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COMPLETE UPDATE 7-11-2019Legal Tenders
36$11917B64190879AVFSolid VF and better than the PMG25 below$125Image
38m$11917M22702166APMG 25For those who need a lower end mule note$125Image
39$11917T2831066ACH/AURaw affordable near CU Ace$200Image
40$11923A24653553BVFWould grade PMG20 net$195Image
40$11923A12360521BVF+Original Big Red One!$265Image
40$11923A44172998BCCUWhat I call a 'commercial' Unc., as the note is lacking in embossing but strong on color, centering and eye appeal. This issue is not known for strong, punch through embossing yet this note may have been lightly pressed although I can't see why.$650Image
50$21880Z3887110PMG30Large Brown Seal Properly/Conservatively graded$595Image
57$21917A22388550AVF+PMG 30ish quality white but pressed$175Image
57$21917A59218214AVF++/EFFaces up AU or better as the paper, colors and inking are stunning$295Image
57$21917A29350570A35EPQLooks AU/Conservatively graded$225Image
58$21917A77728578ACH/EFAbsolute superb original paper with the deepest inking I can recall ever seeing on a '17 Duece. Striking eye appeal$325Image
60$21917D77825695AVFA lovely Duece on the lower end of the vf scale$145Image
60$21917D89617647APMG25Much better looking than most PMG25s, this one actually is$160Image
60$21917D70661755AVF+The higher end of VF and looks EF, original and problem free$195Image
60$21917D12489661AEFOriginal trifold EF with one rounded corner that looks AU$245Image
60$21917E12067804AVF+Original problem free Duece$175Image
60$21917B64821236AEF/AUAnother original beauty in the raw with great inks and paper quality that falls in the 45 to 50EPQ range$300Image
64$51869K354755864EPQINCREDIBLE COLOR!!! Which is what it is all about with this issue. Rainbow Woodchopper Note!$4,250 Image
91$51907M1061143164EPQNear Gem Woodchopper type.$725Image
91$51907K8484702555EPQPCBLIC Error near Gem$450Image
122$101901E34587788PMG15Solid red color on original soiled paper, properly graded$695Image
122$101901E57475900PMG25Minor Repair, edge repair I cannot see!$1,200 Image
122m$101901E51275536PMG25Mule John Burke Backplate #348$1,250 Image
122$101901E60164055PMG63Well centered on the front, not so well on the back. A note I purchased and put away for myself 15 years ago with all the original, light teller counting bends. I sure miss those old days before TPG was 'necessary'.$4,950 Image
1879 Refunding Certificate
214$101879A196997PMG35Great note with a great issue day of April 1st, but the 4% interest this instrument earned was no joke.$4,950 Image
Silver Certificates
215$11886B1065657G/VGNo doubt a 8 to a 10 in the lose lower end I see at PMG. We used to call these Goods, or a 4 in other numeric logic$150Image
222$11891E10498295PMG15Attractive, certified, low-end Martha 'retouched'$345Image
228$11899T6125568045EPQBetter number and type Black Eagle$325Image
228$11899R29759093PMG64Light stain somewhere from EPQ$475Image
232$11899K8150948K55PPQCorner tip folds, PCGS graded$350Image
233$11899Z53267545ZVFAnd original with interesting plate numbers and symbols in the back, top margin.$195Image
236$11899V91672894AF+Black Eagle, solid circ.$140Image
237$11923K7978143BVF+Better than most VFs, white$50Image
238$11923A41491672E65EPQA PMG GEM so I had to pay upÂ….$265Image
238*$11923*22785735DVF+Star Horseblanket Original$195Image
245$21891E489188263EPQSpectacular Windom conservatively graded. I love this note for the Money!$5,950 Image
246$21891E14491193PC20Solid VF Windom in a PCGS holder$995Image
254$21899H1754974PMG 12The scarcest Napier-Thompson signatures grace this attractive circ piece.$875Image
277$51899M7816211PMG45A Chief of great eye appeal that was lightly pressed at one time to pass as an Unc. Without careful inspection I thought it was as well and made an exception on complete originality due to the superior appearance of this note.SOLDImage
282$51923A3708880BPMG67QSuperb Porthole images on request$17,500 REQUEST
282$51923A3624725BVFAn evenly circulated strong VF Porthole and in demand as always in affordable and attractive grades such as this.$1,100 Image
Treasury or Coin Notes
364$51891B1601863365EPQA more difficult FR# to acquire and this one in near perfect preservation. General George Thomas, the "Rock of Chickamauga" graces this five dollar denomination.$4,400 Image
Federal Reserve Bank Notes
710$11918A32114945A65EPQCurrently there are 15 in PMG65 and 10 66s and in very high demand$1,100 Image
712$11918B53363378APMG 50Seems a bit conservative for this NY note.$350Image
715$11918C4440577AVFEvenly circulated Philly$225Image
720$11918D40144091AVF+/EFAnother three light fold and some handling on a fully original, lightly circulated note.$245Image
721$11918E1841525APMG30Richmond with great eye appeal$250Image
730$11918H1356469ACCU(F)A much better district in original raw form.$695Image
752$21918B10039360APMG 30An 'affordable' lower grade Battleship$795Image
Federal Reserve Bank Notes
847b$51914A85881911AVFAn original example with ample paper crispness and a bit of soil$125Image
851a$51914B45711763D63EPQ64EPQ in my opinion$395Image
855a$51914C70236633AGEM/AUDepending on the cataloger this could be either a GEM or a very nice AU. I believe there is a ghost of a bend but I could be 'wrong' in the opinion of the TPGs.$295Image
871c$51914G59552828BCH/AU+Chicago "C" type with seals moved in. Wonderful original paper$375Image
871c$51914G59552826BCH/AU+From three consecutive, light c-bend is all that keeps them from Gem$375Image
878$51914I13028422APMG58A scarcer Minneapolis district and Fr#$545Image
893b$101914B12285806A55PPQLovely NY Red Seal with great color and original paper and quite lilkely the LAST PCGS-C(RIP) NOTE I WILL BUY!!!!$1,995 Image
902a$101914K186855A40EPQSpectacular color on this near finest known Ten Dollar Dallas Red Seal. These were bringing spectacular prices not that long ago but have been, like much of late, softer in price. $7,500 Image
907a$101914A53748176AVFA VF and a nice one but on the lower end of the scale of VF.$125Image
907b$101914A69290468AVFEvenly circulated Boston$150Image
910*$101914B446751*PMG40Top pop in a PMG holder for this Star. Large Size Stars have been undervalued throughout most of the better markets and represent bargains now that market has softened. Extremely attractive, bright whites and contrasting, deep blue inks.$2,500 Image
911c$101914B62553015BVF-NY Federal Reserve Note$125Image
955b$201914D206195APMG15Cleveland Red Seal on the scarcer Twenty Dollar Type.$675Image
971a$201914B44248346APMG55The lack of EPQ is a bit of a mystery on this note as embossing is evident.$545Image
975a$201914C29405427ACH/EFThe paper is white, choice, original and well embossed. No sales in a TPG holder of repute above a 58. Track and Price shows only 11 different notes in the census with only 6 notes for sale in the last seven years.$395Image
986$201914F11220002AVFOriginal with a cool number on this type note issued on the Atlanta district$220Image
988$201914G639974AAUSuper original Chicago FRN$375Image
1011c$201914L34142151A35PPQPCGS, and a bit generous as usual but the rare 'C' type and very difficult on a $20. Not likely to stay this cheap for long.$500Image
1036$501914D777379AVFA low end Cleveland VF on a difficult type of late$300Image
1036$501914D1045292APMG20This one has more soiling on the face$295Image
1056$501914I129647APMG25A rare Minneapolis Freidberg number with only 49 in all grades according to T&P 3-15. This note is firmly in the upper half of the census for grade with the vast majority being VF20 or lower.$1,195 Image
Gold Certificates
1173$101922H86814638PMG53Minor Foreign Substance, which is a small brown adhesive speck$595Image
1173$101922H4080752258EPQA centerfold from Gem but with the colors and appeal fully intact$985Image
1183$201906D10360746PMG40Also EPQ sometimes I hate these PMG newbee graders!!!$795Image
1184$201906E275820FineNapier/Thompson signature and always the toughest to find$695Image
1187$201922K48577550PMG45This one has been pressed in the past$550Image
1196$501882H267049VG+NEW-Only 30 known in all grades and this note is a very attractive filler for the price. Frayed margins but not into the design of the note and the face retains an attractive appearance the back however says "ragpicker", the old term for currency collectors decades ago.$985Image
1200$501922B5392379CH/VFWith the normal, large serial numbers. Great color and though there are a couple of minor defects that would surely disqualify for EPQ designation the paper is still original which is hard to find on any gold certificates. Solid back color as it should be.$1,400 Image
1200am$501922B118218PMG15Small Serial number variety, F15 is a stretch to be sure$650Image
1200am$501922B590079PMG30The Raw VF above is the matching note to this PMG30 which is again the small serial number variety.$1,645 Image