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$5 FRNs

1950-B$51928B01771862ACH/AU(F)Wonderfully white and well embossed paper on this more difficult district in this series case. One oblique fold to the left of the district seal is all that keeps this from 63/4Q.SOLDSOLD
1950-F$51928F01217867ACU(VF)Has absolute Gem appeal but there is a pinhole with a bit of rust visible only on the back.$300NEW
1950-I$51928I02984258AEF+This crispy, original Minneapolis note looks like it just came out of the wallet in 1929. This one has three light wallet bends with crisp white paper. Consecutive to a couple lovely PMG45EPQs on the Certified FRN list.$395 Image
1950-K$51928K01709848ACh/AU+Tight left margin but bright white paper and fully original, you will not see the fold in the scanSOLD Image
1950-K$51928K01709849ACCU(A)Consecutive to the above note, the pair of consecs for $275$125 Image
1950-K$51928K01709795ACCU(F)Dallas with number 11 district centered left and low$175 Image
1951-G$51928AG23426814ACCU(F)The popular number 7 in the dist. seal type$185 Image
1952-F$51928BF17195538AVF/EFDGS Atlanta that has been pressed to appear EF or better$65 Image
1952-J$51928BJ10733060AAU(F)A scarce KC district with a light center bend and tip fold$125 Image
1955-A$51934A15660907-12AGEM(VF)Cut half Sheet of DGS, Boston district, G thru L plate positions. A gorgeous cut half-sheet with two each in 64Q,65Q and another pair that should 66EPQ.$595NEW
1955-A$51934A00292466ACCU(A)Boston LGSSOLD Image
1955-C$51934C07357653AVF+Scarce DGS non-mule variety with ample embossing of the Treasury seal for the gradeSOLD Image
1955m-C$51934C18431505ACCU(A)DGS Philly with typical weak embossing for the 34 DGS issue$75 Image
1955-I$51934I04874473AEF/AU(F)LGS Minneapolis, white and attractiveSOLD Image
1956m-I$51934I10539055ACH/AU(F)Mule Minny DGSSOLD Image
1956m-I$51934I07468394ACH/AU(VF)Attractive Minneapolis DGS mule, fp#1SOLD Image
1956m-J*$51934J00272923*FineDGS KC star mule with even soil$125 Image
1957-B$51934AB87801072ACCU(F)Nice paper but poorly centered$80 Image
1957-C$51934AC55566589AAU(F)A slightly toned AU on Philly$25 Image
1957-C$51934AC66412313AAU(VF)A well centered AUSOLD Image
1957-C$51934AC30142009ACCU(VF/A)Well centered face with horrible back centering$40 Image
1957-C$51934AC30142008BGEM(VF/F)Better back centering and paper$45 Image
1959-A$51934CA58852218ACH/EFThree wallet fold EF with great embossing and originality$50 Image
1959-A$51934CA54600506AGEM(F)Boston near Gem, with three broad margins. Original with ample embossing not often seen on FRNs of this vintage. A couple of small ink flecks in the right margin are as made.$145 Image
1959-B$51934CB05219014CEF/AUNYSOLD Image
1959-D$51934CD81731340AAU(F)Problem freeSOLD Image
1959-D$51934CD85096201ACU(F)A bit scarcer series on a Cleveland district$60 Image
1959-F$51934CF81003566AGEM(VF)The rare instance when the Atlanta note is not difficult. Perfect registration and paper with near perfect margins.$115NEW
1959-H$51934CH73299687AAU+Former Amon Carter Jr. note$60 Image
1959-J$51934CJ35570830ACCU(A)More typical paper and centering on this KC district$110 Image
1959-G*$51934CG02309849*VG/FFine by current TPG standards look like this VG$75 Image
1960-D$51934DA68486900ACh/AU(VF)A fairly light corner fold 1/2" into the note on the top left as you face it, orginal, attractive and in demand of late.$100 Image
1960-D$51934DD98138958ACCU(A)A much scarcer series, tighter top marginSOLD Image
1960-G$51934DG11407285CCCU(F)A tighter bottom but pack fresh quality$75 Image
1960-I$51934DI26015517AVF/EFTri folded with a horizontal and mishandling but fully originalSOLD Image
1960-I$51934DI24961795AAU(F)Ample embossing and original paper on a very scarce issue$295 Image
1961-D$51950D51005477ACCU(VF)Superb embossing galore Wide 1$50 Image
1961-D*$51950D00587454*CCU(F-)Wide 1 Star, these have never been readily available even as type in AU and better. Only light handling and typical centering keep this note from be multiples of this price.$345 Image
1961-G$51950G40082070ACU(F)Chicago with slight interior handling$25no image
1961-D$51950D42300945AAU(F)Wide 2$40 Image
1961-D$51950D42300946AAU+(VF)Wide 2 Cleveland bp #2075$40 Image
1961-D$51950D40908325-26AGEM(F)Wide 2 Cleveland consec pair $125$75 Image
1961-D$51950D40908361AGEM(F)Wide 2 Cleveland$75 Image
1961-D$51950D40908365&327AGEM(VF)Wide 2 Cleveland bp #2093$95 Image
1961-D$51950D40908313-318AGEM(F/VF)Cut half Sheet of Wide 2 Clevelands$345 Image
1962-A$51950AA82306069ACCU(F)Fresh near gem Boston$25 Image
1962-A$51950AA30831691AGEM(F)91-24-36$28 Image
1962-B$51950AB73479531CGEM(F)NY district type note$25no image
1962-D$51950AD80449638ACCU(VF)One teller flick from Gem$29 Image
1962-D*$51950AD00896247*CCU(F+)Gorgeous and white Cleveland Star w/ minor as made wet paper wrinkle$95 Image
1962-H$51950AH45735605ACCU(F)St. Louis with scewed centering$25 Image
1962-I$51950AI17762688AEF/AUNear unc. Minny$25 Image
1962-I*$51950AI00411857*VF+Edge tears and nicks$49 Image
1962-I*$51950AI00971418*VF+Problem free and original on this scarce star with only 864K printed. Very scarce in grades above AU and nearly impossible in CCU or better.$100 Image
1962-J$51950AJ38597926AGEM(F)KC with original paperSOLD Image
1962-K*$51950AK00804719*GEM(VF)A superb looking note on the often collected Dallas district$325 Image
1963-A$51950BA93416180AAU58Gem AU$19no image
1963-A$51950BA96752728ACCU(F)Gem quality but a tighter top margin$30 Image
1963-A$51950BA01365943BCCU(VF)Very gemmy$30 Image
1963-A*$51950BA03773657*EF/AU(VF)This Boston Star has proven to be very difficult with few in the TPG census$60 Image
1963-B$51950BB43611162DCCU(F)NY$20no image
1963-C$51950BC53620387BCCU(VF)Philadelphia with near perfect centering$35 Image
1963-I$51950BI26388947AEF+A slight left shift on this crisp 3 fold EF$17 Image
1963-I*$51950BI01629765*VF++Near EF and underpriced in SGSS, but not for long$100 Image
1963-J$51950BJ78344008AGEM(F)KC districtSOLD Image
1963-K*$51950BK03850887*CCU(A)Dallas star with tight top$85 Image
1964-A$51950CA18929683-88BGEM(F)Each Boston note $35 or consec pairs for..$60 Image
1964-B$51950CB91175923DCCU(F)NY centered low$29 Image
1964-D$51950CD43588884BCCU(F)Gemmy paper but shifted a bit right$29 Image
1964-D*$51950CD07469479*GEM(F)A lovely, original Cleveland star with deep inks and color that are above the norm for the issue.$125 Imge
1964-F*$51950CF12244934*CCU(F)Scarce Atlanta with well embossed, gemmy, orange peel paper that is coarse to the touch$100 Imge
1965-A$51950DA56382706BCCU(F)Nice Boston$30 Image
1965-A*$51950DA06566078*AU(VF)Well centered Boston Star$75 Image
1965-A*$51950DA06688713*CCU(VF)Very near gem Boston Star$115 Image
1965-E*$51950DE12609794*VF+/EFLooks a lot nicer than VF+/EF$75 Image
1965-G*$51950DG18181221*CCU(VF)Looks superb but is a bit flat which keeps it from gem$65 Image
1966-B$51950EB38139950FGEM(F)Very close to being in a gem slabSOLD Image
1966-B$51950EB40924832FGEM(VF)Ample everything and would slab 66 without altering the right marginSOLD Image
1967-A*$51963A00448316*GEM(VF)A better Boston Star with perfect registration and embossing.$175 Image
1967-F$51963F00259309ACCU(VF)Atlanta district in near GemSOLD Image
1967-F*$51963F00108203*GEM(F)Atlanta Star with a slight shift to the left$95 Image
1967-G*$51963G00343329*CU(VF)The lower right corner shows signs of light handling over the crispy white paper. Original and well embossed Chicago Star.$95 Image
1967-H$51963H12918003ACCU(VF)St. Louis that is Gem by all accounts I am just conservative though it will 65Q.SOLD Image
1967-H*$51963H01059401*GEM(F)The St. Louis Star is the type star for this popular series.SOLD Image
1968-A$51963AA17944803-04AGEM(F)Consecutive Boston pair $40 or each$22 Image
1968-A$51963AA06935002AGEM(F)Affordable Boston$25 Image
1968-A*$51963AA00958031-32*AU+(VF)Slight center fold from gem, consec pair $50$29 Image
1968-A*$51963AA05887296*CCU(F)Boston star, shifted slightly to the left$45 Image
1968-A*$51963AA05882297*CCU(F)Consecutive pair for $85$45 Image
1968-D$51963AD11741559AGEM(F)With a bit more margin top and right$24 Image
1968-D$51963AD40870610-14AGEM(F)Not consec but nearly so$30 Image
1968-D*$51963AD04737997*GEM(VF)Certifiable and original star$55 Image
1968-G*$51963AG19511586*GEM(VF)I leave a few for the uncertified collector$40 Image
1968-H$51963AH63013017ACCU(VF)A very well centered St. Louis districtSOLD Image
1968-H*$51963AH04275602*CCU(VF)Tip bump on this well centered St. Louis star$50 Image
1968-H*$51963AH06094533*GEM(VF)Certifiable and original starSOLD Image
1968-I$51963AI21111114AVF+Fancy serial number that looks a grade betterSOLD Image
1968-I$51963AI13912852AGEM(VF)Attractive Minneapolis, AU $15 or this gem forSOLD Image
1968-J$51963AJ56333333ACCU(VF)Six trailing threes on this KC noteSOLD Image
1968-L*$51963AL05420072-74*GEM(VF)Lovely SF notes, consec pairs for $80$45 Image
1969-B*$51969B02359490*GEM(VF)Well centered with near perfect registration$35 Image
1969-G*$51969G00050470*CCU(VF)Triple zero start Chicago star$40 Image
1969-K*$51969K00019130*GEM(VF)Triple zero start Dallas star$60 Image
1969-K*$51969K01550488-91*CCU(VF)Four consecs available, pairs for $90$49 Image
1969-L$51969L38893876AAU+(VF)San Francisco$18 Image
1969-L$51969L20079666-90ACCU(VF)Consecutive pairs for $30 or each for$20 Image
1969-L$51969L30818150-68AGEM(VF)Consecutive pairs for $40 or each for$25 Image
1970-H$51969AH35500553AGEM(F+)Radar Ex Crabb$125 Image
1970-I$51969AI21599838AChAU(VF)Minneapolis DistrictSOLDno image
1970-I*$51969AI01087086*ChAU+(F)Only 640K printed, one off center bend from gem$75 Image
1971-H$51969BH43777734ASGEM(VF)Superb Gem Radar ex Crabb$445 Image
1971-I$51969BI33604630AEF/AU(F)Two light folds and evident handling$50 Image
1971-I$51969BI27755361ACCU(F+)Corner tip bend not into the design$135 Image
1972-G$51969CG66961980CCCU(F)A 90%, medium dark wet transfer overprint errorSOLD Image
1973-F$51974F10603188CGEM(F)Original with a slight shift right, two available$22 Image
1973-H$51974H93060008AGEM(F)Ex Mike Crabb collectionSOLD Image
1973-H$51974H00084444BSGEM(VF)Superb and a neat number, Ex Crabb$100 Image
1973-K$51974K43911964-68BGEM(F)Consecutive pairs for $40 or each at$25 Image
1973-L$51974L77327982CCh/AU(F)Light c-bend from gem, pr. $25 each$15 Image
1973-L$51974L88974219DCCU(VF)Rip through the paper embossing, SOLD Image
1975-F$51977AF69221514-15BGEM(F)One consecutive pair $39 or each$25 Image
1976-D*$51981D01239602*GEM(VF)I don't recall handling this district before recent memory$195 Image
1976-E*$51981E01054941*VF+I never see these in affordable circulated conditionSOLD Image
1976-E*$51981E00236652*GEM(VF)This is now the type star for this seriesSOLD Image
1976-H$51981H21111112AGEM(VF)Super Radar Ex. Crabb$295 Image
1976-I*$51981I* WANTEDANYPaying $300+ for any VG or better, $450 VF or better and $2000 for any CUWANTED
1976-K*$51981K00294748*CCU(VF)Corner tip bend not into the design on this more difficult series Dallas Star, only 640K printed $120 Image
1976-L*$51981L00678036*VF+Another nice, affordable circ. Star$29 Image
1976-L*$51981L00095191*AU(VF)Problem freeSOLD Image
1977-B*$51981AB01271553*CCU(VF)A scarce series and none of the stars are easy$195 Image
1977-B*$51981AB01271560*CCU(VF)Only the smallest razor nick on the top margin from Gem$195 Image
1978-B*$51985B*VF & betterStrong buy price on this STAR, will buy others AU+WANTED
1978-H$51985H24422442AGEM(VF)Run 2 Radar Ex Crabb$100 Image
1979-B*$51988B02989142*AU(VF)A harder center fold AU but very original$75 Image
1979-C$51988C06066443ACh/AU(VF)Light center bend with great embossingSOLD Image
1979-D$51988D13401708ACU(VF)Handling and corner bumps but not and easy Cleveland to find in this scarce series$45 Image
1979-F$51988F72648330ACCU(F)Shifted left and a bit high with a corner tip fold outside the design.$50 Image
1979-F$51988F07856180BCCU(F+)Atlanta in near Gem. All these 1988s are remnants of a my last trade with Gerry G in 2013 and have I confess a slight sentimental attachment.SOLD Image
1979-F*$51988F03885815*CU+(VF)Scarce Atlanta Star with slight teller handling, well centered and embossed.$95 Image
1979-K$51988K01554624AGEM(VF)A decidedly Gemmy Dallas on an underated series I had slated for major pricing adjustments, upwards, in the next edition of the book that was not to be.$90 Image
1980-D$51988AD02643196BGEM(F)Washington DC issueSOLD Image
1980-D$51988AD69884825BGEM(VF)Perfectly centered DC issue$30 Image
1980-D*$51988AD00934426*GEM(F)Cleveland, DC issue star$40 Image
1980-F$51988AF16048478EGEM(VF)DC-from a collection and I only have one$25 Image
1980-F*$51988AF00767414*GEM(VF)DC-These contemporary stars are scarce$45 Image
1980-H$51988AH64685990ACCU(F)DC shifted slightly right$20 Image
1980-H*$51988AH00271958*CCU(VF)DC-Ex Crabb$85 Image
1980-I$51988AI04280050ACh/VFDC-Minneapolis scarceSOLD Image
1980-I*$51988AI*WANTEDIn all grades, paying top dollar please call for current prices VF $500+ CU and better $2000+WANTED
1980-J$51988AJ11039848ACCU(VF)DC-A few handling marksSOLD Image
1980-K$51988AK65754531AAU+(VF)DC-One super light center fold from gem$15 Image
1980-L$51988AL85855462FGEM(VF)DC issue on SF district$25 Image
1981-F*$51988AWANTEDANYI have only had one VF Fort Worth F* in my lifetime, will pay $300 for Fine, $750 VF to EF and $1000 and up for any CU and better!WANTED
1981-G$51988AG44441444HGEM(F+)FW-A great near solid 4 and affordableSOLD Image
1981-K$51988AK18196772BSGEM(VF)Absolutely perfect or at least Superb! Last one of a scant 4 I used to have in inventory all now slabbed 66 to 68. See certified list for much more expensive examples.$35 Image
1982-A$51993A15758186ACCU(VF)DC-Boston$25 Image
1982-B*$51993B01497078*GEM(VF)Only one DC B* available$45 Image
1982-E*$51993E02374706*GEM(A)DC-Gem paper shifted left and high$35 Image
1982-E*$51993E02851413*GEM(F)DC-Same shift just to a lesser degree$45 Image
1982-E*$51993E02851408*GEM(F)DC-Same shift just to a lesser degree$45 Image
1982-F$51993F13746951ACCU(VF)DC-The slightest hints of handling$20 Image
1983-L*$51993L01994910*GEM(F)FW issue slight shift low and left$45 Image
1984-A$51995A56101050AGEM(VF)DC issue Boston$20 Image
1984-A$51995A20131710AGEM(VF)DC issue Boston$20 Image
1984-B*$51995B04953003*GEM(VF)DC-Perfect NY dist. star$45 Image
1984-C$51995C20612196AGEM(F+)DC-Slight shift low$20 Image
1984-E$51995E44897300BGEM(F)DC EB block$20 Image
1984-E$51995E44897249BGEM(F)DC EB block$20 Image
1984-E$51995E82347476-80CGEM(F+)DC consec. pair $28$15 Image
1984-E$51995E83396433-81CGEM(VF)DC just a bit more margin$20 Image
1985-C$51995C58037052BSGEM(VF)FW-Philly Superb Gem$30 Image
1985-D$51995D14948357AGEM(VF)FW four broad margins$20 Image
1985-D*$51995D01219023*GEM(VF)FW issue, consec. pr. of stars $70 or ea.$40 Image
1985-D*$51995D02876061-66*SGEM(VF)FW, Superb Gem Star with perfect centering$50 Image
1985-E$51995E54367234-35AGEM(VF)FW Richmond consec pr. $35, each$20 Image
1985-E$51995E84687182AGEM(VF)FW$20 Image
1985-E$51995E54367627-28AGEM(VF)FW Gem Richmond pair, each$20 Image
1985-F$51995F99890408-5408AGEM(VF)FW Possibley cut from sheets, 99 mill. Start,#408SOLD917$22no image
1985-F$51995F46107041-44CGEM(VF)Fort Worth, two available,typical perfection for the series$25 Image
1985-F$51995F72967544DGEM(VF)Fort Worth, one example$25 Image
1985-F*$51995F00346965*GEM(F)FW issue Atlanta star which used to be pretty scarce as they were issued in Bighead Smallhead sets only, later released by the packs and now plentiful.$35 Image
1985-F*$51995F00100012*GEM(VF)FW issue Atlanta star w/ five zero serial that used to be much scarcer$50 Image
1985-G$51995G38994814CGEM(VF)FW Chicago$20 Image
1985-H$51995H16822519BSGEM(VF)FW St. Louis Superb Gem$40 Image
1985-H$51995H00125364CGEM(VF)Near short ladder ex CrabbSOLD Image
1985-I$51995I37808113-20AGEM(VF)FW Minneapolis consec. pair $45 or each$25 Image
1985-J$51995J21565277AGEM(VF)FW KC SPECIAL from this CCU or better run J95142503-09 pairs for $25 or $19 each. Imaged note is $25$25 Image
1985-K$51995K70208020AGEM(F)FW Dallas$20no image
1985-K$51995K55038931BCCU(VF)FW with a teller flick$15no image
1985-K$51995K55038933BGEM(VF)FW Only 1 KB gem$25no image
1985-L$51995L36944601-72DGEM(VF)FW consec. pair $35$20no image
1985-L$51995L36944605-06DGEM(VF)FW consec. pair $35$20no image
1985-L$51995L36944615-18DGEM(VF)FW consec. pair $35$20no image
1985-L$51995L60525002FSGEM(VF)FW Superb Gem perfection$35 Image
1985-L$51995L81745699GSGEM(VF)FW Superb Gem perfection or a Gem(VF) from this fancy# run L30000861-879 for $30 each or a pair for $50.$35 Image
1986-A$51999BA00335705*GEM(VF)FW$30 Image
1986-A$51999BA00335706*GEM(VF)FW$30 Image
1986-E*$51999BE06622203-44*GEM(F)DC run 2, first two orders are fancy numbers$45 Image
1987-E*$51999BE20551148*GEM(F)Later run FW$35 Image
1987-F*$51999BF12493059*GEM(VF)FW Atlanta 3rd printing star,consec pr $55$30 Image
1987-F*$51999BF12680001*GEM(VF)FW Atlanta 3rd printing star,$30no image
1987-F*$51999BF12057921*GEM(F+)FW FP1$20no image
1988-L$52001CL54273965AGEM(VF)FW$25no image
1988-L$52001CL28529502BCCU(VF)FW$20no image
1988-L$52001CL60394007CGEM(F+)FW$20no image
1990-B$52003DB10957484BGEM(F)FW$15no image
1990-E$52003DE71419685ACCU(F-)FW$15no image
1990-G*$52003DG03382962*GEM(VF)Washington DC issue$25 Image
1990-G*$52003DG03402962*GEM(VF)Washington DC issue$20no image
1990-G*$52003DG03462962*CCU(VF)Washington DC issue$20 Image
1990-G*$52003DG03472962*CU+(VF)Washington DC issue$15 Image
1990-L$52003DL48058393-94ACU+FW A1$20no image
1991-B$52003AFB02211978-87ACCU(VF)Year end notes from 1978-1987$15no image
1991-B$52003AFB33533333ACh/AU+(VF)FW-One away from a solid three and affordableSOLD Image
1991-B$52003AFB33444444ACh/AU(VF)FW-Another great number with a ghost of a bend$60 Image
1991-C$52003AFC11342481BCCU(VF)FW$20no image
1991-E$52003AFE05309145BGEM(F)FW on Richmond, only one$15no image
1991-E$52003AFE56389061BCCU(VF)FW$15no image
1991-F$52003AFF39141131BCCU(F+)FWSOLDno image
1991-F*$52003AFF02201837*CCU(VF)FW$25no image
1991-G*$52003AFG00631045*GEM(VF)FW$50no image
1991-J$52003AFJ41988148ACCU(VF)FW$15no image
1991-J$52003AFJ54946089AGEM(VF)FW$20no image
1991-L$52003AFL39133511ACCU(VF)FW$12no image
1991-L$52003AFL18217201-03BGEM(VF)FW$15no image
1992-F$52006HF99983236AGEM(VF)FW$30no image
1992-F$52006HF77777767AGEM(VF)FW-Afordable near solid in perfect conditionSOLD Image
1992-F$52006HF22425172CGEM(F+)FW$15no image
1992-I$52006HI25401962-70AGEM(VF)FW-Type 1 as above which is not colorized, scarce Minny$25no image
1992-I$52006HI21977368ACCU(VF)FW$25no image
1992-I$52006HI22825531AGEM(VF)FW$30no image
1993-A$52006IA63397027AGEM(VF)FW 025-030 Consec pairs $26$15no image
1993-B$52006IB19772400AGEM(VF)FW, DA, FA, GA, GB, KA, LA, LC, BLOCKS EA.$15no image
1993-B$52006IB19428682-99CGEM(VF)FW 681-710 we cannot image these colorized notes.$15no image
1993-C$52006IC26970372BGEM(VF)FW 372-374 anti counterfeiting software keeps a modern scanner from working on these notes.$15no image
1993-F*$52006IF02664397-99*GEM(VF)FW Atlanta Star, only a few available$30no image
1993-I$52006II01954780-99AGEM(VF)FW 779-799$20no image
1993-K$52006IK92148663AGEM(VF)FW Only one Dallas for nowSOLDno image
1993-L$52006IL46176465BGEM(VF)FW sorry no images available on modern notes$15no image
1993-L*$52006IL00187596-7*CCU(VF)Light bump on the top margin from counting$40no image
1994-L$52009JL12140989-000AGEM(VF)FW, LB and one available LC block $15no image
$10 FRNs
2000-D$101928D09806287ACH/AU+(VF)Original white and well embossed numeral district with a lower left corner tip fold just into the design, otherwise a 64$145 Image
2000-G$101928G08460742AVFTight razor thin right margined #7$40 Image
2000-I$101928I01742848AVFI used to call this fine but current tpg standards would grade it VF$60 Image
2000-I$101928I00266084ACH/VF+Looks better but has a small black spot near the district seal #9$125 Image
2000-I$101928I03534278ACH/VF+All the white originality without the small spot$145 Image
2000-I$101928I02992546ACH/AU(F)One light bend, two very small pinholes$245 Image
2000-I$101928I00173555ACH/AU+(A)Tight right margin, indicative of the problems the 1928 series small size issues suffered until adjustments were made on the spacing between notes on the 12 subject sheet layout.$325 Image
2000-L$101928L06091707AVG#12 and choice for this lower grade$30 Image
2001-D$101928AD09842487AVF+#4 well centered and whiteSOLD Image
2002-B$101928BB55315077AGEM(F+)DGS/Transitional with great embossing, paper and inks, shifted a bit to the left. Would likely 64Q+ at PMG. Though millions away from the true LGS designation you can already see the yellow starting to lighten up the seal considerably.SOLDNEW
2002-D$101928BD15921763ACU(F)DGS Pressed flat$75NEW
2002-D$101928BD18193389AAU(F)A hint of yellow on a darker transitional DGS issue$60 Image
2002-D$101928BD16212334ACCU(A)DGS Deep forest green seal on an earlier serial number range, tight right$95 Image
2002-D$101928BD25661213AGEM(F+)DGS/Transitional with great embossing and white paper that exhibits very dark inks. Much higher serial that is at the edge of the DGS/LGS range. Much more yellow in this seal but not quite there yet. Would likely 64Q+ at PMG.$135NEW
2002-G$101928BG28247346ACCU(F)DGS Chicago still affordable in Uncirculated$85NEW
2002-I$101928BI04037501AEFVery DGS original Minneapolis district$70 Image
2002-I$101928BI05281521AEF+/AUMust be one of the last dark runs or very close to LGS as it sure looks itSOLD Image
2002-I$101928BI05281520AEF+/AUI am pricing these as transitionals(DGS) but they sure look light green sealSOLD Image
2002-I$101928BI07051420AVF+Definite LGSSOLD Image
2002-I$101928BI04026249AAU(F)DGS with one obvious spot and light handling$65NEW
2002-J$101928BJ04907494ACU(F)DGS KC Some light handling keeps me from calling it nicer though it appears soSOLDNEW
2002-L*$101928BL00272294*VF+DGS/Transitional, original Star and likely the finest known or at least in the top three of the condition census as few can be tracked in auction or elsewhere. Fully original and a fantastic note for the San Francisco collectors.SOLD Image
2004-B$101934B29558301ACCU(F-)LGS NY and so lovely with this third printing color$120 Image
2004-B$101934B29558314ACCU+(F+)LGS Pack fresh and near GemSOLD Image
2004-G$101934G38700891AGEM(F)LGS Chicago I have seen sell in auction recently for considerably more than this note$120 Image
2004-G$101934G38700892AGEM(F)LGS No discount on this pair as they are just too easy to sell$120 Image
2004-H$101934H05115568ACCU(F+)LGS A very, very nice St. Louis district with the standout favorite seal color in FRNs.$195 Image
2004-I$101934I02316737AAU(F+)LGS scarce and original MinnySOLD Image
2004-J*$101934J00026312*VFLGS extremely scarce star with very few trackable sales, this KC star has some light staining on the margins which have been trimmedSOLD Image
2006-C$101934AC78826424AGEM(F)Perfect front to back registration$45 Image
2006-D$101934AD42345852AAU(F)One hard fold Cleveland issue$40 Image
2006-D$101934AD78676490AAU+(VF)A superbly centered gem with one bend$40 Image
2006-D$101934AD12446817BAU/CU(VF)A beauty of a type slider$35 Image
2006-F$101934AF92571993ACCU(F)Atlanta with nice embossing$45 Image
2006-G*$101934AG02896526*FineAttractive for the grade$30 Image
2006-Im$101934AI12214292AVF+Scarcer mule bp#562$59 Image
2006-I$101934AI23328901-06ACCU+Cut half sheet with grades ranging from 63 to 66QSOLD Image
2006-I*$101934AI00294425*GEM(F)Only one CCU note in the auction records of the last ten years. The Minneapolis district is very difficult in CU even as a type in any 1934 series.$745 Image
2006-L*$101934AL00803486*VF+High end VF SF star$125 Image
2008-B*$101934CB07010929*Fine+A more common series and district very fairly graded$50 Image
2008-B*$101934CB05779598*VF+Small edge tear, clean, bright and original$100 Image
2008-I$101934CI38996817AAU(VF)Teller handling and one fold, scarce Mnpls$65 Image
2008-I*$101934CI00538027*F+Plenty of paper body and eye appeal for the grade$125 Image
2008-I*$101934CI00538033*VF++A wonderfully original lightly circultated star that is impossible in original CU or better. Fantastic original, crisp paper with two light and two harder vertical folds that is problem free and will grade PMG35EPQ which will make it the highest graded thus far 1/15 at PMG with an EPQ designation. Only a EF40 and 2 AU55 no EPQ notes are currently "better" than this original beauty.$375 Image
2009-G$101934DG49436022DCCU(F+)Very nice notes, great embossing, #58469161, 55553710 & 12 as well$70 Image
2009-G$101934DG87837161DCCU(F)Pack fresh examples$60 Image
2009-G$101934DG49436024DGEM(VF)These just have slightly better centering, one consec pair available for $140$75 Image
2009-G*$101934DG05324995*Fine+Affordable star on a scarce series$65 Image
2009-I$101934DI48977864AAU(F)Scarce Minneapolis in affordable grade$75 Image
2009-L*$101934DL03340654*FineA low end fine star in a rare series$225 Image
2010-A$101950A41456274AAU/CU(VF)Narrow, "gem au" with a bumped corner possibly but looks CCU$40 Image
2010-Cn$101950C44921234AVFNarrow Phil. in affordable collector grade$30 Image
2010-I$101950I12782865AVF+Narrow Minneapolis with Bp#1450$75 Image
2011-C$101950AC10135327BGEM(F)Perfect paper and registration, centered lowSOLD Image
2011-D$101950AD93987689ACCU(F)Centered high and to the right, still attractive$50 Image
2011-G*$101950AG08619990*VFProblem free Chicago circ. star$40 Image
2011-G*$101950AG05908755*VFBarely noticable blue ink dot$25 Image
2012-C$101950BC96651350BGEM(VF)Nicely centered Philly$50 Image
2012-D$101950BD55266107BGEM(F)Centered a bit high$45 Image
2012-I$101950BI34287206AAU(F)Identical light center fold Minneapolis district$35 Image
2012-I$101950BI34287220AAU(F)Minny$35 Image
2012-J*$101950BJ04918730*VF+This scarce KC star has been pressed$110 Image
2012-L*$101950BL07750996*GEM(F)I have a small group of these pack fresh type stars$145 Image
2012-L*$101950BL07750991*GEM(VF)I have some certified as well$195 Image
2012-L*$101950BL07750985*GEM(VF+)A near superb gem with superior centering and pristine paper$225 Image
2013-I*$101950CI02109734*VF++Still in its original glory and scarce as such$125 Image
2013-I*$101950CI02090882*AU(A)Two center bends(light folds) on this slightly circulated, original Minneapolis star$195 Image
2013-L*$101950CL11779708*VF+Close to EF, attractive and a scarce San Fran star$135 Image
2015-B*$101950EB42681802*VFPopular series, difficult in CU or better$40 Image
2015-G*$101950EG32734513*VF+Affordable star on a scarce series$75 Image
2015-G*$101950EG32908490*AU(F)A light center bend from Gem$115 Image
2015-G*$101950EG32908486*AU(F)Take your pick, these will run $500 in gem maybe more$115 Image
2015-L$101950EL45483364DCCU(VF)We were fortunate to purchase a group of these recently$90 Image
2015-L$101950EL45483303DGEM(VF+)This district was unavailable until this group showed up$125 Image
2015-L$101950EL45483304DGEM(VF+)This consecutive pair for $225$125 Image
2015-L$101950EL45483313DSGEM(VF)Superb in every way$195 Image
2015-L$101950EL45483314DSGEM(VF)Consecutive Superb Gem pair for $345$195 Image
2016$101963ALL blocksAU & betterEsp. F* but want all regular and star blocks!WANTED
2016-A*$101963A00423383*GEM(VF)A near perfect Boston star for a type set and scarceSOLD Image
2016-A*$101963A00423384*GEM(VF)A near perfect star for a type set and scarce$225 Image
2017-B$101963AB01588857CGEM(F+)Exceptional embossing$30 Image
2017-B$101963AB01588856CGEM(VF)An unimprovable NY district type note$40 Image
2017-L$101963AL35429635ACCU(F)My last one!$45NEW
2018-A*$101969A02398591*EFMishandled, original Boston star$40 Image
2018-B$101969B31761014CGEM(F)Of course it doesn't have VF centeringSOLD Image
2018-B*$101969B00360545*VF/EFLightly circulated$30 Image
2018-E$101969E19858965ACU(F)Top margin has been bumped around$35 Image
2018-E$101969E55908596AGEM(F)These dry paper printing process notes all have superb embossing and a fine gritty feel$50 Image
2018-I$101969I03410207AAU(VF)None in the PMG census,incredible 2nd and 3rd printing embossing$35 Image
2019-C*$101969AC03025184*VFVery crisp but crumpledSOLD Image
2019-G$101969AG77612658BGEM(F)Centered a smidge high and to the right, only three singles and one pair left..$35 Image
2019-G$101969AG77612661BGEM(F)Consecutive pair$40 Image
2020-A$101969BA16376240BVF+Original and slightly circulatedSOLD Image
2020-B*$101969BB15723519*CCU(F)Difficult in just about any grade on any district and these are from a small pack fresh group. I have never had $10 69B series stars in CU before.$145 Image
2020-B*$101969BB15723550*GEM(F+)Lovely near Gem NY district Star 1969B Series!$165 Image
2020-B*$101969BB15723551*GEM(VF)A slam dunk 65 or better with boardwalk margins$200 Image
2021-B$101969CB30305911EGEM(A)Another great NY type note for a better series$40 Image
2021-B$101969CB30305925-26EGEM(F)Consecutive pair for..$70 Image
2021-B$101969CB30305940EGEM(F)A better centered single$45 Image
2021-B$101969CB14362820GEFTwo folds and light handling$20 Image
2021-C$101969CC20043532BAU+(VF)Small corner fold into the design$22 Image
2021-C$101969CC19642874BAU/CU(F)Only light handling$21 Image
2021-L$101969CL54002956-48BCH/AU+Bumped corner, otherwise CCU or better, one consec pair$29 Image
2022-L$101974L04768883CAU(VF)Perfect centering with a wallet fold$21 Image
2022-L$101974L17816422-23CCCU(F)One consec. pair for $50 or each$30 Image
2022-L$101974L17816412CCCU(VF)Perfect centering and registration$35 Image
2023*$101977ALLAU & betterAll 77*s wanted esp. D*WANTED
2023-H*$101977H00699402-07*CCU(F)Small group of pack fresh H* from a less frequently seen series.$75 Image
2023-H*$101977H00699406-10*GEM(VF)Well centered St. Louis, H* that are unimprovable.$100 Image
2024-H$101977AH54455445AGEM(VF)Repeater radar Ex Crabb$195 Image
2027-I$101985I60561828AGEM(F+)$50 Image
2027-L$101985L25831830-33CCCU(VF)Punch through embossing, perfect centering$39 Image
2028-B$101988AB40043776CCCU(F)Super dark, front on back wet transfer overprint, that is as deep, dark and 100% as you can hope to find. A fantastic error of this popular variety$295 Image
2028-B$101988AB02074010-16DCCU(VF)Paper clip depression from gem, consec. pr. $58$34 Image
2029-H$101990H00022000AGEM(F+)Super Radar Ex crabb$145 Image
2030-A$101993A20775689BGEM(VF)Near superb Boston$35 Image
2030-B$101993B78480899-45CGEM(F)$22no image
2030-B$101993B53371100DGEM(VF)$25 Image
2030-B$101993B21749194-98ECCU(VF)Paper clip depression from Gem, consec. pr.$39$22 Image
2030-G*$101993G01778400*GEM(A)Three jumbo margins, very littly bottom$35 Image
2030-H$101993H16138528ACCU(VF)Ex Crabb$45 Image
2031-B$101995B42365831-5CGEM(VF)DC NY, pairs for $35 or each$22NEW
2031-E$101995E31677494-99CGEM(VF)Consec pairs for $39$25 Image
2031-F*$101995F00092161*VFWash. issue Atlanta stars, serial # under 100k$20 Image
2032-D*$101995D00000296*VFFW Low numbered mid grade Cleveland star$50 Image
2032-G$101995G00800007EVF+FW Interesting serial numberSOLD Image
2032-F$101995F88139041-50CGEM(VF)FW Atlanta$25NEW
2032-H$101995H30000003BSGEM(VF)FW Super Radar Ex crabbSOLD Image
2032-H*$101995H04595452-56*GEM(VF)FW consec pairs for $70 or each$40 Image
2032-J$101995J15727768-70AGEM(VF)FW near perfect centering, two available$25 Image
2032-K$101995K94920518-22AGEM(VF)FW Dallas consec. pair $44 SOLD OUT AS PAIRS$25 Image
2033-B$101999BB62897686-95AGEM(VF)DC NY pairs at $40$22NEW
2033-C$101999BC11541436-45AGEM(VF)DC Philly pairs at $40$25NEW
2033-H$101999BH10225076AGEM(VF)DC Ex crabbSOLD Image
2037-I$102003DI0729548-07AGEM(VF)DC issue which is listed in Robert Azpiazu's latest Modern FRN effort at $150 but as a DC/Fort Worth issue but the DC I have found the FW I have seen only a VG. No one else seemed to have them when I checked.$45 Image
2040-I$102006II04885411-20AGEM(VF)FW Minneapolis district $22 each$22no image
2040-L$102006IL57689501-5BGEM(VF)FW$22no image
2041-I$102009JI03080401AGEM(VF)FW BB & GA blocks also available for $20 each. All modern consec pairs get a 20% discount!$22no image
2041-L$102009JL05298999AGEM(VF)FW 8997-8999 and LB blocks as well$20no image
$20 FRNs
2050-C$201928C03169432AVG/FConservative by PMG circ grading standards$49 Image
2050-D$201928D07756757ACH/AU(A)Two narrow margins on this common type$95 Image
2050-D$201928D02355525AAU++(F)Corner tip fold otherwise CCU+$115 Image
2050-F$201928F02342267AVF+Original with generous embossing$95 Image
2050-I$201928I02019443AFineI am back in the Mnpls. district so priced to sell$40 Image
2050-I$201928I01348846AFineIf you are looking for a #9 district we have themSOLD Image
2050-I$201928I01869459AEFVery well centered originalSOLD Image
2050-I$201928I01447187ACH/EFA bit nicer original Mnpls with well centered white paperSOLD Image
2052-B$201928BB13522832AVF+DGS with slight staining top margin edge$50 Image
2052-C$201928BC07256097ACU(A)DGS Philly district with a deep dark green seal, a bit tight on the bottom margin with wavey top cut$95 Image
2052-D$201928BD11412745AGEM(A)DGS Cleveland with orginal paper$90 Image
2052-G$201928BG15504271AVF/EFDGS One hard fold and some handling$60 Image
2052-G*$201928BG00167376*VGA barker but affordable hole filler. These $20 28B stars are very difficult to find on any district other than Chicago.SOLD Image
2052-G$201928BG22609993ACCU(A)LGS One hard fold and some handlingSOLDNEW
2052-G$201928BG22609999ACCU(A)LGS Both have one tight margin at least but the LGS of the 28B series in this denomination will likely always be in strong demand as they are one of the most difficult types in an affordable LGS.SOLDNEW
2052-I$201928BI03194427AAU(F)DGS/Transitional with a barely perceptible lightening of the seal color$100 Image
2052-J$201928BJ04134351AGEM(VF)Beautiful, common district type note$150 Image
2054-A$201934A10846540AGEM(F)Lovely Boston DGS with micro backcheck 258SOLD Image
2054-F$201934F02602138ACCU(F)I have had more Stars on this district than regular blocks on Atlanta so don't dawdle she is lovelySOLD Image
2054-G$201934G08973022ACCU(F)Attractive LGS Chicago, price reducedSOLD Image
2054-G$201934G08426452AGEM(F)A pack fresh run that I have gotten 65s out of..$115 Image
2054-G$201934G08426453AGEM(F)LGS! Get 'em while I got 'em$125 Image
2054-G$201934G08426454AGEM(A)LGS! A bit tighter on the bottom so this one out the door for less$90 Image
2054-G$201934G08474543AGEM(F)LGS Chicago but I like this one the most of the bunch.$125 Image
2054-G$201934G08426455-60AGEM(F+/VF)LGS Chicago half-cut sheet of six, A thru F positions. Half will TPG Gem 65-67 the others 64. The first LGS half-cut sheet I have had in some time.$995NEW
2054-I$201934I01326871ACH/AU(F)Lovely Light Green Seal Mnpls. Light c-bend$95 Image
2054-I*$201934I00058586*FineDGS Another affordable Minny Star without any issuesSOLD Image
2055-B$201934AB03553299BCCU(F)Fresh$70 Image
2055-B$201934AB03553300BGEM(F)near repeater serial number$95 Image
2055-B$201934AB03553291BGEM(F)and very original group$75 Image
2055-B$201934AB03553292BGEM(F+)Any consec pair take 10% off$80 Image
2055-Blfp$201934AB79085321-322ACCU(VF)Consec. pair of Late Finished Bp 204. You are unlikely to find one of these favorite varieties of Peter Huntoon in consecutive pairs but once or twice.$600 Image
2055-E$201934AE75446803ACCU(VF)Richmond$90 Image
2055-E$201934AE54569091-94AGEM(VF)TPG 65 quality Richmond, one consec pair available $160$90 Image
2055-Gm$201934AG41702748AAU(F)Mule with a center bendSOLD Image
2055-G$201934AG55046454ACU(F)I like embossing and this one has none$45 Image
2056-D$201934BD71278659ACH/AU(VF)Ghost of a centerbend from GEM$80 Image
2056-G$201934BG14981763BGEM(F+)With a bit more bottom margin this note would be a 65++$125 Image
2056-I$201934BI17527656ACU+(F)I may be able to make out a little wave that means PMG could go from a 58Q to a 64Q$115 Image
2056-I$201934BI18108404ACCU+(VF)Great embossing and paper but is a bit short on the top margin though it would likely still 65Q.If the one below had the paper this one has it would have been at PMG long ago.$135 Image
2056-I$201934BI18690692ACCU(VF)Very well centered and original near gem$150 Image
2056-J$201934BJ31423231AAU netsmall tear on the bottom margin and has been pressed$65 Image
2057-F$201934CF54372154AGEM(F+)A super quality Old Back that lacks the margins of a full blown 65. Helluva 64Q though$135 Image
2057-I*$201934CI00246327*F/VFNew Back, Minny star with even honest circulation and soilSOLD Image
2057-I*$201934CI00267444*VF+New Back, Minny star with 35EPQ quality and embossing $195 Image
2058-G$201934DG43138211BGEM(F+)One fantastic original wide variety from Chicago on this popular seriesSOLD Image
2059-G$201950G26379497ACCU(VF)Very attractive common Chicago$65 Image
2059-I$201950I02599140AEF/AUDecently centered and original Minny$55 Image
2060-B*$201950AB04276358*EFMore difficult than you would think for a NY district, fully original with a center and horizontal fold/bend and handling.$115 Image
2060-C*$201950AC01218927*F/VFmake me an offer$45 Image
2060-E$201950AE15946238BGEM(VF)An infrequently seen Richmond district in pristine condition$85 Image
2060-G*$201950AG01466359*VFA very affordable type star on Chicago$45 Image
2060-H*$201950AH00943826*VF/EFOriginal star on St. Louis, attractive and affordable$75 Image
2060-I*$201950AI00154614*VF+EFLow observed and rare, abundant embossing and originalitySOLD Image
2060-J*$201950AJ00708067*VFPartial red teller stamp so yours for $40$45 Image
2060-J*$201950AJ01085748*EF/AU(F)Oh so original, see scan to avoid lengthy descriptions of attributes$120 Image
2061-B$201950BB77764315BGEM(VF)Great Gem type$60 Image
2061-H*$201950BH02264545*Ch/VFEx Crabb and very scarce, I can track few sales or appearances in the last decadeSOLD Image
2061-I$201950BI20446841-8ACCU(A)SPEACIAL Nice Minneapolis notes that are all shifted hard right. All eight for $300, consecutive pairs for $90 or each at..$50NEW
2061-I*$201950BI00600748*VF+Very orginal, crispy and white with light circulationSOLDNEW
2062-D$201950CD54748608BAU+(F)Original Cleveland with a light center fold$45 Image
2062-D$201950CD54748607BAU+(F)Consec. pair of near uncirculated for$80 Image
2062-G$201950CG35183335CGEM(F)Each or consec pair for $105$60 Image
2062-G$201950CG35183336CGEM(F)Each or consec pair for $105$60 Image
2062-I$201950CI27032183AEF/AUThe lowest printing on this series$40 Image
2062-I$201950CI31131179ACCU(VF)A nicely numbered group on the lowest issue for the series$65 Image
2062-I$201950CI31131180ACCU(VF)Only 6.48 mill printed$65 Image
2062-I$201950CI31131181ACCU(VF)On these fresh Minneapolis notes.$75 Image
2063-C*$201950DC02837494*Ch/AU+(F)Extra margin on the right of this Gem note that suffers one corner bend in the lower right$120 Image
2063-H$201950DH86545752-54AGEM(F+)One jumbo margin, consec. pr. $135 or ea.$75 Image
2064-L$201950EL27549252DGEM(VF)TPG perfection and we have some PMG certified notes in stock. I figured these last two raw Gems to go 66, they are the last raw notes I have stashed from a half pack I split 6 years ago.SOLDNEW
2064-L$201950EL27549283DGEM(VF)TPG perfection and we have some PMG certified notes in stock$195NEW
2064-L$201950EL27549256DSGEM(VF)The last PMG 67 sold for $489, PMG 66 $209$295 Image
2066-D*$201963AD00723782*CCU(F)A difficult star even for type$140 Image
2069-B$201969BB94691192BVFSlightly circulated difficult series$50 Image
2071-H$201974H00287792BVF+First run Ex Crabb$39 Image
2071-H$201974H33222233BGEM(F)Super repeater radar Ex Crabb. I am not known for fancy serial numbers but I like Mike and can't imagine where I will find this great St. Louis district material again!$195 Image
2071-I$201974I49335437AGEM(VF)One unimprovable Minneapolis note$70 Image
2072-C$201977C06974638AVFFirst digit is way out of alignment$45 Image
2073-D*$201981D00089131*AU(F)You just never see this era of star and this one with a nice lower number, original near Unc.SOLD Image
2073-F$201981F18697150BCh/AU(VF)Light handling only and very hard to see$45 Image
2073-L$201981L52724436ACCU(F)Gem if not for one light corner bump but easily Choice.$60 Image
2074-L*$201981AL02122596*VF+Only issued stars on 3 districts for this series. Scarce$45 Image
2075-C*$201985C01659388*CCU(VF)Scarce to rare with corner bumps that will likely be smoothed out and then submitted to TPG for a 67 at some point. Hence the reason I have it priced fairly but firm.$125 Image
2075-G*$201985G02261808*GEM(F+)Exceedingly scarce series in a star on any district$110 Image
2075-H$201985H98888889ASGEM(VF)Ex Crabb, I paid and am asking a fortune for these near solid 8s with 9s, super radarsSOLD Image
2075-H$201985H18888881BGEM(VF)Ex Crabb, another super radar with lots of eights$325 Image
2075-I$201985I8041204&207AGEM(VF)I found a nice small run locally and all four are well centered beauties$70 Image
2075-J*$201985J00318319*VF+Can't believe this hasn't sold, make me an offer$45 Image
2075-L*$201985L00220158*AU(VF)Only one Gem in the PMG census, no others graded!$60 Image
2076-H$201988AH00111100ACCU(VF)A small magin bump on the bottom from Gem on this great binary radar$175 Image
2076-L$201988AL54595793FGEM(VF)Just never see 'em. Only one available$75 Image
2077-B$201990B17359361-58GGEM(VF)The security strip started with this series$50 Image
2077-H$201990H22288222AGEM(VF)DC Another great serial super radar repeater Ex Crabb$165 Image
2078-I*$201990I03453401*GEM(VF)FW Star on Minneapolis I am too lazy to certify.SOLDNEW
2079-A*$201993A02493129*GEM(VF)The last DC star I have on the Boston district$100 Image
2079-D$201993D61005636-48CGEM(VF)DC three to chose from #36, 46 and 48SOLD Image
2079-E$201993E85922125&50EGEM(VF)DC Of the original four in this group we have # 125 and 150 remaining$40 Image
2079-H$201993H37777773BCCU(VF)Superb Gem Ex Crabb super radar that has a minscule ink spot the size of a flyspeck of pooh in the lower right corner.$295 Image
2080-L*$201993L06503255*GEM(VF)FW San Fran starSOLD Image
2080-L*$201993L06503252*GEM(VF)FW San Fran star$65 Image
2082-H$201995H94444449AGEM(VF)FW I like fours as my 44th year was a good one. Ex Crabb$175 Image
2083-A*$201996AA06506609*CU(A)DC Centered high with a corner bump$45 Image
2083-E$201996AE41802830AGEM(VF)DC Richmond$40 Image
2084-L$201996AL21666612JGEM(VF)FW neat radar$85 Image
2084-L$201996AL21666621JGEM(VF)FW near radar$50 Image
2084-L$201996AL21666666JGEM(F)Neat number with six trailing sixes$55 Image
2084-L*$201996AL05493349-52*GEM(VF)FW San Francisco Star in "Big Head" perfection$65 Image
2085-B*$201999BB04080459*GEM(VF)2nd run NY StarSOLDNEW
2088-F$202001CF33412705-06DGEM(VF)FW AtlantaSOLD Image
2091-A$202004AGA44442444AGEM(VF)DC I have never had so many fancies before$100no image
2093-C$202006IC44449444ACH/AU+DC Lots of fours, our scanner will not scan these colorized notes$75no image
2093-C$202006IC44448444ACH/AU+DC Near radar fours$75no image
2093-C$202006IC44445444ACH/AU+DC Near radar fours$75no image
2093-E$202006IE68419327-30DGEM(VF)DC SOI 327-330, appears all FW were old intaglio and only DC issues from the SUPER ORLOFF INTAGLIO PRESS TEST NOTES. I have yet to hear much of anything from the BEP on these notes.$40no image
2094-F$202006IF20721491-7GGEM(VF)FW 855,491-497$35no image
2094-L$202006IL23422266-77FGEM(VF)FW the two digit endings 66 & 77 are $38 or each for the more usual number..$33no image
2094-L$202006IL80818202CCCU(F)FW only one available$35no image
2095-G$202009JG29728157-8CGEM(VF)SOI DC only three available$35no image
$50 FRNs
2100-G$501928G02265456AAU(VF)Gorgeous original with blazing white paper. Reasonable due to the partial teller stamp on the back, an increasingly popular but scarce type note of late$275 Image
2100-L$501928L00408126AEF/AUThree wallet folds but the center does break the paper, a 45EPQ note in the raw with great originality, color and embossing.SOLD Image
2103-H$501934AH01006383ACh/AU(F)St. Louis, scarce and original, all 34A Fifty FRNs are mules. When I researched this district in Winter-Spring '11 there were 2 in the PMG census and the highest is a Choice AUSOLD Image
2105-I$501934CI00743210AVF+/EFWouldn't surprise me if this goes a full EFEPQ at PMG as there are no definite folds, just some light handling and light bends. Extremely scarce as there are only 2 in the PMG census currently and this would easily make a close third finest with a 45Q and 58Q finer (1/15), price is firm as I can't recall ever having one.SOLD Image
2108-D*$501950AD00360049*VFBetter series but type star$115 Image
2108-E$501950AE05375094ACCU(F)All of these notes have the overprint shifted to the right$130 Image
2108-E$501950AE05375095ACCU(F)The district number 5 marker is into the design on the right$130 Image
2108-E$501950AE05375096ACCU(F)But I don't consider this an error just fresh original notes on a better district$130 Image
2109-G*$501950BG00660009*VF+/EFNeat serial number that could easily grade EF EPQ and looks nicerSOLD Image
2109-L$501950BL06128883AGEM(F)A more available series in general$165 Image
2111-H*$501950DH00805854*AU+(A)Shifted so far to the right it is nearly and error. Very scarce and I have had the four known of late, three in PMG holders with one remaining now, and this lone raw note. The others all graded 58$195 Image
2112-L*$501950EL01008171*VFCheap but scarce L* on this popular, last 1950 series. There are only six recorded sales in Track & Price with the most recent a 35EPQ for $411 HA/13. This would grade 30 with a spot.SOLD Image
2115-B*$501969AB00809376*EFA more difficult series star w/ red ink # on back$110 Image
2115-B*$501969AB00809377*EFSame red ink on back but these are very difficult for type$110 Image
2117-H$501969CH00919335AGEM(VF)Superb or nearly so like the #339 sold Ebay $325 11/13. I believe little on ebay and have found it utterly useless for seeking reliable market data. Few records in the auctions if any.SOLD Image
2119-G*$501977G14713985*VF++A very fresh and crisp 35EPQ quality note that is rarely seen on Chicago in CU or better and this happens to be a Star.$95 Image
2120-D$501981D01764547AGEM(VF)PMGable gems on Cleveland, also end numbers 562-63$125 Image
2120-J*$501981J00276495*VFA nice VF and quite affordable as the only type star for the series.$95 Image
2121-B*$501981AB03072237*VF+A much more difficult Star to find on any of the three issueing districts$110 Image
2121-L*$501981AL00325058*VG/FLooks better but has a half inch tear and some soil. Scarce series in any star and priced to sell$85 Image
2122-G$501985G01665938-40BCCU-(F+)Only Chicago and Cleveland seem to have turned up on this often overlooked era.$80 Image
2122-G$501985G01665929-36BCCU+(VF)You could press out the light paper clip depression on any of these and they would 65 but why bother as they are gorgeous as is.$90 Image
2123-B$501988B42324201AAU/CU(VF)As a pair $175 but this rarely seen series will sell as singles anyway$90 Image
2123-B$501988B42324239-40AAU/CU(VF)A couple of nice pairs offered just in case.$90 Image
2123-B$501988B42324223-26ASGEM(VF)I am sure I sent a few to PMG, as the quality is outstanding, and only have 2 pairs I will sell for $235 or individually..$125 Image
2123-G$501988G44637995AGEM(F+)A single on Chicago, infrequently offered with rip through the paper embossing like I have never seen on a modern issue!!!!!SOLD Image
2124-B$501990B67071576BGEM(VF)GEM BB block. Only one..SOLD Image
2124-B*$501990B02708334-40*GEM(VF)Gorgeous Gems raw or certified available$110 Image
2124-B*$501990B02708344*GEM(VF)Gorgeous Gems raw or certified available$110 Image
2124-D$501990D31005945-8AGEM(F)Cleveland districts just a smidge low on the centering, # ending 45-46 and 68$80 Image
2124-I$501990I03159158AGEM(F)Minneapolis that will grade 64EPQ due to the slight shift up, with great embossing as expected$105 Image
2124-J*$501990J00796877*VF/EF$115 Image
2124-L$501990L70876933-37AGEM(VF)San Frnacisco consecutive pair $170$90 Image
2125-B$501993B06207918-9DGEM(F)One consec. pr. $155 or each for$80 Image
2125-D*$501993D01060451-53*GEM(F)Consecutive Star pair $210 or each$110 Image
2125-D*$501993D01060446-7*GEM(VF)Consecutive Star pair $230 or each$125 Image
2125-J$501993J10265378ACCU(VF)Will likely 65EPQ, only one available$100 Image
2126-B*$501996AB06190357*Ch/AU(F+)Slider type star and the only one usually available..$75 Image
2126-J*$501996AJ00376638*EF/AUSlightly circulated KC, Big Head star$80 Image
2131-I$502009JI06662991-7AGEM(VF)FW A small group with a few consecutives, these will not scan but are perfectly centered$80no image
$100 FRNs
2152-G$1001934G01165908ACCU(F)DGS Near the start of the DGS so still some yellow in the seal which makes this depression era more attractive than most DGSs.$195NEW
2153m-B*$1001934AB00150758*F+/VFPinholes and margin soiling on this affordable mule star$195 Image
2153-J$1001934AJ00867035ACH/EFMule K.C. and a new low observed 9th ed.$175 Image
2153-L$1001934AL06132499AAU(F)VF+/EF S.F. and a new high number observed$175 Image
2154-E$1001934BE05286091AVFScarce Richmond district and series, honest wear$185 Image
2154-F$1001934BF03948812AEFAtlanta mule as all 34B and 34Cs are mules$225 Image
2155-E$1001934CE05995482AVFMule Richmond, 34B,C & D all have small printings, look how close the two EA blocks are on 34B and 34C series.$160 Image
2155-J$1001934CJ02792078AAU+(VF)Mule as they all are. This district and Chicagor are the only districts which show up with any frequency.$235 Image
2155-L$1001934CL07737414AAUScarce San Fran issue, pressed with a few areas where 'pulls' have removed paper and engraving on the face$160 Image
2157-J*$1001950J00015482*VFScarce KC Star with only a small ink tick on the face, otherwise choice$250 Image
2158-E*$1001950AE00162733*Ch/AU+(VF)Only slight handling and a horizontal bend from Gem. Great embossing and centering and the fresh beauty that is often squashed flat to fool the untrained eye into believing it is Gem. In my opinion all pressed notes are really AU at best.$345 Image
2159-I*$1001950BI00353831*VF/EFA high end circ Minny Star that is about the only available one in any of the 1950 series.SOLD Image
2161-I$1001950DI01351481AAU(F)A staple scratch across the top of Franklin's head to the upper center margin$145 Image
2162-G$1001950EG14180861AVF/EFChicago is the most difficult in high denoms.SOLD Image
2163-B*$1001963AB00364020*AU(VF)NY type Star, fresh and originalSOLD Image
2163H*$1001963AH00123066*EF/AUSt. Louis Star with a c-fold and some handling$175 Image
2166-H$1001969CH05810679AGEM(VF)St. Louis PerfectionSOLD Image
2166-H$1001969CH05810685AGEM(VF)I had a small run but this is one of the only available districts for type$195 Image
2167-D*$1001974D00404045*VF+Original honestly circulated D* that is quite scarce and sports a neat serial numberSOLD Image
2167-I*$1001974I00381857-58*VF+A consecutive pair of I*s in VF 35, one has a 1/4" tear in the left margin but the other is a 35EPQ that must have been put away then badly treated. Fresh crisp paper with ample embossing and no hard folds$450 Image
2168-E$1001977E02098548AGEM(F)Paid more in a hotter market 10 years agoSOLD Image
2171-I$1001985I07326000AEF/AUOffer me something over face and I will take it$140 Image
2171-J*$1001985J01090998*CH/AU(VF)A scarce star type in a very original and attractive lightly centerfolded KC*SOLDNEW
2173-B$1001990B52746982ECCU(F+)Only one available on this most common district$150 Image
2173-B*$1001990B01726152*CCU(F+)Only this one NY* from Otto B's collection RIP OTTO.$200 Image
2173-D$1001990D60224002AGEM(VF)Consec. pr. $300 or each$165 Image
2173-D$1001990D60224003AGEM(VF)With security strip and micro printing$165 Image
2173-E$1001990E85117266AGEM(VF)Consec. pr. $300 or each$165 Image
2173-E$1001990E85117265AGEM(VF)The BEP was really on the ball with 1990-95$165 Image
2173-E$1001990E85117277AGEM(VF)being near perfect, these are all superb$165 Image
2173-H$1001990H36919177AAU(VF)Close to face so very affordableSOLD Image
2173-I$1001990I10140368ACU(F+)Ditto$140 Image
2173-I$1001990I47989938ACCU(VF)One with a slight bump$160 Image
2173-I$1001990I46113853AGEM(VF)These are all Superb$175 Image
2173-I$1001990I46113854AGEM(VF)These are all Superb$175 Image
2173-J*$1001990J00247268*CH/AU(VF)One center fold AU with what appears to be a strange cutting error on the left.$225NEW
2174-C*$1001993C00830879-885*GEM(VF)One consecutive pair $425 or each$225 Image
2174-H*$1001993H02489539-8*GEM(VF)Per consecutive pair $425 or each$225 Image
2174-I$1001993I03021945-48AGEM(VF)Great year end notes and each near perfect for a very reasonable price (#1945 & 1949 SOLD, many 1950's-60's thru 80s dates available)$175 Image
2175-B*$1001996AB00579376-80*GEM(F+)DC First Year Big Head Stars all will grade 64Q but cheap! Each..$150 Image
2175-E*$1001996AE00002406-7*GEM(VF)DC Four digit Big Head Richmond Stars $395 for the pair or each$225 Image
2178-B*$1002003DB04672586-90*CCU+(VF)A small fresh run just recently sold me..50/50 on 64/65 grade$150 Image
2178-K*$1002003DK00413462*GEM(F)Very close to TPG 65$165 Image
2178-K*$1002003DK00413463*GEM(F)Big Head Texas district Stars$165 Image
2178-K*$1002003DK00413464*GEM(F)Consec. pr. $300 or each$165 Image
2178-K*$1002003DK00413465*GEM(F)Consec. pr. $300 or each, face plate#1$165 Image
2180-E$1002006HE09597599-0CGEM(VF)DC I only have these two in this block$145 Image
2180-E$1002006HE50473130-1DGEM(VF)DC Another Richmond block, one consec. Pair each at$135 Image
2180-J$1002006HJ84244203-4AGEM(VF)DC One KC consec pair 03-04$140 Image
2182-K$1002006AKK44834651-4AGEM(VF)DC This strange issue has the same signatures as above, see New + Updates and the SPMC blog for more information. The embossing on these is the strongest I have ever seen on a small size issue and are close to tearing through the paper.$140 Image
2187-C*$1002009ALC00488160-1*GEM(VF)FW a pair of conscutives for $265 or each $145$145no image
2187-G*$1002009ALG04629428-31*GEM(F)FW a pair of conscutives for $265 or each $145$140no image
2187-H$1002009ALH23761392AGEM(VF)FW & LA03020287A each..$140no image
2187-I$1002009ALI14992888-89ASGEMFW One Superb Gem pair$275no image
2187-I$1002009ALI14992892-3ASGEMFW Superb Minneapolis each$145no image
2187-L*$1002009ALL04033881-90*GEM(VF)FW SF Stars which you can find on my Certified list as well for a bit more.$155no image