Large Size Nationals

Large Size Nationals 1865-1902
1136$5CA1870PMG20Gold Coin Montage on back! Redeemable in Gold Coin, FNB Gold Bank of San Francisco CH#1741: The comment 'minor restoration', filled pinholes and slit repairs are quite common this issue.$5,450 Image
1136$5CA1870PMG25FNB Gold Bank of San Francisco, 'FIVE DOLLARS in GOLD COIN'; CH#1741. 'pinholes' comment as per usuasl. Great color for the grade and the gold coins engraved on back are sharp for the grade.$5,950 Image
628$10IA1902PB64PPQThe first NB,Webster City,IA C#1874 Great margins, Great Type Note!$695Image
606$5IL1902PBF+The West Side NB of Chicago, C#11009$250Image
607$5KS1902PB35EPQThe Citizens NB of Eureka, KS C#5655. Lovely originalÂ…$695Image
624$10KS1902PB35EPQFNB of Liberal, KS C#6720. Huge margins and originality $795Image
609$5MA1902PBEF/AUFederal NB of Boston Mass. Ch#12336, S#104660/Z527871H book pressed but lovely. SOLDImage
477$5MI1882BB65EPQThe Commercial NB of Detroit, MI C#2591. Lovely Gem Brown Back type in new PMG holder design.$3,250 Image
609$5MN1902PBVF/F-Bloominton Lake NB of Minneapolis, C#12972, S#1712 Faces up nicely but the back is washed out fine.$215Image
417$10NY1875PMG40The Tradesmen National Bank of the City of New York C#905$2,995 Image
626$10PA1902PBVFFNB of Scottdale PA, C#E4098, S#V676700B/4870. Great hand signed sigs with the "Eastern" designator.$495Image
626$10PA1902PBEF/AUFNB of Scottdale PA, C#4098, S#12179. Broad margins, decent signatures and original. Finest known by far.$675Image
598$5RI1902PBEFNat. Exchange Bank of Providence, R.I., C#1339, S#U653695. Original EF with great stamped sigs.$275Image