Uncertified $1-$2 FRN

$1 FRNs
1900$11963AA-LACCU(F)Or better, 12 pc. District set WANTEDSOLD
1900*$11963A*-L*CCU(F)Or better 12 pc. District Star setWANTED
1900-A$11963A(various)AGEM(VF)Perfect 'mule' plates 432$10
1900-A*$11963A00005518*GEM(F+)"Mule" back plate 445$25
1900-B$11963B(various)ACCU(F)or better "mule" bp 439 & 406$9
1900-B$11963B06176302BGEM(VF)back plate 476 one perfect note available$12NEW
1900-B$11963B01217700CCCU(VF)back plate 524 one near perfect note available$130NEW
1900-C$11963C09941161-74AGEM(VF)or better bp 451$7
1900-D$11963D13892083-5AGEM(VF)or better bp 449$6
1900-D$11963D03915324AGEM(VF)or better 'mule' bp 441$8
1900-D$11963D06813753BEFOriginal and scarce$45NEW
1900-D$11963D01480100BCCU(F)A scarcer block$125NEW
1900-D*$11963D04008110*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1900-E$11963E18450131-5ACCU(VF)CCU(VF) or better$6
1900-F$11963F05564913-6ACCU(F)"Mule" back plate 441 with one bumped corner$6
1900-G$11963G696458533-6ACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1900-H$11963H02832028-42AGEM(VF)Bp 446,435,429 'mules'$7
1900-H$11963H31402781-4AGEM(VF)Back plate 456$6
1900-I$11963I07892002-5ACCU(F)or better non mule$6
1900-I$11963I00314533-40ACCU(F)or better mule Bp 429 or 442$6
1900-I$11963I00004479AGEM(VF)Mule' 429 shared backs with 57B Silvers, pr $25 or ea.$15
1900-I*$11963I00299022*GEM(VF)Bp 432 'mules'$18
1900-I*$11963I00299018-20*GEM(VF)Bp 432 'mules' .$18
1900-I*$11963I00299077-99*GEM(VF)"Mule" Bp 432 5 for $75, or ea.$18
1900-I*$11963I01317002-100*CCU(F)or better 10 for $100 or each..$12
1900-J$11963J12446689-93AGEM(VF)Non mules$6
1900-L$11963L03977617-20ACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1901$11963AAA-LFCCU(F)Complete Block Set with all Stars and non star blocks that would cost $600 if purchased singly, 69 pcs with over half Gems for…$395
1901$11963AA-LCCU(F)or better, complete 12PC District Set$65NEW
1901-B$11963ABA,BE,BF,BGCCU(F)BA trip 888 ending Gem$7
1901-C$11963ACCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better, one Gem $7$6
1901-D$11963AD25025025BGEM(VF)J25025025B matched set, or each at $60$100NEW
1901-D$11963ADBGEM(VF)only one available$6
1901-D*$11963AD*CCU(F)Consecutive pairs of Gems $16 or ten for $65$8
1901-D*$11963AD09751455-95*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better $8 or Gems$10
1901-E*$11963AE*CCU(F)or better, only one available$10
1901-G$11963AEE,EF,FE,GDCCU(F)CCU(F) or better FF,FG,GE,GF,GG,GH each..$6
1901-H$11963AHACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1901-H$11963AHCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1901-I$11963AI00000125ACCU(F)Low number on Minneapolis$75NEW
1901-I$11963AI66009922ACCU(F)Neat #'s 62200221-224-223 $10 each, 66009922,33,44,88 each$15
1901-I$11963AI35034444ACCU(F)Neat #'s 33608888, 48091111, your choice$20
1901-I$11963AI61-91milACCU(F)CCU(F) or better trip endings 0-1-3-4-5-7-999 ea,$8
1901-I$11963AI00108800BCCU(F)CCU(F) or better and the first order gets this fancy number$22
1901-I*$11963AI00051900*CCU(F)GEM(VF) $10 ,I0103….*$9
1901-J$11963AJA,IACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1901-J$11963AJ23333330BCCU(F)3330-3339, six threes in the middle each$15
1901-J$11963AJ25000000BCU+(F)Close to VF centering on this 25 million, fancy serial numberSOLDNEW
1901-J*$11963AJ07966112-3*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1901-L$11963ALD,LE,LFCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1902$11963BALLCCU(F)Complete Non Star Block Set with NO Stars 9 pcs in a 1950-60's three ring binder with safe pages.$70
1902$11963BB-LCCU(F)District Set of 5 districts issued$35
1902$11963BB-LCCU(F)District Set of 5 districts issued with last two digits matching #36 thru 50 to chose from$40
1902-B$11963BBGCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1902-B$11963BBHCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1902-B*$11963BB51181819-21*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$20
1902-E$11963BE39230001F-100FGEM(F)Pack of 100 E39230001F-100F with band$425NEW
1902-E$11963BEFCCU(F)CCU(F) or better 10 consecutive $50$6
1902-G$11963BGHCCU(F)CCU(F) or better 10 consecutive $55$7
1902-G*$11963BG*GEM(F+)1st run star$22
1902-J$11963BJCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$7
1902-L$11963BLFCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1902-L$11963BLGCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1903$11969A thru LCCU(F)CCU(F) or better set 12 pcsWANTED
1903*$11969A* thru L*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better Star set 12 pcs$125
1903-A*$11969A02967126-7*Gem(VF)One CCU(F) $9, Gem(VF) or better$12NEW
1903-C*$11969C00033212*Gem(VF)Trip zero start$12
1903-D*$11969D*Gem(VF)Only one$10
1903-E*$11969E*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better, only one available$10
1903-F*$11969F*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better, Ditto$10
1903-B$11969BB,BC,DB,EBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better each$6
1903-E$11969EC,FBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better each$6
1903-G$11969GA,GB,GC,GDCCU(F)CCU(F) or better, each$6
1903-H$11969HACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1903-H*$11969H*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1903-I*$11969I*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better, one AU/CU $14$25
1903-J$11969JACCU(F)CCU(F) or better each$6
1903-J*$11969J*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1903-K$11969KACCU(F)CCU(F) or better with Apollo 11 stick-on$9
1903-L$11969LA,LCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$7
1903-L*$11969L*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1904A-L$11969AA9979A-LCCCU(F)District set 12 pcs with the scarce AA for Boston$85
1904A-L$11969AA9973A-L..300CGEM(F+)Complete block set of 20 pcs with the scarce AA for Boston all ending in #300 but the E800D, numerous Gems and need numbers$105NEW
1904A-L$11969AA99..45A-L..245CGEM(F+)Complete block set of 20 pcs with the scarce AA for Boston all ending in #45 but the HB, mostly Gems and some fancy numbers.$95NEW
1904A*-L*$11969AA..300*-L..900*CCU(F)Star District set 12 pcs all ending in #00, CU+ to GEMSOLDWANTED
1904A*-L*$11969AA..545*-L..545*CCU(F)Star District set 12 pcs all ending in #545, but two, 745 and 845. #45 ending set and nearly a 3 digit matched end number set. Difficult to duplicate.WANTEDNEW
1904-A$11969AA99439901-98ACCU(F) AU(F) $6, CCU(F) or better $15, GEM(VF)$20
1904-A$11969AA00006335BCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$19
1904-B$11969AAB,BD,CB,ED,CCU(F)CCU(F) or better, only one of each block$6
1904-G$11969AFC,GE,HB,JBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better, only one of each block$6
1904-G*$11969AG13256225-226*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1904-L$11969ALCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1905$11969BAA-LACCU(F)District set 12 pcs$75
1905-A*$11969BA000…..*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1905-B$11969BBA,BB,BC,BDCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1905-B*$11969BB*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better most would grade Gem$10
1905-C*$11969BC*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1905-C$11969BC00001335BCCU(F)Numbers 1435,1535,1735,1835 each$20
1905-D$11969BD00009110ACCU(F)CCU(F) or betterSOLD
1905-E*$11969BE00075267-8*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1905-F*$11969BF*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1905$11969BCB,EB,FB,GA,GBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1905-G$11969BG01539706CGem(VF)ONLY ONE$15
1905-G*$11969BG*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better Gemmy$10
1905-L$11969BLCGem(VF)ONE ONLY$10
1905$11969BHA,KB,LBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1905-H*$11969BH*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1905-J*$11969BJ00093767-8*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1905-K*$11969BK*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1905-L$11969BLACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1905-L*$11969BL00042267-8*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1906$11969CBD-LDCCU(F)16 piece complete district block set$100
1906$11969CB..300D-L300DCCU(F)16 piece complete district block set matched end #300$115NEW
1906*$11969CD.300* - K100*GEM(F)Eight piece set of Stars missing the L*, listed separately below as it did not end in 00. All end in 300* but the K100*, at least 75% Gems.$150NEW
1906*$11969CD* THRU L*GEM(F)Nine piece district set of Stars. The I*, J* & L* are around 64Q if certified with the rest all being Gem and at least one Superb Gem.$350
1906*$11969CD* THRU L*GEM(F)Nine piece district set of Stars. The L* is a 64Q if certified which is the average grade throughout this popular and difficult Star set.$450
1906-D$11969CD02602699BGem(VF)ONE ONLY$10
1906-D*$11969CD04920267*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$35
1906-E*$11969CE04147922*CCU(F)Richmond Star$50NEW
1906-F*$11969CF04602267-8*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$30
1906-G*$11969CG05561332*GEM(VF)Chicago Star$29
1906-G*$11969CG04688878*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$25
1906$11969CEC,FC,GD,HAGEM(VF)Mostly GEM(VF) and one JC, LC & LD each..$9NEW
1906-I$11969CI46751111ACCU(F)CCU(F) or betterSOLD
1906-I*$11969CI03674642-3*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$35
1906-J$11969CJ03767099BGem(VF)Really superb$15
1906-J*$11969CJ03458268-9*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$30
1906-K*$11969CK05298567*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$39
1906-K*$11969CK05192462*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$39
1906-L*$11969CL07810729*GEM(VF)Would slab 65/66 at PMG which I have on the certified list already, so one for those with an alergy to plastic$250NEW
1907$11969DAA-LACCU(F)District set 12 pcs with matching end #29$75
1907$11969DAB-LBCCU(F)District set 12 pcs CCU(F) or better, all but two are b-suffix, IA and FC$65
1907$11969DAA-LEGEM(F)or better complete REGULAR block set of 36 all ending in #22, some better #'s-G00444222C NO STARS$175NEW
1907*$11969DA*-L*GEM(F)Mostly GEMs in the complete District set of Stars. All end in #22 but the A00084964*. Includes C00052722*-H0006592*SOLDSOLD
1907-A$11969DA00000636ACCU(F)and #736 each$25
1907-A-J$11969DAA-JBGEM(VF)With neat s#'s: D37762222B;E27482222B;F70662222D;G25551222B;I33202222A;I66522222A;J33672222A & J25992222B All ten pieces ending with 222 or 2222 $50 or eachSOLDNEW
1907-B*$11969DB01804446*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1907-B$11969DBC,BD,BECCU(F)or better, only one available, each..$7
1907-C$11969DC00001335ACCU(F)And Nos. 1835,1735,1935,6152,6153,6335,6635 each$20
1907-C$11969DCC,CBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$7
1907-D$11969DDACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$7
1907-E$11969DEA,EC,EDCCU(F)CCU(F) or better each$7
1907-E$11969DE33333383BCCU(F)Great near solid threes$89
1907-F$11969DFA,FB,FC,FD,FBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better each$7
1907-G$11969DGA,GB,GD,GCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better each$7
1907-H$11969DHA,HBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$7
1907-I$11969DI39270000ACCU(F)41940000 & 74280000 each$15
1907-J$11969DJ00036846*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1907-J*$11969DJ00255567-869*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$9
1907-K$11969DK77788388ACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1907-K*$11969DK00697490-344*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$9
1907-L$11969DLA,LB,LC,LDCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$7
1907-L$11969DL00546740EGem(VF)SUPERB EVEN scarce block$35
1907-L*$11969DL02318746-7*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$9
1908$11974A-LGEM(F)District set 12 pcs all ending in #67 or #76 each..$75
1908$11974A-LCCU(F)District set 12 pcs CCU(F) or better$65
1908-B$11974B68998766-69BGEM(F)GEM(F) or better$4
1908-B*$11974B02515867-8*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1908-C$11974C99965430-5BGEM(F+)On page 86 of R. Azpiazu's very informative book he points out that it is within this series that they began to cease the normal numbering sytstem from 1-99999999. These CBs could have been printed in a normal run, each..$25
1908-C$11974C00001235DGEM(F)On the opposite side of the coin there are the low numbers on a scarcer block$25
1908-C$11974C00001335DGEM(F)1435,1535,1635,1735,1835, better block, each note$20
1908-C$11974C00001925DGEM(F)Great year note on a better block$45NEW
1908-C$11974C00001935DGEM(F)Great year note of the FDR years$35
1908-C$11974C08649076-126DGEM(F)The better block $15 each, 10 consec $120, perfect GEM(VF) pairs $30 or each$18
1908-D$11974D99935141BCCU(F)Mr. Azpiazu's book notes this is the last block to run to 99999999. From this point on the only way to get solid 9s was by purchasing the sheets.$25
1908-F$11974FA,FB,FC,FD GEM(VF)in Gem each$4
1908-F$11974FECCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1908-F$11974F99993496DGEM(F)62 endings, one brick away from the solid 9$25
1908-F*$11974F00923759-7*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1908-G*$11974G00176869-4*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1908-H$11974HACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1908-H$11974HCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1908-L$11974LA,LB,LC,LF,LGCCU(F)LH,CCU(F) or better, the LBs are GEM(VF) ea.$5
1908-L$11974L99857928ECCU(F)CCU(F) or better$25
1909$11977AA-LACCU(F)District set 12 pcs all ending with #51$80
1909$11977AA-LFGEM(F)With most being Gem in this complete, 49 piece, block set. All with matching end #22 with quad and quintuple endings too abundant to list, ie., F68022222A, F06722222D, F36322222F, L03444222F etc.$225NEW
1909*$11977A*-L*GEM(F+)District STAR set 12 pcs all ending with #22 w/ S#C01354322*, F08832222*, H00177722*$145NEW
1909$11977AA-LFGEM(F)With most being Gem in this complete, 49 piece, block set. All with matching end #45 with the JC block ending in 15 as the lone exception. The J45554445B should make up for it. Many Gem(VF)$195NEW
1909*$11977A*-L*GEM(F+)District STAR set 12 pcs all ending with #45$145NEW
1909-C$11977BB,BC,BD,BECCU(F)CC,EC,FD,FE,FF,CCU(F) or better$5
1909-E*$11977E06556134-6*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$9NEW
1909$11977DB-LECCU(F)Or better with some Gems and Fancy S#s all ending with 222; D00191922C; F79022222C; G96…222F; I00095122A; J05152222A; J.222B & L..222E Each…$7NEW
1909-H$11977GB,GD,GE,HA,HBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better,GF$5
1909-H$11977H00000335BCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$30
1909-I$11977I36689646AGEM(F)Near Gem Minny singles$5NEW
1909-I$11977I00224922BCCU(VF)Better block Minny, only one available$25SOLD
1909-J$11977JA, KACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$7
1909-K*$11977K00639645*GEM(VF)256K run Dec. 1977$20NEW
1909-L$11977LC,LD,LE,LFCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1909-L*$11977L04856621*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1909-L*$11977L02336201*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10
1910A*-L*$11977AA* thru L*CCU(F)or better, 10 piece partial district set missing the G* and H* only, The C06759876* is from the better 128,000 run, the B*,E*,J*,K*,L* are all Gems Ask if you wish more than one individually!$125NEW
1910A*-L*$11977AA* thru L*CCU(F)or better with some Gems and Fancy S# A05792222*, G11711122*. District Star Set of 12 all with #22 ending numbers on a scarcer set.SOLDWANTED
1910A-L$11977AAB-LICCU(F)or better. Complete 43pc block set all ending in #22 with many Gems and fancy numbers: E55622222E; J24622222D; L44212222H but no mules.$200NEW
1910-A$11977AAC,AB,AD,BH,BICCU(F)CCU(F) or better,BA,BK…EACH…$5
1910-B*$11977AB12670754*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$12
1910B-L$11977AB02..22J,L.222I CCU(F)F64332222I;K67352222D;K47232222F EA.$6NEW
1910-E*$11977AE01492357-62*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$10NEW
1910-F$11977AEG,FG,FI,FJCCU(F)CCU(F) or better,FH,FI$5
1910-F*$11977AF13646624*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better ONE ONLY$10NEW
1910-G$11977AGG,GH,GICCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1910-H$11977AHCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$4
1910-I*$11977AI03569024*GEM(VF)ONLY ONE 2nd printing$30NEW
1910-J*$11977AJ10432222*CCU(F)ONLY ONESOLDNEW
1910-K$11977AKE-KFCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1910-K$11977AK00974338-593GCCU(F)The scarce 77A backplates 3,4,5,6 Choice AU $40 and Gems$75
1910-K$11977AK00562226-238GCCU(A)The scarce 77A faceplates 2073,2096,2098,2104 with backplates 3,4,5,6 are represented in these two short runs of a few notes each.$69
1910-K*$11977AK07097503-525*CCU(A)nice CCU's but centering is average.$12
1910-L$11977ALG, LI, LFCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$4
1910-L*$11977AL13701865-8*CCU(F)CCU(F) $12, Gem(F) or better$15
1911$11981A-LCCU(F)District set 12 pcs$80
1911$11981A-LGEM(F+)District set 12 pcs mostly gem mules$85
1911$11981A-LGEM(F+)Or better district set 12 pcs All Mules$95
1911$11981A-LGEM(F+)District set 12 pcs$95
1911*$11981A*-L*GEM(F+)STAR District set 12 pcs$300NEW
1911-A$11981A99944662CGem(VF)Gem(VF) Sheet note$20
1911$11981B1927....CCCC(F)or better, B1927..C also, each..$12NEW
1911-A$11981A999909915HGem(VF)Gem(VF) Sheet note$50
1911-C*$11981C01176610*CCU(A)The typical tight top margin which is so odd as all the other districts do come well centered. This note is from the 2nd run of 256K according to RA's book and is priced accordingly.$145NEW
1911$11981AB,AC,BD,BE,BFCCU(F)CCU(F) or better non mule blocks..BG,BH,CC,CD,DB,DC,EC,EF,EG$6NEW
1911-B$11981B99852026HGem(VF)Gem(VF) Sheet note$20
1911-B*$11981B01656094*GEM(VF)Mule back plate 2506$25NEW
1911-C$11981C99994259AGem(VF)Gem(VF) Sheet note$20
1911-C$11981CBCCU(F)M/NM COPS for $35 and one single NM$6
1911-C*$11981C01176610*CCU(F)A single Scarce Philly Star that is shifted up as all I have seen are$145NEW
1911-D*$11981D00422731*CCU(VF)Mule D*$20NEW
1911-E$11981E99977123EGem(VF)Gem(VF) Sheet note mule$20
1911-E$11981E99915026HGem(VF)Gem(VF) Sheet note mule$45
1911-F$11981FCGEM(F)GCU(F) or better Mule/Nonmule COPs $30 or Nonmule singles$5
1911-F$11981FFCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1911-F*$11981F00343698*CCU(F)Mule Atlanta F*$15NEW
1911M$11981AA,BA,BB,BD,..GEM(F)Mules,CB,EA,EB,EC,FA,FB,GA,GB, GC,HA,JA,LB each and I only have one of each of 90% of these blocks!$6NEW
1911-G*$11981G04345895*CCU(F)$15 and GEM(VF) Mule G00482895*$SOLD
1911-H*$11981H00980648*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better$15
1911-J$11981JBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better Mule/Nonmule COP$30
1911-K$11981KBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better Mule$5
1911-K*$11981K00183490-1*GEM(VF)K01144814* also each$15
1911-L$11981LCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better Mule$6
1912*$11981AB*-L*CCU(F)District Star set 5 pcs The K00089784* is Gem(F)$1,750 Image
1912-B*$11981AB15177705*CCU(F)CCU(F) or better, & B02274196* each$18
1912-A$11981AA05901308CGEM(F)only one regular issue AC block$15SOLD
1912-E$11981ABB,BC,HA,EACCU(F)CCU(F) or better Mules,..IA,LA, only one of each$6
1912-E$11981AEE,FE,LECCU(F)CCU(F) or better $5, GEMs-AB,EB,EC,FB,FD,GC,GD,LC-$7
1912-E*$11981AE01114553*GEM(VF)Nearly superb!$25
1912-G$11981AGB-GDCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1912-G*$11981AG*GEM(VF)Only one available & a GEM(F+) G00131486* $15$25
1912-H$11981AHBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better non mules$5
1912-H$11981AH06503152-3BCCU(F)CCU(F) or better Mule/Non Mule COPs pairs$30
1912-I$11981AI99949557BGem(VF)Also 99974557 on the same block which lists in the SSG at $70 but R. Azpiazu lists it as a common block at $5 yet APD is $75 and up? Offered here at less but if they are a common worth only $5 someone please give me a clue and I will at least get my price corrected.$50
1912-K*$11981AK00393830*GEM(F+)The key to the series star set and this K* is all you could ask for in a CCU original note.SOLDImage
1912-L$11981ALACCU(F)CCU(F) or better mules each$6
1912-L$11981ALDCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1912-L$11981ALECCU(F)CCU(F) or better,one left$6
1912-L$11981ALFCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$6
1913$11985AA-LAGEM(F+)District set 12 pcs$75
1913$11985AB-LAGEM(F+)District set 12 pcs$95
1913$11985A999A,B999ACCU(F)CCU(F) or better Sheet notes,D998B,E999A,F999C,H998B,I999A,J999C,L999A,K998A many gems each$18
1913$11985A999B-L999BGEM(F+)District set 12 pcs Sheet note set all with 999,9999, and 998 starts$245
1913*$11985E*-L*CCU(F)District Star set 6 pcs with a Choice AU H* $1100 singly$1,350 Image
1913-A$11985AA,AB,AC,ADGEM(F+)CCU(F) or better$5
1913-A$11985A998BGem(VF)4 Subject sheet with bep folder$39
1913-B$11985BD,BF,BKCCU(F)CCU(F) or better most of these 85's are Gem, BM,BN,BP,BQ each$5
1913-C$11985CA,CB,CDCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1913-C$11985C999CGem(VF)4 Subject sheet w/o bep folder $30, with bep folder$39
1913-C$11985CDCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1913-D$11985D99849340ACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$17
1913-D$11985D99959902BGem(VF)& 99952902 SOLD sheet notes$7
1913-D$11985DB,DCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better ED,EG$5
1913-E$11985E25959525DSGEM(VF)SUPERB GEM FANCY$20NEW
1913-E*$11985E00732027*Gem(VF)or better$15
1913-F$11985F99934578AGEM(VF)Sheet note$15
1913-F$11985F99887024BCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$15
1913-F$11985F998BGem(VF)4 Subject sheet with bep folder$39
1913-F$11985FE, FF, FI...GEM(VF)CCU(F) or better FF,FI,FJ,FM$5
1913-G$11985GA,GE,GF,GEM(VF)All have great centering,GG,GH,GJ,GK each$5
1913-H$11985H99903959AGEM(VF)Sheet note with five 9's$20
1913-H$11985HACCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1913-H*$11985H01690734*CCU(VF)The key to this series and a contender for the most difficult star in the set next to the Star Web but there is much debate which is the rarest of the $1 FRN stars. This note has an end of roll wet paper wrinkle seen on the top margin only. Would likely grade TPG around a 63/64Q. A competitor has an EF for $795.SOLDImage
1913-I$11985IB,ICGem(VF)The IB is $5 and the IC is..$7
1913-I*$11985I00138734*CCU(F)or better and leaning that way$15
1913-J$11985J998BGem(VF)4 Subsheet with bep folder$39
1913-J$11985JCGem(VF)KC district$5
1913-K$11985KB,KDCCU(F)Most are Gems,KE,KF,KG each$5
1913-K$11985KDCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1913-K$11985KECCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1913-K$11985KFCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1913-K$11985KGCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$5
1913-K*$11985K02740835*Gem(VF)DALLAS two 1st run GEMS K01006210*$30
1913-L$11985L999AGem(VF)4 Subsheet with bep folder, w/o folder $25$35
1913-L$11985LD,LG,LIGem(VF)Most are Gems,LK,LN,LQ,LR,LS each$5
1913-L*$11985L01944521*CCU(VF)These 1980's series stars are all much more difficult than all the previous series by far.$15
1914A-L$11988A999A-L9999AGem(VF)Distric set of Sheet Notes all starting with 999 except B which is a regular run number 12 Pcs$185
1914A-L$11988A..200A-L..800FGem(VF)COMPLETE 46 pc. BLOCK set all ending #00 but the HB! A much scarcer series and a feat impossible to duplicate today. Many Gems and Fancy numbers ie, A45870000B, B10707700H,L77717700C.$300NEW
1914A*-L*$11988A..900*-L..100*Gem(VF)INCOMPLETE, 6 pc. Star set matching #00. The F* Key in GEM(VF) as well is listed separately below. If you puchase the F* for $1500 I will toss the rest of these in the deal!$195NEW
1914-A$11988AA-ABGem(VF)Gems each$8
1914-A*$11988A00028737*Gem(VF)Gems with serial numbers running to A00028752*$25NEW
1914-A*$11988A01592800*CCU(VF)Gems with serialgaps and numbers running to A02672620*$20NEW
1914-E$11988EB,ECGem(VF)Gems,ED,EE,EF,EG,EH each$9
1914-F*$11988F00093465*GEM(VF)Has a shot at a 67 but will 66EPQ for sure. The nicest one I have ever had, will be imaged, until then please request and I will send one via email.$1,500 NEW
1914-G$11988GB,GCCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$8
1914-H$11988HACCU(F)CCU(F) or better $9 or H99978300A sheet note in Gem(VF) for$15NEW
1914-H$11988H99939565BGEM(F)GEM(F) or better sheet noteSOLD
1914-J$11988JAGem(VF)CCU(F) or better year endings 1911-12-14$9
1914-J$11988JBCCU(F)CCU(F) or better$9
1914-L$11988LA,LECCU(F)CCU(F) or better, mostly gems each$8
1914-L*$11988L02648425-500*Gem(VF)CCU(VF) $15 each, Gems each$20NEW
1915/16$11988AA-LCCU(F)Or better district set 12 Pcs, mostly gems$85
1915/16$11988AA-LCCU(F)Distric set 12 Pcs ending in matching #270 with low number H00000270B$145
1915/16$11988AA-LCCU(F)Distric set 12 Pcs with mostly #270 ends$85
1915/16$11988AA-LCCU(F)Distric set 12 Pcs all with ending #70$95
1915/16$11988AA-LCCU(F)Distric set 12 Pcs all with ending #38$95
1915/16$11988AA-LCCU(F)Distric set 12 Pcs with mostly #38 ends$85
1915-B$11988AB32275530LVF+Non web and scarce DC issue$25
1915-D$11988ADDCCU(F)Or better DC issues$10
1915-E*$11988AE00774749*GEM(F)Only one available$15NEW
1915-F*$11988AF00088812*GEM(VF)Lower number Atlanta Star$25NEW
1915-G*$11988AG02324431*CCU(VF)Better run G*$20NEW
1915-H$11988AH00000525BGEM(F)Low number on St. Louis also H00000725B, each$50NEW
1915-I$11988AI00000825AGEM(F)Low number on Minneapolis$50NEW
1915-L$11988ALBCCU(F)Or better DC issues$10
1916-F$11988AFP,FQCCU(F)FW, FQ & HH, each GEM(VF) $8$6
1916-L*$11988AL00058388-91*GEM(VF)FW Four consec. Perfect gems$50
1916-L*$11988AL24291709-10*GEM(VF)FW Superb star examples each$12
1917-A$11988AA26661225ECCU(F)WEB RUN 5,4/4 64Q$60NEW
1917-A$11988AA31537525EGEM(F)WEB RUN 5, 5/2 64Q Scarce$115NEW
1917-A$11988AA43014425EGEM(F)WEB RUN 7,4/4 64Q+$60NEW
1917-A$11988AA42324238EGem(F)WEB plates 5/2 run7$85
1917-A$11988AA43305925ECCU(A)WEB RUN 7, 5/2 62/3Q, $100 on other sites$65NEW
1917-A$11988AA61517725EGEM(F)WEB Run 10, 4/4 64QSOLDNEW
1917-A$11988AA05471125-825FGEM(F)WEB RUN 1, 5/4$50NEW
1917-A$11988AA05707425FGEM(F)WEB RUN 1, 5/6$60NEW
1917-A$11988AA04267451-94FGem(F)WEB plates 5/6 run 1 ea. $45, pair of GEM(VF) $100$60
1917-A$11988AA85304225FGem(F)WEB RUN 14, 8/8$65NEW
1917-A$11988AA83472625-125FGem(VF)WEB RUN 14, 8/8$65NEW
1917-A$11988AA930577225FGem(F)WEB RUN 15, 4/6$60NEW
1917-A$11988AA02130925GGEM(VF)WEB RUN 1 5/6, Easy 65+$65NEW
1917-A$11988AA10884025-525GCCU(A)WEB RUN 2, 4/6$30NEW
1917-A$11988AA12582125GGem(VF)WEB RUN 2, 4/8SOLDNEW
1917-A$11988AA10887925GGem(VF)WEB RUN 2, 4/8$65NEW
1917-A$11988AA18309725GGem(VF)WEB RUN 3, 4/6$50NEW
1917-A$11988AA16687525GAU+WEB RUN 3, 5/8$40NEW
1917-A$11988AC64149799AGEM(F)WEB RUN 11, 4/4$35NEW
1917-A$11988AC74009325-125AGem(VF)WEB RUN 12, 3/2 & s#C73535325A$50NEW
1917-A$11988AE53515225-925IGem(VF)WEB RUN 9, 5/4, GEM(F) at $40 each$50NEW
1917-A$11988AE60937025IGem(F)WEB RUN 10, 5/4$35NEW
1917-A$11988AE50838825KGem(VF)WEB RUN 8, 4/4$50NEW
1917-A$11988AE50755825KCCU(VF)WEB RUN 8, 4/6$40NEW
1917-A$11988AE52382825KGem(VF)WEB RUN 9, 4/4$70NEW
1917-A$11988AE59213625KCCU(VF)WEB RUN 10, 5/6$65NEW
1917-A$11988AF74737525LGem(VF/F)WEB RUN 12, 2/1$200NEW
1917-A$11988AF03040506MGem(VF)WEB 2/2$175NEW
1917-A$11988AF75642025-225NGem(VF)WEB 5/4$100NEW
1917-A$11988AF76763025NCCU(F)WEB RUN 12, 3/2$145NEW
1917-F$11988AF73937180NGem(F)WEB Run 12 plate combo 3/2$175
1917-F$11988AF73937169NGem(F)WEB Run 12 plate combo 3/2$175
1917-F$11988AF73936525-125NCCU(F)WEB RUN 12, 3/2$195NEW
1917-F$11988AF52826825UCCU(VF)WEB RUN 9, 5/6$40NEW
1917-F$11988AF10255926VGem(VF)WEB RUN 2, 4/8$50NEW
1917-F$11988AF25064436VGem(F)WEB Run 4, 9/8$45
1917-F$11988AF25064425-525VCCU(F)WEB RUN 4, 9/8$35NEW
1917-F$11988AF42851238VGem(F)WEB Run 7, 4/8$45
1917-F$11988AF40607425-025VGEM(F+)WEB RUN 7, 9/4$45NEW
1917-F$11988AF41568525VCCU(F)WEB RUN 7, 9/8 & F43178525V$35NEW
1917-F$11988AF82151925VGem(VF)WEB RUN 13, 10/6$100NEW
1917-F$11988AG47794025PGem(F)WEB RUN 8, 4/6 Scarce$295NEW
1917-F$11988AG47050656PCCU(F)WEB Run 8, 4/8$100
1917-F$11988AG47690425PGem(VF)WEB RUN 8, 5/8 65/66EPQ Quality$110NEW
1917-F$11988AG49746452PGem(F)WEB RUN 8, 5/8$115NEW
1917-F$11988AG47690458PGem(VF)WEB Run 8, 5/8$125
1917-F$11988AG47690406PGem(VF)WEB Run 8, 5/8$125
1917-F$11988AG45488125QGem(F)WEB RUN 4/6$125NEW
1918-A$11993AACCU(F)W 'mule' backplates CCU(F) $5, GEM ea.$6
1918-B$11993BACCU(F)W 'mule' backplates CCU(F) $5, GEM ea.$6
1918-B$11993BECCU(F)W 'mule' $5, only one non-mule$8
1918-B$11993BFCCU(F)W 1 'mule' $10 and 3 non-mules, ea.$5
1918-B$11993BGGem(VF)W only one of each block non-mules$5
1918-C$11993C03191804-44AGem(VF)W scarce district GEM(F) ea. $15 or GEM(VF)$18
1918-D$11993DACCU(F)W 'mule' $5 and GEM(VF) for$6
1918-E$11993EA-EB-ECCCU(F)W 'mules' each $5 or GEM(VF) for$6
1918-E$11993EECCU(F)W or better non-mules$5
1918-F$11993FA-FB-FC-FDCCU(F)W or better mules, FE and FF each..$5
1918-L$11993LACCU(F)W 'mules' each $5 or GEM(VF) for$6
1919-G$11993GFCCU(F)FW non-mule $5 or GEM(VF)$6
1919-H$11993H24839711-9AGEM(F)FW mules with at least one each with high backplate numbers, 392-393-95-96$7
1919-I$11993VARIOUSF/VFFW Key Minneapolis, Fine $20 and VF$25
1919-I$11993I02913596ACCU(F)FW Key Minneapolis w/ GEM paper but centered low$125
1919-I$11993I02913597ACCU(F)FW Same low shift but totally unmollested by any circulation$125
1919-K$11993KACCU(F)FW $5, all with back and front plates 1,2,3,4, GEM$6
1919-K$11993KB-KC-KDCCU(F)FW 'mules' $5 or perfect GEM(VF)$6
1919-K$11993KECCU(F)FW non-mule only one available$5
1919-L$11993L00006159AAUFW Scarce non-mule Low number$25
1919-L$11993LBCCU(F)Or better Scarce FW non-mule$30
1919-L$11993LD-LG-LHCCU(F)Or better FW 'mule'$6
1919-L$11993LICCU(F)Or better FW non-mule$5
1920-C$11993C55393043ACCU(F)R-9, 1/9 each$25
1921/22$11995A-LCCU(F)Or better District set 12 Pcs, first six are Wash. Last six are Fworth$55
1921/22$11995A*-L*CCU(F)Or better District Star set 11 pcs$95
1922-H$11995HF,HG,IB,ID..CCU(F)FW or better IE,IH,IK blocks$4
1923-A$11995A35119219-64CGEM(VF)Consecutive pairs for $50 or each, R-6,1/9 and perfect Gems!$30
1923-A$11995A35119265CAU++(VF) or each, R-6,1/9 at$15
1923-B$11995B48029240-86HGEM(F)Consecutive pairs for $25 or each, R-8,5/12$15
1923-B$11995B48029240-86HGEM(VF)Consecutive pairs for $35 or each, R-8,5/12$20
1923-B$11995B38132501-600HGEM(VF)WEB PACK OF 100 MINUS 1, the #25 ending$650
1923-D$11995D65878366-75CGEM(F)Consecutive pairs for $30 or each, R-11 2/9$20
1923-D$11995D66746786-95CGEM(F)Consecutive pairs for $40 or each, R-11 4/9$25
1924-A$11999AACCU(F)W or better$3
1924-A$11999ABCCU(F)W or better$3
1924-C*$11999C15069041*GEM(VF)W or better 5th run$5
1924-L*$11999L15300066*GEM(VF)W or better 5th run$5
1926-C*$12001C01367795*GEM(VF)W or better 1st and 2nd run$5
1927-F*$12001F07277018*GEM(VF)FW 3rd run$5
1927-G*$12001G00570813*GEM(VF)FW 1st run$5
1927-L*$12001L02827128*GEM(VF)FW just one available$5
2003 - 2006
1928-G*$12003G04...-09…*GEM(VF)FW 2nd run$5
1928-L*$12003L*GEM(VF)FW 028 and 010 starts$5
1933-F$12006F89894781-95KCCU(F)FW or better$3
1933-G*$12006G02796763-70*CCU(F)FW or better 1st run$5
1933-L*$12006L04904531-40*GEM(VF)FW 2nd run$5
1935-A-B$21976ALLCCU(F)Or better 12 piece district set all ending in #5 except the scarce JA$95
1935-A-B$21976ALLCCU(F)Or better 12 piece district set all ending in #05$95
1935-A-B$21976ALLCCU(F)Or better 12 piece district set all ending in 'lucky' #13$105
1935-B$21976B34397966AGem(VF)966-969 all prices for each, serial ranges for your convenience$8
1935-F$21976FACCU(A)and CCU(A) without fancy each..$7
1935-H$21976H21861922ACCU(F) mostly better year end numbers..1922-1923, 1926-28$9
1935-H$21976H09425543ACCU(F)or better, first orders get the best centered$7
1935-H$21976H09999967AGEM(F)and 09999968 $20 each, also H08888488A $20
1935-I$21976I07863165-71AGEM(VF)Consec. Pairs $30 or each for$20
1935-I$21976I06014052ACUFirst Day Cover Williston ND AP. 13th 1976, Jefferson's Birthday on a Minneapolis district$15
1935-L$21976L05704448ACUonly one with tight top$6
1935-A*$21976A*Gem(VF)4 Subsheet with BEP folder$50
1935-A*$21976A00385693*CCU(F)Or better 684-699, EF/AU $6 and AU+ for $10$15
1935-A*$21976A00029257*GEM(VF)257-300,Or GEM(F) for $15$20
1935-B*$21976B*Gem(VF)4 Subsheet with BEP folder$50
1935-C*$21976C00119369*CCU(F)369-398, most a corner bump from Gem$15
1935-E*$21976E00002388*VF/EFLow number at $20 or an AU(F)$20
1935-E*$21976E00482567*CCU(F)Difficult duece Star$85NEW
1935-F*$21976F00653383*GEM(VF)Or CCU(F) $15 All end 3383*, first order gets 00933383* in GEM(VF)$20
1935-G*$21976G00640606*CCU(VF)Only one Chicago star$60
1935-H*$21976H00225644*GEM(VF)644*-658* Or Gem(F) $15$20
1935-J*$21976J00318218*VF218*-875* Or fine $20$35
1935-K*$21976K01053080*GEM(VF)All end 3080*$30
1935-L*$21976L01298106*GEM(VF)All end 8106*$40
1936-F$21995F68393002AGEM(VF)FW 002-010$4
1936-F$21995F68167489AGEM(VF)FW 489-481$4
1936-F$21995F00000325BGEM(F)FW Scarce low number Duece$60NEW
1936-F*$21995F00043246*GEM(VF)FW 246*-249*$15
1938-L$22003AL25051706AGEM(F)706-720 or better FW issues$4
1938-I$22003AI00444235AGem(VF) thru 239, 6.4 mill issue$10