Large Size Nationals

Large Size Nationals 1865-1902
606$5IL1902PBF+The West Side NB of Chicago, C#11009$250Image
625$10IN1902PBVFFNB of Hammond Indiana C#3478, S#17233F , good rubber stamped signatures, last sold CAA 2001 for $440.$275Image
615$10KS1902RSF+/VFFNB of Scott City, C#W8808, S#93/U432134, Good hand signatures in the left panel faded in the right. Red Seal colors are still unfaded and the borders fast. This is the ONLY $10 RS and I have owned it for over 20 years. The $5 RSs on this bank have sold for what I am asking for this rarer $10 and more and they are more common.$2,450 Image
643$20KS1902PBVF+FNB of Troy, C#W8162, S#540/N315001, EPQ paper with ample white and embossing intact. Only 5 sales since 1991, Great hand sigs in both panels and the Finest Known$995Image
624$10KS1902PB63EPQFNB of Lyndon, C#W7222, S#3583/A224635H Should easily grade PMG64EPQ but the hand cut margins will keep it from GEM 65 or better. Any Large Size Nat. Banknote is a miracle of survival in this state of preservation.$1,550 Image
609$5MA1902PBEF/AUFederal NB of Boston Mass. Ch#12336, S#104660/Z527871H book pressed but lovely. $295Image
635$10NJ1902PBVF+Journal Square NB of Jersey City C# 12255. A Path train stop I frequented in my time in the NYC area. A solid VF with strong stamped signatures, the only defect a small notch in the fully margined right edge. The finest I have seen in a 1902 Plain Back.$475Image
467$5NY1882BBF/VFMutual NB of Troy, C#992, S#D126735D/21625. Great sigs and early striking layout.$1,350 Image
598$5MD1902EF+The Farmers & Merchants NB of Baltimore C#1337. S#111769. A hoard note and perfect for type.$300Image
600$5ND1902PB30EPQAnamoose NB ND, C#9390, S#T491223H/4112. Superb in all respects and about as high a grade as you will find in a ND Large Size. A rare North Dakota survivor with a great town name.$1,950 Image
609$5MN1902PBVF/F-Bloominton Lake NB of Minneapolis, C#12972, S#1712 Faces up nicely but the back is washed out fine.$215Image
555$20ND1882DBPMG25FNB of Bismarck ND C#2434, S#R94034/6156. Buy far the finest of only three Date Backs recorded so far on this State Capitol. Faded signatures and full margins over evenly circulated, original paper.$2,750 Image
650$20ND1902PBF+/VFFirst NB of Buffalo North Dakota C#6559, S#3586/M693188H. Attractive lower end fine and the only one known as a Plain Back Twenty on this bank. Formerly my dear departed friend Otto Baumgarten's note and has been in the Minot area for 40 years, hence still quite original with legible but slightly faded signatures.$3,950 Image
615$10ND1902RSPMG25FNB of Carpio ND C#7315, S#D142974/1. This Serial No. 1!, Red Seal is one of one as a RS with only two other Large Size reported. Named after the box car that was used as a Post Office, Car PO. Someone cut it out of the PMG25 holder.$12,500 Image
598$5ND1902PB58EPQThe Dakota NB of Dickinson ND C#7663, S#A618315D/5279. Close to gem as I could ever come to a North Dakota Large Size as this is from my personal collection as is 80% of all the other NBN's I currently have in this listing. Fantastic quality with a fantastic title.$3,950 Image
616$10ND1902DBPMG25The Dakota NB of Dickinson ND C#W7663, S#H83345A/1854. A more affordable version from the same bank.$1,295 Image
545$10ND1882DBPMG30FNB of Harvey North Dakota C#W5488, S#N133963/1205. Great Soo Line RR town and Name Note on a rare Ndak DateBack. $4,250 Image
625$10ND1902PB40EPQFNB of Hillsboro North Dakota, C#3400, S#8032. Unimpeached quality with broad, full margins, gorgeous paper with exceptional embossing and bold rubber stamped signatures. Though technically only an EF EPQ this note is a miracle of survival for an Ndak large and faces up GEM!$1,550 Image
615$10ND1902RSPMG15FNB of McClusky North Dakota C#W8881, S#A546851/86. My uncle Weldon had a farm here we used to hunt grouse in my youth. Unique as the only Large Size with only three small seen in the last two decades.$11,500 Image
627$10ND1902PBVFFNB of Dickinson ND, C#4384, S#16448. Someone just paid $2280 for the same note and grade! I used to live here, now an oil town. Evenly circulated with partially faded sigs and no issues.$1,450 Image
645$20ND1902DBVFFNB of Dickinson ND, C#W4384, S#X670971A. Partially faded signatures, full margins and honest wear like most Large ND's exhibit. Only Date Back on the bank!$1,595 Image
537$5OH1882DBPC15The German Nat. Bank of Cincinnati, C#2524, S#B976069/5439 - Nice type$425Image
626$10PA1902PBVFFNB of Scottdale PA, C#E4098, S#V676700B/4870. Great hand signed sigs with the "Eastern" designator.$495Image
626$10PA1902PBEF/AUFNB of Scottdale PA, C#4098, S#12179. Broad margins, decent signatures and original. Finest known by far.$675Image
598$5RI1902PBEFNat. Exchange Bank of Providence, R.I., C#1339, S#U653695. Original EF with great stamped sigs.$275Image
661$20WI1902PBVFFirst Wisconsin NB of Milwaukee, C#64, S#87622, solid type note$175Image