Large & Small Size Errors


1910-E$11977AE79339677HGEM3rd Printing on Back Error on NATICK TEST PAPER - UNCERTIFIED$650Image
1912-H$11981AH80842891BGEMBackplate 129 Engraving Error - uncertified$95NO IMAGE
1912-H$11981AH81856254B66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$125Image
1912-H$11981AH80844442B66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73$125Image
1912-L$11981AL48702359GCCUBackplate 129 Engraving Error - uncertified$115NEW
1912-L$11981AL48702398G65EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 44$175Image
1912-L$11981AL48702379G65EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73$175Image
1912-L$11981AL48702187G66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73$200Image
1912-L$11981AL48703671G66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$200Image
1912-L$11981AL48703530G64EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$140Image
1912-L$11981AL48703546G64EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 206$140Image
1614$11935EG14287555HPMG64/G25287555H. Two digit Mismatched serial number error on a Silver Cert. Exceptionally rare error in any grade and this to my knowledge may be the finest known. Hard to value this note as you can't find many auction records. The net grade from PMG is due to being re-touched.$995Image
1903-F$11969F68929880A66EPQ/F67……H, Near Superb Mismatched serial number$595Image
1905-B$11969BB89736695C65EPQ/B……93H, Gem and a more difficult Mismatched S/N$650Image
1907-B$11969DB44573555E64EPQ/B43……E, Affordable Near Gem Mismatched S/N $395Image
1908-G$11974G53969330B66EPQ/G530…..B TOP POP on a more difficult Mismatched S/N$800Image
1973-J$51974J36139245B66EPQ/J35139345B TOP POP Mismatched S/N-Looks like a pcgs 69/70!$695Image
1975-L$51977AL44596983B65EPQ/L45……B Mismatched S/N You can purchase one of these five dollar mismatches for just a bit more than one of the most common one dollar silver certificate mismatches of which there are thousands.$495Image
2062-F$201950CF10070524B64EPQ/F..…523B Mismatched S/N $20 - I can find no auction records for other sales of this rare mismatch.$1,495 Image
1914-B$11988BA66EPQInsufficent Inking Error - Where the entire green and black portions of the third printing on the face are missing. Also known as complete missing third print error.$545Image
1974-C$51977C71780724A66EPQInsufficent Inking Error - This note is exactly as pictured at the top of page 273 in Sullivan's 2nd edition US Error Note Encyclopedia where two thirds of the face printing is blank with only the bottom printed.$695Image
1978-C$51985C19909042A65EPQInsufficent Inking Error - This note is also pictured on page 273 and has an even uninked look on the entire face except for the third printing which is complete.$500Image
1984-E$51995……..04.65EPQInsufficent Inking Error - GHOST of the digit 04/4 VERY faintly remains. A picture is worth the asking so please do.$395Image
2027-B$101985NA66EPQInsufficent Inking Error - The entire third printing, black and green portions, are missing on this Superb GEM Dallas district that PMG only grades a 66 for reasons inexplicable.$595Image
2028-H$101988AH28839244A58EPQInsufficent Inking Error - The top third of this note is very underinked.$195Image
2072-D$201977D32334451B64EPQInsufficent Inking Error - The top two thirds of this note are very insufficiently inked. This major under drinking is caused by insufficient pressure when the presses are stopped and re-started.$595Image
2075-B$201985B64707234A66EPQInsufficent Inking Error - A near superb and dramatic error with all the black portions of the third printing missing.$595 Image
2076-L$201988ANA65EPQInsufficent Inking Error - This one just as nice is missing all of the third printing.$595 Image
2119-J$501977J03347507A64EPQInsufficent Inking Error - Only the black portion of the third printing is missing on this dramatic and attractive near Gem $50 denomination error.$895Image
1972-E$51969CE95139504D65EPQMajor Misalignment Error - The entire (black & green overprints) third printing is shifted into Lincoln's portrait so that the the Richmond District seal is almost touching Lincoln's ear. Dramatic and easily GEM!SOLDImage
2016-A$101963A01918248A66EPQModerate Misalignment Error of the black portion only but to very dramatic effect$450Image
2025-I$101981I03811611A64EPQModerate Misalignment Error of all the 3rd printing is shifted down on a better series and district.$345Image
2166-E$1001969CE10086739A66EPQMajor Misalignment Error - The entire (black & green overprints) third printing is shifted into Franklin's portrait so that the the Richmond District seal is in Franklin's ear. Dramatic and easily GEM or better!$1,495 Image
1914-L$11988L56161630D66EPQType II Inverted Overprint Error This dramatic error looks like two errors in one as the overprint is inverted (upside down) and is also badly miscut.$795Image
2081-B$201995B37073003B66EPQType II Inverted Overprint Error - This is a wonderful error on the much more difficult $20 domination. These errors were caused by feeding the currency sheets incorrectly during the third printing process.SOLD Image
2010-Bw$101950B56895041B66EPQOn this first note the right obstruction obliterates 75% of the treasury seal and only three digits of the serial number remains.$600Image
2010-Bw$101950B56895042B66EPQObstructed printing area progresses on the right serial number on these two consecutive notes both near superb GEM!$600Image
2168-C$1001977C047….66EPQMajor Obstructed printing error on a $100 note. Only the very smallest portion of the serial number left of Franklin's portrait remains along with all of the Philadelphia District seal.$900Image
2018-J$101969J02782668ACCU+This is moderate back to front fold over error with obstruction. A one and a half inch rectangle of the lower left corner is obstructed from being printed which includes part of the engraving of the signature the district number designator and the first 3 1/2 digits of the serial number on the left are missing or printed on the back of the note because of the accordian fold-over. Please request the image of this note as it is wonderful but difficult to describe.$695Image
2027-K$101985K09986194A66EPQThis note is definitely superb GEM by anybody's definition and displays a fantastic third overprint on back error.$750Image
1935-B$21976B25621795ACCU+This very scarce $2 and DARK 90% full back to face offset is spectacular. The only thing that keeps this note from a perfect gem is the slightly narrower right margin.$950Image
2027-A$101985A35299564CCCU(VF)Full back to front offset error and very, very dark affordable and attractive.$395Image
2027-A$101985A82630264CVF++Full front to back offset error and very dark affordable and attractive.$145Image
2028-B$101988AB40043776CCCU(F)Full front to back offset with a very dark overprint.$295Image
2028-L$101988AL94581545ACH/AU+Full front to back offset with a very dark overprint.$225Image
2072-B$201977B92426365ECH/AU+Full front to back offset on $20 and dark. This is a slider Unc which will grade 58EPQ in my opinion.$225Image
2075-G$201985G17994246HCH/AUFull back to front offset which is on the light side but fully noticeable.$165Image
2119-A$501977A04599019A63EPQThis is a dramatic medium dark back on face offset printing error in the toughest denomination of all the $50 note. Only the narrow margin on the left keeps this note from a much higher grade.$845Image
2125-B$501993B75848874C64EPQSolvent smear error on a $50 note with easily 70% of the note affected on the face. If you want to own one of these ugliest of all errors in my humble opinion it should be one of the more difficult denominations.$345Image
2028-B$101988AB32136574CPMG64First print missing/Blank Back. Though this notes only PMG 64 without the EPQ designator I cannot see why.$645Image
2168-H$1001977H00812933A65EPQHundred dollar denomination in PMG 65EPQ with the first print missing also known as a Blank Back. A dramatic error and all the more difficult in the hundred dollar denomination!$2,000 Image