US Fractional Currency

Fractional Currency
UPDATED 9-16-2019
12263 CentThird65EPQNEW! Old PMG holder with EPQ on back. ALL 65 and BETTER PMG HOLDERS are EPQ!!!!$345Image
12263 CentThirdAG3Filler dog well circulated$15NO IMAGE
12263 CentThirdF/VFBack off center error, 2mm of left note back shows and a sliver at the top-back margin$70Image
12263 CentThirdAU/CUA light cornertip roll from 64EPQ, well centered and original$95Image
12285 CentFifth63EPQPerforated edges with Monogram. An attractive Choice note that I rarely have for sale$375Image
12295 CentFifthEFPerforated$85Image
12335 CentSecondCH/AU+A super slider that most would call CU or better. The overprint is about 50% darkened from oxidation as is the norm for these Second issues.$110Image
12365 CentThird58EPQA light cornertip bend from 63EPQ, red back and quite attractive for the money. Spencer M. Clark, 1st Superintendent of the National Currency Bureau, what we now call the BEP, was quite ambitious and is the second Washington official to put his kisser on a banknote. Salmon P. Chase was the first on the $1, 1862-63 series of the first ever issue of Legal Tender notes, implementing this feat of Presidential Ambition while Secretary of the Treasury in the first Lincoln cabinet. The relative nobody Mr. Clark pressed forth the legislation that noone but the deceased would be so honored in the future.$250Image
12365 CentThird66EPQOne of only four in this lofty grade at PMG 10/16 and likely the highest grade attainable as only a lone 67 and solo 68 are finer.$975Image
12385 CentThirdCH/AUMr. Clark, the last dude to be placed on any currency while living. This is a super AU and looks as nice as the next note$110Image
12385 CentThird63PPQThe back is shifted to the right and likely would have graded higher if not for this fact. An affordable example of the infamous "Clark" while alive issue.$145Image
124210 CentFirstVF/EFStraight edges with ABCo monogram$45Image
125810 CentFourthFSolid for the grade and the wife was kind enough to scan the front$25Image
125810 CentFourthEFSlight toning and mounting stains on the back$45Image
126110 CentFourthEF+/AUThe reason I purchased the group as this one has fantastic blue end paper$75Image
126410 CentFifthCU+Green Seal Meredith with two pinholes and heavy blue fiberous endpaper$115Image
126410 CentFifthCCU+Green Seal Meredith with the heavy blue fiberous endpaper. Centered low or it would be on the way to PMG$150Image
126510 CentFifthEF$45NO IMAGE
126610 CentFifthCH/AUTighter right margin on this Thick Key variety that also sports a pinhole$50Image
128125 CentFirstAU$85Image
128125 CentFirstAUThe most common first issue of them all and therefore affordable in high grade$80Image
130125 CentFourthCH/AU+Large red seal watermarked/pink fibers$120Image
130225 CentFourth63EPQOnly 101 in all grades at PMG 10-16 and this is one of two in 63EPQ and only 15 finer with the EPQ moniker.$295Image
130825 CentFifthAUOne pinhole lower right corner, otherwise choice for the grade$49Image
130925 CentFifthVF+$35NO IMAGE
130925 CentFifth66EPQBut these 66s are all superior as such and we have only three$295Image
130925 CentFifth66EPQAnother more affordable 66EPQ which seems to be the grade avidly sought by the majority of collectors$295Image
134250 CentThirdVF/EFFully original with gobs of embossing and only light oxidation of the gold overprints$110Image
134350 CentThird58EPQThree superior margins with vibrant bronzing. I have seen many notes purported to be of higher grade that cannot match up to this note. Price reduced to my cost.$495Image
136250 CentThirdVF+EFA Justice note that won't break the bank. Incredible embossing throughout with the four light folds plainly visible on fully original surfaces. The overprints still retain 90% of their golden colors.$145Image
137450 CentFourthPMG63A lovely CU Lincoln pinhole denoted on holder$650NEW
137650 CentFourthEFStanton with heavy blue end paper and some small edge tears on the left$75Image
137650 CentFourthAU+Very original and well embossed paper but has a tack hole in the lower left corner$175Image
137650 CentFourthCH/AURaw attractive Stanton$165Image
137650 CentFourth55PPQAU Stanton$295Image
137650 CentFourthPMG63pinhole denoted on holder$325NEW
137950 CentFourthCH/AU+A Lovely raw Green Seal Dexter$155Image
137950 CentFourth58EPQA Lovely NEAR GEM Green Seal Dexter$175Image
137950 CentFourth65EPQA Lovely GEM Green Seal Dexter$495Image
137950 CentFourth65EPQGem, Green Seal Dexter that looks 67 from the front. Regardless of grade these always sell very well.$545Image

Fractional currency are a wonderful historic remnant of the economic hardships brought on by the Civil War.