Confederate & Obsoletes

UPDATED MAY 25, 2016

UPDATE #1. 5-25-16
Confederate States of America Issues 1861-1864
T-66$50Feb.17th 186426939CUCr.497/PF-3 nearly fully framed CU note with Jefferson Davis as the central vignette$110Image
T-67$20Feb.17th 186420278VF+Cr.509/PF-9 In referencing Pierre's new book it makes me want to collect CSA notes.$50Image
T-67$20Feb.17th 186411514VFCr.509/PF-9 The PF numbers are the Pierre Fricke catalog numbers which is the best reference I have seen on CSA notes by a long shot!$45Image
T-67$20Feb.17th 186478366VFCr.511/PF-11 "VII Series" common but fun to collect by variety or type$45Image
T-67$20Feb.17th 186429905VF/EF+Cr.511/PF-11 "VII Series" nice for the grade$55Image
T-67$20Feb.17th 186481137VFCr.512/Well framed circ$45Image
T-68$10Feb.17th 186432450VF+/EFCr.540/PF-1 "No Series"$45Image
T-68$10Feb.17th 18646289CH/AU+Cr.547/PF-21 "5 Series" Darker red background with only a corner tip fold$100Image
T-68$10Feb.17th 186424657VFCr.548/PF-27 "6 Series"$39Image
T-68$10Feb.17th 186427142VFCr.549/PF-33 "7. Series"$39Image
T-68$10Feb.17th 186494942VFCr.551/PF-42 "9 Series"$39Image
T-68$10Feb.17th 186486276AU+CUCr.551/PF-42 "9 Series" Crisp paper with above average margins$75Image
T-69$5Feb.17th 186422636FineCr.558/PF-1 "No Series" attractive for the grade$42Image
T-69$5Feb.17th 1864666AU+Cr.560/PF-5 "Series 2" with low# 666 and deeper red face$165Image
T-71$1Feb.17th 186474311EF/AUCr.577/PF-4 Periods before both plate letter$135Image
T-71$1Feb.17th 186479428CU+Cr.577/PF-4 The common variety, this one has broad margins on three sides and superior paper for the issue$250Image