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A picture(scan) is worth a thousand words and ours are all 300 dpi for your viewing pleasure in great detail. Legal Tender or United States Notes were issued in series 1928 to 1963A in $1, $2, $5 and series 1966 & 1966A, only, in the $100 denomination. This issue was printed from 1929 to late 1970. All US currency regardless of age is still legal tender and these ‘Red Seals’ were still seen in circulation in the $100 denominations into the early 80’s but were easily gleaned from circulation due to the distinctive red Treasury Seal and serial numbers.

UPDATED12-26-17$1 Legal Tender Notes
1500$11928A00128362AVG+Typical barker grade$110Image
1500$11928A01544015AF/F+Great color for the honest F+ grade$150Image
1500$11928A01411700AVFLow end VF with good color$175Image
1500$11928A01212794AVFLow end VF with good color$185Image
1500$11928A01775931ACCU(A)Original and attractive but with typical tight bottom margin$400Image
1500$11928A00000914AGEM(F+)An interesting number not typically seen and I have enough in TPG holders$745Image
$2 Legal Tender Notes
1501$21928A10669022ACCU(VF)A small stain on the bottom margin from Gem(difficult to see), great embossing, centering and color as is typical.SOLDImage
1501*$21928*00308513AVGA Star not often seen as a VG, heavily used but no evident tears just a few pinholes and a hard life passing through dirty hands.SOLDImage
1502$21928AVARF+1 LEFT$45Image
1502$21928AA74662319ACCU(F)Slightly tighter top margin but a 64Q lock as most of this issue come. Getting a true well centered Gem is easily as hard as a 28B to find.SOLDImage
1503$21928BB04993756AVFA decent VF without issue. The key note to the series set.SOLDImage
1504$21928CB42227673AVFA very attractive VF$25no image
1504$21928CB92521703AEFOrigninal 3 fold EF$45Image
1504$21928CB09769661ACCU+(F)Superb white paper and bold red, overprints$195Image
1504$21928C*01369156AF/F+I will call it a choice fine but this note could grade at PMG from a 15 to a 25. Regardless it is in a grade not often seen as most are VF and aboveSOLDImage
1505m$21928DB95455597ACCU(VF)Although available in Gem I rarely see them nicer than this$350Image
1505m$21928DC33610148AGEM(F)I used to think these were common 15 years ago but times have changed$165Image
1505m$21928DC32765115AGEM(VF)This one is a slam dunk 65 where as the #148 is a shot 65.$225Image
1505m$21928DD13205446ACU(VF)Upper left margin spot, through and through, makes this around a 63 but is fully original and scarce in this block in CU these days$90Image
1505m*$21928D*02030057AF/VFA scarcer mule star with a lower range serial number that exhibits honest and natural circulation and nothing more!SOLDImage
1505$21928DC42860972-73ACH/AU(VF)A center fold from gem and sold as a pair for..$90Image
1505$21928DC49786061ACCU(VF)Attractive type but without the pop of a Gem$85Image
1505$21928DC69736846AGEM(F)A bit better paper color but not quite there yet$85Image
1505$21928DC75755415AGEM(VF)Easily a 65EPQ and I will slab it if I don't get my asking price$120Image
1505$21928DD24039084AAU+Two wallet fold AU 50Q or betterSOLDImage
1505$21928DD23973165ACCU(F)Fantastic embossing shifted slightly left$85Image
1505$21928DD23948411ACCU(F)Once it is imaged you will like the eye appea, nice and whitelSOLDImage
1505$21928DD20039571AGEM(F+)Wonderful contrasting black and red inks with white original paper$95Image
1505$21928DD26026054AGEM(F+)Superior color on this gemmy, 80+ year old dueceSOLDImage
1505$21928DD24758204ACCU(VF)A small pinch in this Gem keeps me from putting it to the moon. Very well centered etc., etc.$100Image
1505$21928DD23973188-91AGEM(F)Nos. 188 thru 191 consec with fantastic embossing, sold as a group only.$350Image
1505*$21928D*02474317ACH/VFA very attractive VF+ Star and not often seem thus$125Image
1506$21928ED37951358AAU(VF)Not priced much higher as it is smudgy but technically AU$65Image
1507$21928FD73286283ACU(F)A bit of cream color tone to the paper$59Image
1507$21928FD76903876ACU(VF)Some overall light handling but very original, embossed and priced fairly.$65Image
1507$21928FD72760184AGEM(F)Consecutive, bright pair for $170 or each$95Image
1507$21928FD72760185AGEM(F)Consecutive, bright pair for $170 or each$95Image
1507*$21928F*03562070AVG/FWould likely slab Fine$55Image
1507*$21928F*03574880AVF/EFLightly soiled center fold but very choice overall$100Image
1507*$21928F*03568620AEF/AUSo difficult in Gem and this is an affordable lightly circ example$345Image
1508$21928GD99960948ACCU(F)With a trip 9 start, great number, on the scarcer block.$115Image
1508$21928GD99964399ACCU(VF)Five 9s with a triple 999 start on the better block$120Image
1508$21928GE20247915ACU(F)An 1/8th inch margin nick makes this one a bargain price..$45Image
1508$21928GE05103593ACCU(F)Nearly there and I have plenty to pick from…$70Image
1508$21928GE18254833ACCU(F)Whiter, redder, just not going to grade at PMG as it will not Gem$70Image
1508$21928GE13382051AGEM(F+)Each one is a lovely pack fresh note with Gem paper, just not quite……SOLDImage
1508$21928GE13382052AGEM(F+)….enough margin to make…..$75Image
1508$21928GE13382053AGEM(F+)A true Gem, All three $200$75Image
1508$21928GE29237810AGEM(VF)An absolute, no doubt Gem$95Image
1508$21928GE07605866AGEM(VF)Better than average embossing and centering on this type note$95Image
1508*$21928G*03672836AFineOverall even soiling and circulation$40Image
1508*$21928G*04131439AAU+(A)Aside from the tight bottom margin this note has only one wallet fold in the center and such a huge top margin it looks like an error.$235Image
1509$21953A06045332-6ACCU(A)All shifted left with huge right margin, all 5 consec for $80 or each…$20Image
1509$21953A02061425ACCU(F)Great colors, tighter on top$22Image
1509*$21953*00630072AVFWell circulated$18Image
1509*$21953*01532911ACCU(F)As made, wet paper wrinkle on the left of this nice duece star$65Image
1509*$21953*01775766ACCU(F+)We have a fabulous inventory of $2 Legal Tenders!$75Image
1510$21953AA60505862AGEM(VF)A 66 for sure maybe finer$40Image
1510$21953AA48900554-9AGEM(VF)One consec. pair for $75 or each..$40Image
1510*$21953A*02571509AGEM(F)Skewed with gem paper$65Image
1510*$21953A*02571507AGEM(F)Skewed as above with a tighter top margin$65Image
1510*$21953A*02630550AGEM(F)More typical centering, with wonderful, deep embossing$85Image
1510*$21953A*02293651AGEM(F+)This one is near a 65, the star pair for $145$85Image
1510*$21953A*02293665AGEM(F+)Another near Gem. Our raw inventory is unmatched by anyone!$85Image
1511$21953BA63759292AGEM(A)Tight top, difficult well centered$25Image
1511*$21953B*03251967ACU(F)1/8" top margin tear$35Image
1511*$21953B*03113267ACCU(F)Trip over embossing and bright paper$60Image
1511*$21953B*03126866ACCU(F)Trip over embossing and priced reasonable$60Image
1511*$21953B*03089099AGEM(F)Wonderful original but shifted a bit low to make full Gem$69Image
1512*$21953C*03634933ACCU(F)Shifted high so the top margin is too thin for better than a 63 but has everything else for less money$75Image
1512*$21953C*03640435AGEM(VF)I paid up to get this one with everything, especially great color and embossing.$150Image
1513$21963A08737772ACCU(F)White, gorgeous and well embossedSOLDImage
1513$21963A12144083-84ACCU(VF)Consecutive pair for..$40Image
1513$21963A12585926AGEM(VF)Nice duecesSOLDImage
1513$21963A14764322AGEM(VF)A great example of BEP printing$20Image
1513$21963A12115375-89ACCU(VF)Counting smudges on the top margin, 10 for $160 or each$20Image
1513$21963A12114577-88AGEM(VF)Perfect in every way, $40 pairs of perfection or all 10 for $350$25Image
1513*$21963*00634443AGEM(VF)Popular deuce star with a neater, low serial #$50Image
1514$21963AA18164926ACCU(F)Top edge roll from Gem$18Image
1514$21963AA15365044AGEM(F)Shifted left with great embossing$20Image
1514$21963AA16433401ACCU(VF)We scan just about everything and if you don't see it ASK!SOLDImage
1514*$21963A*00640949ACH/AU+(F)Upper right corner crunch from a worthy CU$45Image
1514*$21963A*00842802ACU+(F)Rolled top margin from mishandling$65Image
1514*$21963A*00640951-2ACCU(F+)Blast white, deep red and black inks, a millimeter more right margin and they are superb, consec pair for..$159Image
1514*$21963A*00700464AGEM(F)Double O Seven starts, super original$89Image
1514*$21963A*00759880AGEM(F+)A PMG 65 so priced accordingly$100Image
$5 Legal Tender Notes
1525$51928A59551286AVF+A choice VF with trip-over embossing, this AA block is impossible in Gem!$35Image
1525$51928B53429633ACCU(F)Paper clip depression and should not grade above 64$125Image
1525$51928C25727350AVF+Another orginal, white and problem freeSOLDImage
1525$51928C30486973AGEM(F)Solid original with Gem paper, shifted down$100Image
1526$51928AC64035833AVF++Another affordable, very choice VF noteSOLDImage
1526$51928AC95814858AEFA strong horizontal fold along with a couple vertical folds through, white, originally embossed paper$60Image
1526$51928AC87252620AGEM(A)The reason these are so, so very difficult to find well centered is plainly evident in this (A) average centered specimen. Paper is blazing white with deep red and black inks, but the bottom margin is razor thin, as usual.$145Image
1526$51928AC91862852-5AGEM(F+)Two of these notes would TPG 65. TPG 64-65Q quality in these four consecutive, pack fresh, beauties. Pair my choice $550, the Gem pair $700.$995Image
1526$51928AD14013510AGEM(F)This blazing Lincoln Five, has blast white paper and some of the darkest inks you will ever find$175Image
1527$51928BD76098205AGEM(F+)A shot five as this note has everything going for itSOLDImage
1527m$51928BE33758329AVF+Another attractive VF on a more difficult muleSOLDImage
1527m$51928BE38917686ACU+(A)A very rare mule but with a razor thin bottom margin, once again, as is common.$250Image
1528m$51928CE83345229AAU(F)A lightly pressed AU, but attractive$60Image
1528$51928CE85957714ACCU(VF)Centered well enough for the Gem grade but has some light teller handling right.$85Image
1528$51928CF68028760ACU+(F+)Well centered and embossed, w/ margin smudge right$60Image
1528$51928CF98474895AGEM(VF)A lovely Gem and sure to grade at least 65+$100Image
1528$51928CG42888140ACU(VF)Some light teller handling that is difficult to detect. Looks Gem from the scan!$125Image
1528*$51928C*06968261AVFI say VF net for margin roughness on the top right and through the portrait. Priced to sell and a difficult grade to find$95Image
1529$51928DG59721821AVFWith 1/4" margin tear in 'States'$33Image
1529$51928DG63075854AFine/VFlooks like most lowend VFs in TPG holdersSOLDImage
1529$51928DG57488269AVF/EFMay even grade 40, very white, very attractive for the money$95Image
1529$51928DG63200174AAU(F)Center fold and some handling with fantastic embossing like they should have on this series$145Image
1529$51928DG62259896AEF++I think this one is as nice as the AU but you be the judge$145Image
1530$51928EG79821402ACCU(F)Original, attractive and well centered$90Image
1530$51928EH74229674AGEM(F+)Most likely a 65 in a TPG holder as it is very well centered, registered, embossed, inked and the paper crisp and white$115Image
1530*$51928E*08098642AVGA well circulated filler$65Image
1530*$51928E*07988891AFine+Another note that would grade VF by either service$125Image
1531w1$51928FI41242043ACCU(F)The top is slightly tight but smudges are present$69Image
1531w1$51928FI41242069ACCU(A)Tight bottom but all exhibit fantastic embossing$69Image
1531w1$51928FI41242070ACCU+(F)Best centered of the group, consec pair $120$79Image
1531w1$51928FI28152733AGem(F)An unusual glob of orange/red, silk fibers near the red Treasury seal. At first glance I thought it was a spot of ink but it is not.$75Image
1531w1$51928FI61309029AGem(F)Shifted right but white and well embossed$79Image
1531w1$51928FI64895342AGEM(VF)A beauty with a lot of extra right margin that someone will trim so that they can get a 67.$90Image
1531w1$51928FI21736030AGEM(VF)This one has it all for a Gem Type $5 LT$125Image
1531w1*$51928F*09471476AVFA nice Star Type$85Image
1531n$51928FI52382519AVF+Narrow in very highend VF$37Image
1531w2$51928FI77225940ACCU(A+)The literally rare Wide 2 with the typically poor centering seen on this scarce variety. Trip over embossing on the typically cream-white, original paper surface. A teller pinch on the right as you face the note is mentioned for accuracy.SOLDImage
1532$51953A07965839AGEM(A)Super broad left, narrow margin right on perfect paper.$39Image
1532$51953A52082282AGEM(F)Both orgininal and white$45Image
1532$51953A52082291AGEM(VF)Granted I would not have called this (VF) centering 10 years ago, but now someone will trim the monster right margin and this note will grade 66-68. Priced accordingly as these are impossible.$75Image
1532$51953B07464434ACU+(A)So badly centered it is almost an error$50Image
1532$51953B15515569ACU+(VF)Left, upper corner tip fold not into the design on this otherwise 66-67 note$70Image
1532*$51953*04161770AVF2 margin nicks at top$40Image
1532*$51953*03568550AEFLightly pressed but white and attracitive, looks ChAU.SOLDImage
1532*$51953*01988661AAU+(VF)Exceptional, original with a soft center fold and great embossing!$125Image
1533$51953AC11028196-7AGEM(F)Last consecutive pair for $95, or each at..$55Image
1533*$51953A*10551979AAU(F)Pressed to look CU$90Image
1533*$51953A*11060583AGEM(VF)I will guarantee this grades 65 or better at PMG. Near perfect with a small inclusion in the right serial number you can see on the back. As made and not a detriment$275Image
1534$51953BC19808383AGEM(VF)I had enough of these already but this one has a bit of a nicer number and is a 65+.SOLDImage
1534$51953BC18540493-4AGEM(VF)Difficult to find well centered$55Image
1535$51953CC58748454ACU+Trimmed a quarter inch left or rigth$60Image
1535$51953CC58216562AGEM(F)Won't do better than a 64EPQ but I never have enough in raw or certified to meet demand. I will see these at $500 in Gem in my lifetime if not sooner. Always more difficult than most of the stars in Gem!$95Image
1535*$51953C*13398764AGEM(F+)Currently there are nearly 100 of these in all grades at PMG and not yet 120 in the CA, non-star block. This note is a bargain to the lucky one in need of a Gem with an overly broad margin on the left. $275Image
1536$51963A41365525ACCU(F)Consecutive pairs for $55, any 4pcs $100$28Image
1536$51963A34128497ACCU(F)Or each$25Image
1536$51963A34128496ACCU(F)Consecutive pairs for $55, any 4pcs $100$25Image
1536$51963A41365528ACCU(F)Consecutive pairs for $55, any 4pcs $100$28Image
1536$51963A41365529ACCU(F)Consecutive pairs for $55, any 4pcs $100$28Image
1536$51963A41365530ACCU(F)Consecutive pairs for $55, any 4pcs $100$28Image
1536$51963A00443918ACCU(VF)Well centered$30Image
1536$51963A19651698AGEM(F)Consec. Pair $55$30Image
1536$51963A19651697AGEM(F)Or eachSOLDImage
1536$51963A06610445-48AGEM(VF)Four consecutive near gem, original notes I SOLD 818$145Image
1536$51963A58850561-78AGEM(VF)18 consec. gems 2@$75, 4@$145 or $40 each$40Image
1536*$51963*00071103AGEM(F)Superb paper and always in demand$125Image
1536*$51963*01517228AGEM(F)Another near identical original, embossed note$125Image
1550$1001966A00149062AVG/FEdge tears,stains$135Image
1550$1001966A00497413AVFPlenty of body, original and clean$185Image
1550$1001966A00324003AVF1/3" long, partial teller stamp near series$150Image
1551$1001966AA00808676AVF+A rarity to find this 66A in a nice circ so don't dawdle if you need it. Around 5 light folds and still well embossed like 35EPQ!SOLDImage