla North Dakota, C#6157$1,250 Image
1800-2$5PAA00273964EPQThe Farmers NB of Bucks County, Bristol C#717SOLDImage
1800-2$5PAA01504964EPQThe Harrisburg NB,C#580. Near Gem State Capital$275Image
1802-1$20PAB000149AVFThe Northeast NB of Philadelphia, C#13175, a rarely offered Philly bank but quite inexpensively priced.$135Image
1801-1$10PAB004709AVF++Second NB of Uniontown, C#5034, great orginal paper with a handful of folds$165Image
1800-1$5PAD026175A64EPQCitizens NB&T Co. of Waynesboro, C#5832SOLDImage
1801-1$10TNC003452AFINEHolston-Union Bank of Knoxvill, TN. C#4648, 19 known large and small NBN and only 7 offerings in the last decade$145Image
1802-1$20UTE000310AFINE+First NB of Salt Lake City, C#2059, only a single problem free, evenly circulated State Capital$150Image
1801-2$10VAA014026F/VFPeoples NB of Lynchburg, C#2760, Type 2 and scarce as such$225Image
1801-1$10VAF003989AF/VFThe Colonial-American NB of Roanoke, C#11817, large pinhole near lower left serial$80Image
1800-1$5WIC035145A65EPQFirst Wisconsin NB of Milwaukee, C#64 Gem easier first 100 Charters.$275Image
1800-1$5WIC007536A66EPQThe First NB of Wausau, C#2820 A no doubt PCGS 67PPQ or better!$350Image