Uncertified $1-$2 FRN

$1 FRNs
1900$11963AA-LACCU(F)Or better, 12 pc. District set WANTEDSOLD
1900*$11963A*-L*CCU(F)Or better 12 pc. District Star setWANTED
1900-A$11963A(various)AGEM(VF)Perfect 'mule' plates 432$10
1900-A*$11963A00005518*GEM(F+)"Mule" back plate 445$25
1900-B$11963B(various)ACCU(F)or better "mule" bp 439 & 406$9
1900-B$11963B06176302BGEM(VF)back plate 476 one perfect note available$12NEW
1900-B$11963B01217700CCCU(VF)back plate 524 one near perfect note available$130NEW
1900-C$11963C09941161-74AGEM(VF)or better bp 451$7
1900-D$11963D13892083-5AGEM(VF)or better bp 449$6
1900-D$11963D03915324AGEM(VF)or better 'mule' bp 441$8
1900-D$11963D06813753BEFOriginal and scarce$45NEW
1900-D$11963D01480100BCCU(F)A scarcer block$125NEW
1900-D*$11963D04008110*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1900-E$11963E18450131-5ACCU(VF)CCU(VF) or better$6
1900-F$11963F05564913-6ACCU(F)"Mule" back plate 441 with one bumped corner$6
1900-G$11963G696458533-6ACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1900-H$11963H02832028-42AGEM(VF)Bp 446,435,429 'mules'$7
1900-H$11963H31402781-4AGEM(VF)Back plate 456$6
1900-I$11963I07892002-5ACCU(F)or better non mule$6
1900-I$11963I00314533-40ACCU(F)or better mule Bp 429 or 442$6
1900-I$11963I00004479AGEM(VF)Mule' 429 shared backs with 57B Silvers, pr $25 or ea.$15
1900-I*$11963I00299022*GEM(VF)Bp 432 'mules'$18
1900-I*$11963I00299018-20*GEM(VF)Bp 432 'mules' .$18
1900-I*$11963I00299077-99*GEM(VF)"Mule" Bp 432 5 for $75, or ea.$18
1900-I*$11963I01317002-100*CCU(F)or better 10 for $100 or each..$12
1900-J$11963J12446689-93AGEM(VF)Non mules$6
1900-L$11963L03977617-20ACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1901$11963AAA-LFCCU(F)Complete Block Set with all Stars and non star blocks that would cost $600 if purchased singly, 69 pcs with over half Gems for…$395
1901$11963AA-LCCU(F)or better, complete 12PC District Set$65NEW
1901-B$11963ABA,BE,BF,BGCCU(F)BA trip 888 ending Gem$7
1901-C$11963ACCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better, one Gem $7$6
1901-D$11963AD25025025BGEM(VF)J25025025B matched set, or each at $60$100NEW
1901-D$11963ADBGEM(VF)only one available$6
1901-D*$11963AD*CCU(F)Consecutive pairs of Gems $16 or ten for $65$8
1901-D*$11963AD09751455-95*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better $8 or Gems$10
1901-E*$11963AE*CCU(F)or better, only one available$10
1901-G$11963AEE,EF,FE,GDCCU(F)CCU(F) or better FF,FG,GE,GF,GG,GH each..$6
1901-H$11963AHACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1901-H$11963AHCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1901-I$11963AI00000125ACCU(F)Low number on Minneapolis$75NEW
1901-I$11963AI66009922ACCU(F)Neat #'s 62200221-224-223 $10 each, 66009922,33,44,88 each$15
1901-I$11963AI35034444ACCU(F)Neat #'s 33608888, 48091111, your choice$20
1901-I$11963AI61-91milACCU(F)CCU(F) or better trip endings 0-1-3-4-5-7-999 ea,$8
1901-I$11963AI00108800BCCU(F)CCU(F) or better and the first order gets this fancy number$22
1901-I*$11963AI00051900*CCU(F)GEM(VF) $10 ,I0103….*$9
1901-J$11963AJA,IACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1901-J$11963AJ23333330BCCU(F)3330-3339, six threes in the middle each$15
1901-J$11963AJ25000000BCU+(F)Close to VF centering on this 25 million, fancy serial numberSOLDNEW
1901-J*$11963AJ07966112-3*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1901-L$11963ALD,LE,LFCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1902$11963BALLCCU(F)Complete Non Star Block Set with NO Stars 9 pcs in a 1950-60's three ring binder with safe pages.$70
1902$11963BB-LCCU(F)District Set of 5 districts issued$35
1902$11963BB-LCCU(F)District Set of 5 districts issued with last two digits matching #36 thru 50 to chose from$40
1902-B$11963BBGCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1902-B$11963BBHCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1902-B*$11963BB51181819-21*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$20
1902-E$11963BE39230001F-100FGEM(F)Pack of 100 E39230001F-100F with band$425NEW
1902-E$11963BEFCCU(F)CCU(F) or better 10 consecutive $50$6
1902-G$11963BGHCCU(F)CCU(F) or better 10 consecutive $55$7
1902-G*$11963BG*GEM(F+)1st run star$22
1902-J$11963BJCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$7
1902-L$11963BLFCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1902-L$11963BLGCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1903$11969A thru LCCU(F)CCU(F) or better set 12 pcsWANTED
1903*$11969A* thru L*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better Star set 12 pcs$125
1903-A*$11969A02967126-7*Gem(VF)One CCU(F) $9, Gem(VF) or better$12NEW
1903-C*$11969C00033212*Gem(VF)Trip zero start$12
1903-D*$11969D*Gem(VF)Only one$10
1903-E*$11969E*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better, only one available$10
1903-F*$11969F*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better, Ditto$10
1903-B$11969BB,BC,DB,EBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better each$6
1903-E$11969EC,FBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better each$6
1903-G$11969GA,GB,GC,GDCCU(F)CCU(F) or better, each$6
1903-H$11969HACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1903-H*$11969H*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1903-I*$11969I*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better, one AU/CU $14$25
1903-J$11969JACCU(F)CCU(F) or better each$6
1903-J*$11969J*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1903-K$11969KACCU(F)CCU(F) or better with Apollo 11 stick-on$9
1903-L$11969LA,LCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$7
1903-L*$11969L*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1904A-L$11969AA9979A-LCCCU(F)District set 12 pcs with the scarce AA for Boston$85
1904A-L$11969AA9973A-L..300CGEM(F+)Complete block set of 20 pcs with the scarce AA for Boston all ending in #300 but the E800D, numerous Gems and need numbers$105NEW
1904A-L$11969AA99..45A-L..245CGEM(F+)Complete block set of 20 pcs with the scarce AA for Boston all ending in #45 but the HB, mostly Gems and some fancy numbers.$95NEW
1904A*-L*$11969AA..300*-L..900*CCU(F)Star District set 12 pcs all ending in #00, CU+ to GEMSOLDWANTED
1904A*-L*$11969AA..545*-L..545*CCU(F)Star District set 12 pcs all ending in #545, but two, 745 and 845. #45 ending set and nearly a 3 digit matched end number set. Difficult to duplicate.WANTEDNEW
1904-A$11969AA99439901-98ACCU(F) AU(F) $6, CCU(F) or better $15, GEM(VF)$20
1904-A$11969AA00006335BCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$19
1904-B$11969AAB,BD,CB,ED,CCU(F)CCU(F) or better, only one of each block$6
1904-G$11969AFC,GE,HB,JBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better, only one of each block$6
1904-G*$11969AG13256225-226*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1904-L$11969ALCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1905$11969BAA-LACCU(F)District set 12 pcs$75
1905-A*$11969BA000…..*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1905-B$11969BBA,BB,BC,BDCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1905-B*$11969BB*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better most would grade Gem$10