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$1 & $2 FRNs
1903-F$11969F68929880A66EPQ/F67……A, ERROR MISMATCH A Near Superb Mismatched serial number$595Image
1905-B$11969BB89736695C65EPQB89736693C; / ERROR MISMATCH Gem and a more difficult Mismatched S/N$650Image
1906-L*$11969CL06623206*PC66QPack fresh and original San Francisco star$265Image
1906-L*$11969CL07810976*66EPQ1 of only 8 in 66 with only the two 67s finer (1/16)$375Image
1907-B$11969DB44573555E64EPQ/B43……E, ERROR MISMATCH Affordable Near Gem Mismatched S/N $395Image
1908-G$11974G53069330B66EPQ/G530…..B TOP POP ERROR MISMATCH on a more difficult series. Near superb$795Image
1910-A$11977AA86139613B35EPQ/A86139613B A FIVE DIGIT Mismatched S/N! SCARCE ERROR MISMATCH!$895Image
1910-E$11977AE79099676H65EPQThird Printing on Back on these striking Natick Experimental Paper notes.$895Image
1911-J$11981J00740448D65EPQRare JD block and few in PMG Gem holders$1,200 Image
1912-H$11981AH80844935B66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73$125Image
1912-H$11981AH80844939B66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73$125Image
1912-H$11981AH80844442B66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73$125Image
1912-H$11981AH81856254B66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$125Image
1912-H$11981AH81856250B67EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$395Image
1912-H$11981AH81856230B67EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$395Image
1912-I$11981AI00468203B65EPQBP 129 ERROR-RARE Minny block face plate 237$895Image
1912-L$11981AL48703587G64EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$125Image
1912-L$11981AL48703530G64EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$125Image
1912-L$11981AL48703522G64EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$125Image
1912-L$11981AL48703546G64EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 206 (& #3534, #3542)$125Image
1912-L$11981AL48702375G65EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73 (& #2379)$175Image
1912-L$11981AL48702398G65EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 44$200Image
1912-L$11981AL48702187G66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73$225Image
1912-L$11981AL48702394G66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 44$225Image
1912-L$11981AL48702430G66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 44$225Image
1912-L$11981AL48703671G66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$200Image
1912-L$11981AL48702183G67EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73$695Image
1913-H*$11985H00990064*66EPQSt. Louis Key$1,750 Image
1914-A*$11988A00028737*65EPQOnly Eight submitted to PMG 2/17 and only 2 finer$55Image
1914-A*$11988A02377276*66EPQOne of only two with a lone 68 finer!$95Image
1914-B$11988BA66EPQInsufficent Inking Error - Where the entire green and black portions of the third printing on the face are missing. Also known as complete missing third print error.Image
1914-F*$11988F00782766*PC65You will not see non PPQ gems on my site as I patently disagree with a note being graded Gem 65 or better that does not have original paper. Sometimes they just forget to add it in the labeling process as this one does have ample embossing and I can't see the reason for the lack of PPQ. Regardless it is priced to sell due to the lack of the PPQ label. This is the key star to the series set MAKE ME AN OFFER PLEASE!$795Image
1914-F*$11988F00093465*66EPQ*TOP POP 1/1 AS a stupid and confusing ****symbol!? WTF!!! Once again this a PMG67 that was given a 66* WHY PMG WHY!?!?! Get RID of this ridiculous and arbitrary * symbol. It is useless based on my experience.$1,750 Image
1914-F*$11988F02797274*67EPQONE OF TWO TOP POP 5/18$2,250 Image
1914-L*$11988L02648411*66EPQSan Francisco GEM+ star$50Image
1914-L*$11988L02648413*67EPQSan Francisco Superb GEM star ONLY THREE FINER$100Image
1914-L*$11988L02648414*68EPQOne of three and TOP POP! 5/18$195Image
1914-L*$11988L02648416*67EPQAnother PMG67 to chose from$100Image
1914-L*$11988L02648421*68EPQAnother PMG68 to chose from$195Image
1915-B*$11988AB04235651*64EPQTHREE TOTAL AT PMG! 1 FINER 5/18$60Image
1915-D*$11988AD00417680*66EPQType, but only one 67 is finer 5/18$50Image
1915-H$11988AH00002525B65EPQIn the year 2525…$65Image
1915-H*$11988AH03068750*67EPQTHREE TOTAL AT PMG! TOP POP 5/18$150Image
1915-I*$11988AI01868359*66EPQ8 total at PMG and again TOP POP 5/18$100Image
1915-K$11988AK02433330C66EPQOne of 5, only 6 total in the census, top pop on a better Washington DC block (1/16)$245Image
1916-K*$11988AK01402112*65EPQ1 of 1 with only three 66s finer, four total at PMG 5/18$75Image
1917-A$11988AA29008039E65EPQWeb 3/2 plate combo R-5$150Image
1917-A$11988AA42324125E65EPQWeb 5/2 plate combo R-7 (also #..6225E)$125Image
1917-A$11988AA42324325E66EPQWeb 5/2 plate combo R-7$150Image
1917-A$11988AA58142925E66EPQWeb 4/4 plate combo R-10$100Image
1917-A$11988AA42326225E65EPQWeb 5/2 plate combo R-7$125Image
1917-A$11988AA04267475F65EPQBetter run 1 Web 5/6 plate combo$55no image
1917-A$11988AA04267470F67EPQWeb 5/6 plate combo R-1$100Image
1917-A$11988AA04267493F67EPQSuperb Boston Web 5/6$100Image
1917-A$11988AA04267491F68EPQSUPERB PLUS 5/6 combo Run 1$300Image
1917-A$11988AA10023925G66EPQWeb 4/6 plate combo R-2$75Image
1917-A$11988AA10016425G66EPQWeb 4/6 plate combo R-2$125Image
1917-A$11988AA10020925G67EPQWeb 4/6 plate combo R-2$125Image
1917-A$11988AA10016925G67EPQWeb 4/6 plate combo R-2$125Image
1917-C$11988AC71689225A65EPQWeb 3/2 plate combo R-12$60Image
1917-C$11988AC71169925A66EPQWeb 3/2 plate combo R-12$90Image
1917-C$11988AC66699665A66EPQWeb 4/2 plate combo R-11 Scarce and Fancy$225Image
1917-C$11988AC64149726A66EPQWeb 4/4 plate combo R-11$125Image
1917-E$11988AE50787625K66EPQWeb 4/6 plate combo R-8$100Image
1917-E$11988AE52250325K66EPQWeb 8/8 plate combo SCARCE!$450Image
1917-F$11988AF87062725L66EPQWeb 1/1 plate combo R-14$225Image
1917-F$11988AF02331925M66EPQScarce run 1 Web 2/2 plate combo$225Image
1917-F$11988AF05001025M66EPQScarce run 1 Web 1/2 plate combo$250Image
1917-F$11988AF04998925M67EPQScarce run 1 Web 3/2 plate combo$675Image
1917-F$11988AF04525025M67EPQScarce run 1 Web 2/2 plate combo$495Image
1917-F$11988AF21926425V67EPQWeb 9/8 plate combo R-4$150Image
1917-F$11988AF38608925V66EPQWeb 9/4 plate combo R-7$85Image
1917-F$11988AF42851425V65EPQWeb 4/8 plate combo R-7$75Image
1917-G$11988AG47801725P66EPQR-8 4/8$150Image
1917-G$11988AG56401231P65EPQ4/6 plate combo$135Image
1917-G$11988AG47690608P65EPQ4/8 plate combo (66EPQ $150)$125Image
1917-G$11988AG50550825Q66EPQ4/6 Run 8 & #..5325Q each$175Image
1918-C*$11993C02786379*66EPQTruly scarce to rare modern Philly Star, the first I can ever recall offering! One of 14 with only four finer and a total PMG pop of 33 notes in all grades (1/17)$295Image
1921-D$11995D00002525L66EPQ….If man is still alive…$65Image
1921-D$11995D00000125L67EPQDC also #...126 as well each.SOLDImage
1921-D$11995D00000124L66EPQL00000125F & # L00000225F also eachSOLDImage
1923-A$11995A35119245C66EPQNear Superb Boston Web$40Image
1923-A$11995A35119249C66EPQNear Super Boston Web$40Image
1923-A$11995A35119246C67EPQSuperb Boston Web$75Image
1923-A$11995A77948078D66EPQSerial #77948081 is the web plate note on page 67 of the 10th ed.$45no image
1923-B$11995B48029239H64EPQCHEAP WEB$30no image
1935-B*$21976B00614959*64EPQNY Star, near gem$35Image
1935-C*$21976C00195208*64EPQSuperior 64 Philly Star$35Image
1935-D*$21976D00109049*63EPQAtractive Cleveland Star and affordable$40Image
1935-E*$21976E00491774*63EPQThe much better Richmond Star$110Image
1935-F*$21976F00260657*63EPQA cheap Atlanta star, because it isn't pretty$25Image
1935-F*$21976F00048046*64EPQBit lower number but looks similar to above$40Image
1935-G*$21976G00355421*64EPQChicago star shifted left$50Image
1935-G*$21976G00339334*65EPQChicago Gem Star but it needs mor margin in my opinion$75Image
1935-G*$21976G00044273*66EPQ14 finer at PMG 1/17 trio 0 start$125Image
1935-G*$21976G00148963*66EPQChicago Star that looks near Superb 67!$125Image
1935-I$21976I22701013A65EPQMinny Gems 3 LEFT$40Image
1935-J*$21976J00178029*65EPQKC Gem STAR$195Image
1935-J*$21976J00278982*66EPQKC Star that has a 69 back and a 66 face!$295Image
1935-L*$21976L00149332*65EPQA bit more difficult in Gem$80Image
1935-L*$21976L01531498*66EPQNear Superb SF*$120Image
$5 FRNs
1950-I$51928I02984236A45EPQOnly two folds but one of them is very lightly soiled$450Image
1951-D$51928AD13179368A64EPQwith only 14 in this grade and a nine finer, a more difficult note (3/16)$295Image