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$1 & $2 FRNs
Last complete update 6/6/2018
SOLDS 1/30/19
1903-F$11969F68929880A66EPQ/F67……A, ERROR MISMATCH A Near Superb Mismatched serial number$595Image
1905-B$11969BB89736695C65EPQB89736693C; / ERROR MISMATCH Gem and a more difficult Mismatched S/N$650Image
1906-L*$11969CL06623206*PC66QPack fresh and original San Francisco star$265Image
1906-L*$11969CL07810976*66EPQ1 of only 8 in 66 with only the two 67s finer (1/16)$375Image
1907-B$11969DB44573555E64EPQ/B43……E, ERROR MISMATCH Affordable Near Gem Mismatched S/N $395Image
1908-G$11974G53069330B66EPQ/G530…..B TOP POP ERROR MISMATCH on a more difficult series. Near superb$795Image
1910-A$11977AA86139613B35EPQ/A86139613B A FIVE DIGIT Mismatched S/N! SCARCE ERROR MISMATCH!$895Image
1910-E$11977AE79099676H65EPQThird Printing on Back on these striking Natick Experimental Paper notes.$895Image
1911-J$11981J00740448D65EPQRare JD block and few in PMG Gem holders$1,200 Image
1912-H$11981AH80844935B66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73$125Image
1912-H$11981AH80844939B66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73$125Image
1912-H$11981AH80844442B66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73$125Image
1912-H$11981AH81856254B66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$125Image
1912-H$11981AH81856250B67EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$395Image
1912-H$11981AH81856230B67EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$395Image
1912-I$11981AI00468203B65EPQBP 129 ERROR-RARE Minny block face plate 237$895Image
1912-L$11981AL48703587G64EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$125Image
1912-L$11981AL48703530G64EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$125Image
1912-L$11981AL48703522G64EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$125Image
1912-L$11981AL48703546G64EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 206 (& #3534, #3542)$125Image
1912-L$11981AL48702375G65EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73 (& #2379)$175Image
1912-L$11981AL48702398G65EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 44$200Image
1912-L$11981AL48702187G66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73$225Image
1912-L$11981AL48702394G66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 44$225Image
1912-L$11981AL48702430G66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 44$225Image
1912-L$11981AL48703671G66EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 91$200Image
1912-L$11981AL48702183G67EPQBackplate 129 Engraving Error face plate 73$695Image
1913-H*$11985H00990064*66EPQSt. Louis Key$1,750 Image
1914-A*$11988A00028737*65EPQOnly Eight submitted to PMG 2/17 and only 2 finer$55Image
1914-A*$11988A02377276*66EPQOne of only two with a lone 68 finer!$95Image
1914-B$11988BA66EPQInsufficent Inking Error - Where the entire green and black portions of the third printing on the face are missing. Also known as complete missing third print error.Image
1914-F*$11988F00782766*PC65You will not see non PPQ gems on my site as I patently disagree with a note being graded Gem 65 or better that does not have original paper. Sometimes they just forget to add it in the labeling process as this one does have ample embossing and I can't see the reason for the lack of PPQ. Regardless it is priced to sell due to the lack of the PPQ label. This is the key star to the series set MAKE ME AN OFFER PLEASE!$795Image
1914-F*$11988F00093465*66EPQ*TOP POP 1/1 AS a stupid and confusing ****symbol!? WTF!!! Once again this a PMG67 that was given a 66* WHY PMG WHY!?!?! Get RID of this ridiculous and arbitrary * symbol. It is useless based on my experience.$1,750 Image
1914-F*$11988F02797274*67EPQONE OF TWO TOP POP 5/18$2,250 Image
1914-L*$11988L02648411*66EPQSan Francisco GEM+ star$50Image
1914-L*$11988L02648413*67EPQSan Francisco Superb GEM star ONLY THREE FINER$100Image
1914-L*$11988L02648414*68EPQOne of three and TOP POP! 5/18$195Image
1914-L*$11988L02648416*67EPQAnother PMG67 to chose from$100Image
1914-L*$11988L02648421*68EPQAnother PMG68 to chose from$195Image
1915-B*$11988AB04235651*64EPQTHREE TOTAL AT PMG! 1 FINER 5/18$60Image
1915-D*$11988AD00417680*66EPQType, but only one 67 is finer 5/18$50Image
1915-H$11988AH00002525B65EPQIn the year 2525…$65Image
1915-H*$11988AH03068750*67EPQTHREE TOTAL AT PMG! TOP POP 5/18$150Image
1915-I*$11988AI01868359*66EPQ8 total at PMG and again TOP POP 5/18$100Image
1915-K$11988AK02433330C66EPQOne of 5, only 6 total in the census, top pop on a better Washington DC block (1/16)$245Image
1916-K*$11988AK01402112*65EPQ1 of 1 with only three 66s finer, four total at PMG 5/18$75Image
1917-A$11988AA29008039E65EPQWeb 3/2 plate combo R-5$150Image
1917-A$11988AA42324125E65EPQWeb 5/2 plate combo R-7 (also #..6225E)$125Image
1917-A$11988AA42324325E66EPQWeb 5/2 plate combo R-7$150Image
1917-A$11988AA58142925E66EPQWeb 4/4 plate combo R-10$100Image
1917-A$11988AA42326225E65EPQWeb 5/2 plate combo R-7$125Image
1917-A$11988AA04267475F65EPQBetter run 1 Web 5/6 plate combo$55no image
1917-A$11988AA04267470F67EPQWeb 5/6 plate combo R-1$100Image
1917-A$11988AA04267493F67EPQSuperb Boston Web 5/6$100Image
1917-A$11988AA04267491F68EPQSUPERB PLUS 5/6 combo Run 1$300Image
1917-A$11988AA10023925G66EPQWeb 4/6 plate combo R-2$75Image
1917-A$11988AA10016425G66EPQWeb 4/6 plate combo R-2$125Image
1917-A$11988AA10020925G67EPQWeb 4/6 plate combo R-2$125Image
1917-A$11988AA10016925G67EPQWeb 4/6 plate combo R-2$125Image
1917-C$11988AC71689225A65EPQWeb 3/2 plate combo R-12$60Image
1917-C$11988AC71169925A66EPQWeb 3/2 plate combo R-12$90Image
1917-C$11988AC66699665A66EPQWeb 4/2 plate combo R-11 Scarce and Fancy$225Image
1917-C$11988AC64149726A66EPQWeb 4/4 plate combo R-11$125Image
1917-E$11988AE50787625K66EPQWeb 4/6 plate combo R-8$100Image
1917-E$11988AE52250325K66EPQWeb 8/8 plate combo SCARCE!$450Image
1917-F$11988AF87062725L66EPQWeb 1/1 plate combo R-14$225Image
1917-F$11988AF02331925M66EPQScarce run 1 Web 2/2 plate combo$225Image
1917-F$11988AF05001025M66EPQScarce run 1 Web 1/2 plate combo$250Image
1917-F$11988AF04998925M67EPQScarce run 1 Web 3/2 plate combo$675Image
1917-F$11988AF04525025M67EPQScarce run 1 Web 2/2 plate combo$495Image
1917-F$11988AF21926425V67EPQWeb 9/8 plate combo R-4$150Image
1917-F$11988AF38608925V66EPQWeb 9/4 plate combo R-7$85Image
1917-F$11988AF42851425V65EPQWeb 4/8 plate combo R-7$75Image
1917-G$11988AG47801725P66EPQR-8 4/8$150Image
1917-G$11988AG56401231P65EPQ4/6 plate combo$135Image
1917-G$11988AG47690608P65EPQ4/8 plate combo (66EPQ $150)$125Image
1917-G$11988AG50550825Q66EPQ4/6 Run 8 & #..5325Q each$175Image
1918-C*$11993C02786379*66EPQTruly scarce to rare modern Philly Star, the first I can ever recall offering! One of 14 with only four finer and a total PMG pop of 33 notes in all grades (1/17)$295Image
1921-D$11995D00002525L66EPQ….If man is still alive…$65Image
1921-D$11995D00000125L67EPQDC also #...126 as well each.SOLDImage
1921-D$11995D00000124L66EPQL00000125F & # L00000225F also eachSOLDImage
1923-A$11995A35119245C66EPQNear Superb Boston Web$40Image
1923-A$11995A35119249C66EPQNear Super Boston Web$40Image
1923-A$11995A35119246C67EPQSuperb Boston Web$75Image
1923-A$11995A77948078D66EPQSerial #77948081 is the web plate note on page 67 of the 10th ed.$45no image
1923-B$11995B48029239H64EPQCHEAP WEB$30no image
1935-B*$21976B00614959*64EPQNY Star, near gem$35Image
1935-C*$21976C00195208*64EPQSuperior 64 Philly Star$35Image
1935-D*$21976D00109049*63EPQAtractive Cleveland Star and affordable$40Image
1935-E*$21976E00491774*63EPQThe much better Richmond Star$110Image
1935-F*$21976F00260657*63EPQA cheap Atlanta star, because it isn't pretty$25Image
1935-F*$21976F00048046*64EPQBit lower number but looks similar to above$40Image
1935-G*$21976G00355421*64EPQChicago star shifted left$50Image
1935-G*$21976G00339334*65EPQChicago Gem Star but it needs mor margin in my opinion$75Image
1935-G*$21976G00044273*66EPQ14 finer at PMG 1/17 trio 0 start$125Image
1935-G*$21976G00148963*66EPQChicago Star that looks near Superb 67!$125Image
1935-I$21976I22701013A65EPQMinny Gems 3 LEFT$40Image
1935-J*$21976J00178029*65EPQKC Gem STAR$195Image
1935-J*$21976J00278982*66EPQKC Star that has a 69 back and a 66 face!$295Image
1935-L*$21976L00149332*65EPQA bit more difficult in Gem$80Image
1935-L*$21976L01531498*66EPQNear Superb SF*$120Image
$5 FRNs
1950-I$51928I02984236A45EPQOnly two folds but one of them is very lightly soiled$450Image
1951-D$51928AD13179368A64EPQwith only 14 in this grade and a nine finer, a more difficult note (3/16)$295Image
1951-K$51928AK08144609APMG25Low on the totem pole but only 8 graded so far and exceedingly rare in AU or better.$195Image
1952-A$51928BA29374549APMG64One of two with only three 64Q, and one each 65 and 66Q finer at PMG (3/16)$250Image
1952-J$51928BJ10733075A58EPQPop 1 of 3 with only a total of 11 graded (1/17)$195Image
1953-F$51928CF28221942APMG30A decent VF on a note impossible to find in CU.$595Image
1954-F$51928DF27884265APMG35Above average for this issue pop 1/3 with 14 lower and only 10 finer in the PMG census (5/13). Another attractive alternative for the key series in the popular $5 denom, this note is one of only a half dozen I have handled and none above AU in the last two decades.$2,750 Image
1954-F$51928DF27771240APMG40There are only three EPQ notes graded higher and four others without the original designation for a pop of 2/7 finer. Although closed pinholes are denoted I didn't see them before this was submitted but the grade is solid. Of course once again not original due to light pressing and, evidently, a closed pinhole this is an attractive note and difficult to find a finer one without spending around $5K.$2,950 Image
1955-B$51934B06755223A65EPQOne of three with only four 66EPQ finer in this LGS at PMG 3/16$450Image
1955-G$51934G02827742A66EPQOne of ten in this lofty PMG grade with only two 67s finer (3/16)$425Image
1955-G$51934G04057593A66EPQThe last one sold HA.com $493.50 Sept. 2016$445Image
1956-Cm$51934C10494395APMG64Spot front and center on the top margin from EPQ. None of these are easy in Gem anymore if they ever were.$65Image
1956-Dm$51934D38459217A65EPQGem type on Cleveland$115Image
1957-A$51934AA47198164A64EPQ10 total, 1 of 2 with 6 finer Ex taylor$85Image
1957-B$51934AB29843282B64EPQEx Taylor NY Type$80Image
1957-C$51934AC53866168A58EPQEx Taylor$65Image
1957-E*$51934AE00239962*35EPQLowest grade of 5, there are 2-66s (1/17)$295Image
1957-G$51934AG22799414A64EPQEx Taylor$80Image
1958-D$51934BD63687996A64EPQThe Cleveland, Philly and Chicago districts are the only 'common' districts in this series, still only 9 finer at PMG out of a total of less than 30 in all grades (1/17)$175Image
1958-G$51934BG12288606BPMG64Original to my eye with 11 finer at PMG (1/17)$125Image
1958-G$51934BG20217261B66EPQType but Top Pop, no 67s$400Image
1958-L$51934BL02323103B58EPQMuch scarcer than the LA block of which there is a pack at least. Only four are finer at PMG with a total of 7 of each block, LA and LB (1/17)$375Image
1958-L*$51934BL01371471*PMG15A real pig of a choice fine, actually VG but all there in its soiled glory. TWO TOTAL AT PMG (1/17)$395Image
1960-A$51934DA76386590A65EPQ1 of 3 at PMG on the Boston District$125Image
1960-B*$51934DB03507711*64EPQ1 of 3 in this grade with 5 Gems finer in varying grades at PMG (1/17)$1,250 Image
1960-C$51934DC05254709B64EPQPhilly 10 finer$110Image
1960-L$51934DL12681036B65EPQ1 of 3, 8 finer$125Image
1960-L$51934DL12681034B66EPQ1 of 6, two 67s finer, near Superb SF district (1/17)$195Image
1961-Bw1$51950B01438966*PMG53The lowest grade of 11 in the PMG census but this one is one third the price(1/17)$175Image
1961-Ew1$51950E00337923*35EPQOnly 684K printed, looks AU..$100Image
1961-Dw2$51950D40908319A64EPQScarcer Wide 2 variety$65Image
1961-Dw2$51950D40908320A65EPQEach note exhibits superb paper & embossing$85Image
1961-Dw2$51950D40908322A66EPQConsecutive pair 66s for $190 or each…$100Image
1962-C$51950AC74045387A62EPQBack misalighnment severe on back, really is an ErrorSOLDImage
1963-B*$51950BB11986644*58EPQOnly 12 total graded, and this the lowest but looks gem $75Image
1963-I$51950BI23433014A64EPQOnly seven finer on this near gem (1/17)$65Image
1964-H*$51950CH05904523*64EPQPop 1 of 2 with only two 66s finer and a grand TOTAL of 5 in all grades submitted to PMG in over 10 years(1/17)$225Image
1964-I$51950CI55696315A65EPQMinny Gem, 1 of 2 with 10 finer (1/17)$75Image
1964-I*$51950CI02205176*65EPQMinneapolis Gem Star, only 2 finer 1/17$225Image
1964-J*$51950CJ06330022*66EPQOne of ONLY three one 67 finer 1/17$250Image
1965-I$51950DI62686732A65EPQOne of six with four finer of a total of 12 at PMG (4/16)$110Image
1965-I*$51950DI02811421*64EPQOnly two finer a 65 and a 66 at PMG (1/17) rarely in auction or available period!$750Image
1966-B$51950EB59135016F65EPQREALLY A 66!$60Image
1966-L$51950EL00559906D65EPQBetter SF block$145Image
1967-C$51963C04737316A55EPQscant records, only 9 at PMG$35Image
1967-C$51963C06876185A64EPQOnly seven finer on this near gem (1/17)$85Image
1967-D*$51963D00496312*66EPQOne of eight with five finer (1/17)$150Image
1967-H*$51963H00761552*66EPQOne of three with five 67s finer at PMG (1/17)$125Image
1967-J*$51963J00029131*66EPQOnly 4 finer at PMG MISATTRIBUTED BY PMG$140Image
1968-D*$51963AD03449577*66EPQPop 1 of 10 with 2 67s finer (1/17)$75Image
1968-D*$51963AD05369958*66EPQPop 1 of 10 with 2 67s finer$69Image
1968-E*$51963AE07439459*66EPQOne of nine with five finer (1/17)$89Image
1968-G*$51963AG15969818*66EPQThe type star on Chicago$69Image
1968-L*$51963AL05420076*65EPQVery affordable San. Fran. Gem$45Image
1968-L*$51963AL05420079*65EPQFor twice the cost of grading now$45Image
1969-K*$51969K00003733*65EPQLow number on a Dallas Star$125Image
1969-L$51969L33767191A67EPQFive in 67 with two finer (1/17)$75Image
1970-H*$51969AH01801176*65EPQ1/3 with 5 finer 640K printed (1/17)$150Image
1970-K*$51969AK02242563*65EPQOnly 640,000 printed $95Image
1971-F$51969BF18552870B67EPQOnly 1 68 finer and this the lone 67EPQ!$275Image
1971-J$51969BJ70588411A65EPQOne of 12 with only three finer (1/17) Consecutive pr. $200$120Image
1971-J$51969BJ70588412A65EPQOne of 12 with only three finer on a difficult district$120Image
1972-A*$51969CA04116422*65EPQ1 of 5 with only 7 finer (1/17)$90Image
1972-B*$51969CB12679986*65EPQThe common type star on this series$69Image
1972-E$51969CE95139504D65EPQERROR Major Misalignment Error - The entire (black & green overprints) third printing is shifted into Lincoln's portrait so that the the Richmond District seal is almost touching Lincoln's ear. Dramatic and easily GEM!$500Image
1972-E*$51969CE05572674*65EPQRare Richmond Star! Only 4 total at PMG (1/17) 1-66 and 2-67s finer$325Image
1973-A$51974A80756713B63EPQERROR Medium front on back Offset Printing Error$195Image
1973-I*$51974I01346804*65EPQFirst TPG Gem I have handled$115Image
1973-J$51974J36139245B66EPQ/J35139345B TOP POP ERROR- Mismatched S/N-Looks like a pcgs 69/70!$695Image
1974-C$51977C71780724A66EPQERROR-Insufficent Inking Error - This note is exactly as pictured at the top of page 273 in Sullivan's 2nd edition US Error Note Encyclopedia where two thirds of the face printing is blank with only the bottom printed.$695Image
1975-L$51977AL44596983B65EPQ/L45……B ERROR-Mismatched S/N You can purchase one of these five dollar mismatches for just a bit more than one of the most common one dollar silver certificate mismatches of which there are thousands.$495Image
1976-D*$51981D01239605*65EPQOnly 21 graded at PMG (1/17)$195Image
1976-F*$51981F00215920*PMG641 of 2, ten finer(1/17)$125Image
1976-F*$51981F00215928*65EPQ1 of 4, six finer(1/17)$195Image
1976-I$51981I13196295A65EPQTen in this grade with seven higher (1/17)$125Image
1976-L*$51981L01098955*25Ex Jamie Yakes$30Image
1977-B*$51981AB01271552*PMG64PMG is consistently picky on highend stuff, a scarce Star with only two districts issued $125Image
1977-B*$51981AB01271555*65EPQScarce in Gem star even for type$150Image
1977-E$51981AE09801539A64EPQOnly 7 finer at PMG (1/17)$95Image
1977-I$51981AI01627108A64EPQOnly 9 total at PMG (1/17)$95Image
1977-I$51981AI01542053A65EPQ1 of 6 with only ONE finer (1/17)$125Image
1977-K$51981AK27414707APMG64Only 6 finer, Scarce Dallas$115Image
1977-L*$51981AL00956254*64EPQ9 finer but I never see them? (1/17)$175Image
1978-B*$51985B*ALLWANTED in ALL grades, paying strong prices for any GemWANTED
1978-C$51985C19909042A65EPQERROR-Insufficent Inking Error - This note is also pictured on page 273 and has an even uninked look on the entire face except for the third printing which is complete.$500Image
1980-I*$51988AI*ANYWANTED in ALL grades, paying strong prices for any GemWANTED
1980-L$51988AL01756088H64EPQSF DC issue$34Image
1981-F*$51988AF*ANYFW ONLY WANTED, paying multiples of guideWANTED
1981-K$51988AK18196777B67EPQI have no more$85Image
1984-A$51995A13580998B64Looks 68!$25Image
1984-A*$51995A00385464*66EPQOne of nine with four finer (3/16)$245Image
1984-E$51995?……..04.65EPQERROR Insufficent Inking Error - GHOST of the digit 04/4 VERY faintly remains. A picture is worth the asking so please do.$395Image
1985-C$51995C40368403B66EPQTop pop, one of only three no finer at PMG (3/16)$35Image
1985-G*$51995G01081526*66EPQThe type star on Chicago$50Image
1985-H$51995H88884874J66EPQEx Yakes, prosperity note issue for those who consider '8' lucky in Asia$50Image
1987-A*$51999BA01466264*66EPQNow a type, star note for the first "Big-Head" Fiver$39Image
1987-A*$51999BA00725232*66EPQEx Yakes$39Image
1987-E*$51999BB01389943*40EPQ$15no image
1987-E*$51999BE21340221*66EPQEx Yakes$30Image
1987-F*$51999BF16956070*66EPQEx Yakes$35Image
1988-F$52001CF04030403A65EPQEx Yakes repeater$45Image
1988-I$52001CI04367642A65EPQEx Yakes$30Image
1988-K*$52001CK00506411*66EPQEx Yakes$45Image
1988-L*$52001CL01445530*66EPQEx Yakes$34Image
1989-G*$52003DG03305951*66EPQEx Yakes$75Image
1990-F$52003DF00000463A65EPQEx Yakes$65Image
1990-L*$52003DL07748903*67EPQEx Yakes$49Image
1991-B*$52003AFB00290375*66EPQEx Yakes$95Image
1991-F$52003AFF55488405A66EPQEx Yakes$27Image
1991-F*$52003AFF03988602*66EPQEx Yakes$49Image
1991-G*$52003AFG00382815*66EPQEx Yakes$75Image
1991-G*$52003AFG00139043*66EPQEx Yakes$65Image
1991-G*$52003AFG00119296*68PPQTop pop,Two in the PMG census at this lofty level but this is a PCGS 68 (4/16)$250Image
1991-L$52003AFL81347487C65EPQEx Yakes$28Image
1991-L$52003AFL62226222B66EPQFour digit repeater$95Image
1991-L$52003AFL81347489C65EPQEx Yakes$28Image
1991-L$52003AFL81347488C66EPQEx Yakes$30Image
1991-L$52003AFL08158958B66EPQEx Yakes$34Image
1992-F$52006HF19378194B66EPQtype 1 Non/colorized version Ex Yakes$35Image
1993-A$52006IA43680044A66EPQEx Yakes FIRST COLORIZED$29no image
1993-A*$52006IA01995076*67EPQEx Yakes FIRST COLORIZED$60no image
1993-F$52006IF85826312B66EPQEx Yakes FIRST COLORIZED$29no image
1993-F$52006IF12345619A66PPQNeat number that runs 75% up ladder in this PC holder$45no image
1993-I$52006II06104209A67EPQNumber 220 is the plate note in the SGSS.price reduced$45no image
1993-I$52006II06104213A67EPQNumber 220 is the plate note in the SGSS.price reduced$45no image
1993-I$52006II06104214A67EPQConsecutive pair of 67s $85$45no image
1993-K$52006IK44444444A68EPQA solid Four with the other near solid bookends. This note also happens to be pop 1 (1/17) and the rest of the set, end #44444440-44444449, equally as nice and all superb RAW Gems. Sold as 10 piece set ONLY! OR BEST OFFER!$1,750 no image
$10 FRNs
2000-F*$101928F00092416*PMG25Three total typical PMG-VF, lowest of three graded at PMG (4/16)$595Image
2001-D$101928AD10001530A63EPQBetter than most 63s with a sexy serial number on a more difficult series$395Image
2001-E$101928AE05457916A64EPQ1 of 4 with 9 finer, only 19 total at PMG and this is a superior 64 (1/17)$775Image
2001-G*$101928AG00272813*PMG30Only a 55 and a 63Q finer in the census and third finest (1/17)$645Image
2002-A$101928BA29092940APMG64A couple dozen finer (1/17) but a very popular "Gold Redemption Clause" DGS, FRN on Boston$135Image
2002-A$101928BA31255317A65EPQDGS Only Seven finer (1/17) and this is a bright Gem$200Image
2002-D$101928BD15655516APMG64Interesting serial number$125Image
2002-D$101928BD13275307A65EPQA consecutive pair of lovely Gem DGS variety$195Image
2002-D$101928BD13275308A65EPQThe pair for $365 or each at…$195Image
2002-E*$101928BE00137968*63PPQDGS Ricmond Star on an uncommon series and type for a Star, only two at pmg 5/2018 and this PCGS 63PPQ IS the real thing.$695Image
2002-H$101928BH08683316A66EPQDGS, 1 OF 3 with 4 67s finer $225Image
2002-H$101928BH12820463A67EPQTOP POP LGS! 1 OF 1 NONE FINER$2,500 Image
2002-G$101928BG51740458A64EPQSuper light green seal color$175Image
2002-G$101928BG47049232A65EPQSlam dunk Light Green Seal which have never been more in demand$295Image
2003-B$101928CB73922379APMG55I can not see any reason this is not EPQ.$395Image
2003-B$101928CB72197423A58EPQA very attractive NY 28C series that is far more difficult to find than the Chicago district in high grade.$525Image
2003-E$101928CE19645371APMG25Flynn PMG 25 sold for $3450 04/08, pop 1 of 4 with only 3 finer still in March 2016, price reduced.$2,150 Image
2004-D$101934D11328351A58EPQI thought it was a Gem and don't know what PMG sees in this case$100Image
2006-I$101934AI23328918A64EPQ$120 THE PAIR of 64s$70Image
2006-I$101934AI23328920A65EPQ1 of 13 with eight 66s finer 3/16. I have 1 other in overstock that I want a bit more for if they are nicer 65s.$100Image
2007-G$101934BG32712458C64EPQScarce Vinson series$125Image
2007-J$101934BJ51263940A64EPQone of seven, two 65s finer$175Image
2008-A$101934CA44936768B65EPQ1 of 8 with only 4 finer (1/17)$100Image
2008-Cw*$101934CC02205566*PMG65Gem Philly Type Star$440Image
2008-I*$101934CI00480919*PMG30Attractive pop 1 of 1 with only 4 finer and nothing above an AU55 (1/17)$195Image
2009-C$101934DC86479249B65EPQ1/3 four finer (1/17)$100Image
2009-C$101934DC86479248B66EPQ1/2 2 67s finer (1/17)$175Image
2009-G*$101934DG05427825*53EPQ3 finer Scarce series Star (1/17)$250Image
2010-Bw$101950B56895041B66EPQERROR-On this first note the right obstruction obliterates 75% of the treasury seal and only three digits of the serial number remains.$600Image
2010-Bw$101950B56895042B66EPQERROR-Obstructed printing area progresses on the right serial number on these two consecutive notes both near superb GEM!$600Image
2010-H*$101950H00219471*58EPQ1 of 3 with only one Gem finer at PMG (1/17)$275Image
2010-H*$101950H00219469*58EPQ1 of 3 with only one Gem finer at PMG (1/17)$275Image
2011-A*$101950AA02355637*64EPQOne of 4 with 3 finer (1/17)$200Image
2011-I*$101950AI00515027*58EPQA super slider but I did see the bend in this one, 1 of 3 with only 4 finer and the few Gems have sold for much, much more (1/17)$295Image
2012-B*$101950BB24521615*PMG58One of three with three finer (3/16)$65Image
2012-C*$101950BC06044909*65EPQOne of seven with five 66s finer so more of a type Gem Star (1/17)$145Image
2012-D*$101950BD06905138*58EPQOne of two with only four total finer on this scarce Cleveland Star (1/17)$150Image
2012-G*$101950BG18808258*PC65QA nice PC Gem with nice paper and originality$125Image
2012-I$101950BI31756953A66EPQNear superb Minneapolis district$85Image
2012-I*$101950BI01370867*PMG35Nice high end VF$100Image
2012-L*$101950BL07750990*65EPQOne of three so far and a beauty of a Gem (1/17)$195Image
2012-L*$101950BL07750984*66EPQSF Star that looks Superb to me…$275Image
2013-B$101950CB04632993I66EPQTwo 67s finer (1/17)$95Image
2013-D*$101950CD08872410*64EPQ(2/17) An even dozen in 64 to 66 in total$225Image
2013-I$101950CI47800473A64EPQAffordable near gem Minneapolis note$95Image
2013-I$101950CI45948780A66EPQPop 1 of 2 with only one 67 finer at this time (1/17)$150Image
2015-B$101950EB20460075K65PPQPopular series on the NY district$90Image
2015-G*$101950EG30076365*65EPQA small group of this popular series star just turned up recently and they will go fast$375Image
2015-L$101950EL45483324D64EPQVery conservatively graded$95Image
2015-L$101950EL45483394D65EPQAn attractive SF 1950E series$115Image
2015-L*$101950EL15880841*66EPQNever more affordable as a Top Pop, 1 of 4$975Image
2016-A$101963A01918248A66EPQERROR-Moderate Misalignment Error of the black portion only but to very dramatic effect$450Image
2016-G$101963B00586959*65EPQRare in Gem-1/1 and only a 66Q finer and when I sell that one it will be nearly double the price of this one$400Image
2016-B*$101963G06055383A65EPQOne of ONE and only 4 finer (1/17)$145Image
2017-L$101963AL00102441B58EPQAn affordable alternative to the Gem, Top pop below$125Image
2018-C*$101969C01553945*65EPQOne of only 20 Gems in PMG census (1/17)$125Image
2018-G$101969G23705248B66EPQtype Chicago$65Image
2020-B*$101969BB15723527*64EPQWe are pleased to offer a nice group of these for sale, price reduced$145Image
2020-B*$101969BB15723528*65EPQPop 1 of 8 with 12 finer (3/16)$225Image
2020-B*$101969BB15723534*66EPQOne of ten with two 67s finer and it appears most of this group, I was aware of, has been submitted to PMG.(3/16)$275Image
2020-H$101969BH39647907A63EPQERROR-A very difficult note to find and this one has a "board break error" which is modest but in the middle of the note.$125Image
2023-A*$101977A01179030*65EPQ4 total at PMG 3/17 in all grades! One of two with a lone 66 finer$175Image
2023-H*$101977H00699416*63EPQOne of only two and affordable as a type star$75Image
2023-H*$101977H00774855*65EPQFrom a different run$125Image
2023-H*$101977H00699419*65EPQThere are 7 in this grade at PMG 3/17$125Image
2023-I$101977I07679866APMG64Only 6 in this grade and finer in total at PMG 2/17$100Image
2023-L*$101977L00019406*65EPQSix total at PMG 3/17 with only two 66s finer$175Image
2024-D*$101977AD03856613*63EPQ8 at PMG 3/17 and this one of two with 5 finer$85Image
2024-F*$101977AF02718612*PMG63Scarce Atlanta star Only 4 at PMG 3/17$125Image
2024-G*$101977AG08990310*64EPQ9 total to chose from at PMG and there are 5 finer 3/17$95Image
2024-J*$101977AJ05958586*64EPQOnly 4 total at PMG 3/17 and this is one of two with 2 65s finer$125Image
2024-K*$101977AK03240206*PMG63Scarce Dallas Star$75Image
2024-K*$101977AK02095084*63EPQAlways elusive Dallas Star but all I have seen are centered like this one.$85Image
2025-I$101981I03811611A64EPQERROR-Moderate Misalignment Error of all the 3rd printing is shifted down on a better series and district.$345Image
2027-B$101985NA66EPQERRORInsufficent Inking Error - The entire third printing, black and green portions, are missing on this Superb GEM Dallas district that PMG only grades a 66 for reasons inexplicable.$595Image
2028-B$101988AB32136574CPMG64ERROR-First print missing/Blank Back. Though this notes only PMG 64 without the EPQ designator I cannot see why.$645Image
2028-B*$101988AB00157449*PMG64RARE B*$150Image
2031-E$101995E31166113B66EPQRadar serial number! One of four with none finer in this Richmond block (3/16)$100Image
2032-G*$101995G02556453*64EPQtype star and common$49Image
2034-F*$101999BF10784212*53EPQCheap certified Atlanta Star$29Image
2040-I$102006II04858739A67EPQI think I possess the entire PMG population currently listed and nothing below a 67 and all from the same run as the plate note in SGSS 10th ed.$75no image
2040-I$102006II04858733A68EPQI think I possess the entire PMG population currently listed and nothing below a 67 and all from the same run as the plate note in SGSS 10th ed.$125no image
$20 FRNs
2050-G$201928G05356560A64EPQChicago Numeric$250Image
2050-G$201928G02496511A65EPQChicago Numeric Gem$295Image
2050-L$201928L05851769A66EPQOnly Two finer!$525Image
2052-A$201928BA06696897A58EPQOne of four with only eight finer and only ONE 65 in the current PMG census (3/16)$145Image
2052-B$201928BB15969288A58EPQOnly six in this grade, six in CCU grades and six in Gem grades at PMG (3/16)$100Image
2052-G$201928BG15840966APMG64Type note Run, 10% off any consecutive notes.$95Image
2052-G$201928BG15840964A64EPQType note Run, 10% off any consecutive notes.$105Image
2052-G$201928BG15840965A64EPQType note Run, 10% off any consecutive notes.$105Image
2052-G$201928BG16582167A65EPQType note Run, 10% off any consecutive notes.$165Image
2052-G$201928BG16561609A65EPQType note Run, 10% off any consecutive notes.$145Image
2052-G$201928BG16561611A65EPQType note Run, 10% off any consecutive notes.$145Image
2052-J$201928BJ05817254A64EPQLIGHT GREEN SEAL! I am always buying all LGS notes in EF and better but especially 1928B series LGS Twentys as there are just not very many out there except for Chicago and even those I sell out. One of five on this KC district with only 11 finer (4/16)$195Image
2054-G$201934G08474549A63EPQLovely Chicago true, lime-yellow, Light Green Seals!$110Image
2054-G$201934G08474548A64EPQLovely Chicago true, lime-yellow, Light Green Seals!$125Image
2054-G$201934G08474547A65EPQOne of thirteen with only four finer at PMG (3/17)$250Image
2054-G$201934G08474545A65EPQOne of thirteen with only four finer at PMG (3/17)$250Image
2054-J$201934J01109642A65EPQOnly six finer, five in 66 and one in 67 at PMG 3/17.$295Image
2054-Em*$201934E00658599*65EPQTOP POP And the Richmond District to boot$1,150 Image
2054-Im$201934I12976649A64EPQDGS 1 of 7 with 12 finer(3/16)$110Image
2054-Lm$201934L79057511APMG641/1 4+ Scarce DGS Mule (3/17)$145Image
2054-Lm$201934L79057512A64EPQ1/1 3+ Scarce DGS Mule (3/17), the 65s just slightly better sold like hotcakes!$145Image
2055-B$201934AB03553293B64EPQThere was six in a row, but no longer$80Image
2055-B$201934AB03553294B64EPQbut not a half cut sheet as it starts at position C$80Image
2055-B$201934AB03553295B64EPQAll are near Gems on the scarcer BB block$80Image
2055-B$201934AB03553297B64EPQFrankly this is nicer than the 65$80Image
2055-B$201934AB03553298B65EPQMaybe this one was swapped with the one above, human error as the centering is not as good on this one on the face of it anyway$110Image
2055-C$201934AC34610661A64EPQAt least I got EPQ on this one but the 2054C above is a slam dunk Gem yet graded 64Q with great margins$85Image
2055-G$201934AG71766754A65EPQA very pale green seal on this non-mule from Chicago$95Image
2055-G*$201934AG00583508*PMG64Type, paper pulls denoted on the holder$275Image
2055-G*$201934AG01007887*64EPQFlat out rare Star in CU or better on any district but D with four Gems at PMG and E with eight Gems. Try and find a CCU star on any of the other districts. Undervalued and underated in the current market. One of two with one 65 and one 66 in the PMG census (3/16)$595Image
2055-L$201934AL67886146A65EPQSF Gem$125Image
2055-Blfp$201934AB79085320A64EPQ204 The under appreciated PMG64 grade and they are relative bargains even when I can see why they are 64. Many are Gems but PMG is a bit pedantic at times. One of one in this grade and only one 65 and one 66 finer (3/17)$295Image
2055-Blfp$201934AB79085319A65EPQ204 Only this one 65Q in the PMG census and here it is. A total of only 6 graded in all grades so far (3/17)$450Image
2055-Bm*$201934AB00318125*58EPQOf only five graded at PMG of this mule Star variety this is the finest and top pop 12/16.$995Image
2056-D*$201934BD0068284*58PPQType Star but still scarce as such$400Image
2056-G$201934BG14981764B65EPQThe always popular Julian/Vinson signature combination that comes with this series.$140Image
2056-I$201934BI17275075A58EPQThere was a piano wire corner fold on the right that I missed but this note is a lovely "Gem AU"$115Image
2056-I$201934BI19236282A64EPQA very popular series to collect and a Minneapolis district to boot$145Image
2056-I$201934BI17747240A65EPQVinson-Minneapolis Gem$245Image
2056-I$201934BI17747230A66EPQVinson-Minneapolis Gem+$295Image
2056-I$201934BI17747239A66EPQVinson-Minneapolis Gem+$295Image
2057-G*$201934CG01362832*58EPQOld Back type Star that looks better than many Gems$375Image
2058-C$201934DC65212359A65PPQAnother PCGS holder that would never cross to better than a PMG64Q but make an offer$115Image
2059-D$201950D43619139A66EPQPop 1 of 4 with only one finer (3/16) price reduced$125Image
2059-G*$201950G00309280*65EPQOnly FOUR total in all grades at PMG. Two in this lofty and gorgeous GEM grade and only one finer and it can't be much finer than this beauty!!$450Image
2061-D$201950BD10592407BPC65QAffordable Cleveland Gem$70Image
2061-D$201950BD03993830B65EPQ1/8 6 finer$95Image
2061-D*$201950BD03795649*PMG45Second finest of only three graded so far by PMG (3/16)$105Image
2061-I$201950BI20418835A66EPQOne of 7 with only a 67 finer (3/16)$95Image
2062-L$201950CL24721136C66EPQPop 1 of 10 with none finer (3/16)$115Image
2062-F$201950CF10070524B64EPQ/F..…523B: ERROR- Mismatched S/N $20 - I can find no auction records for other sales of this rare mismatch. From the Big Shanty Collection.$1,495 Image
2063-C*$201950DC02802022*65EPQ1/1 one 66 finer$295Image
2064-G*$201950EG12656569*PMG35There are only 5 total at PMG with a 50Q at the top pop grade. Looks CU through the holder and I can see no folds or bends but also no embossing. Pressed but it looks AU/CU and I challenge you to find any sign of circulation$450Image
2064-L$201950EL27549282D63EPQAn affordable note on a scarcer district and series$125Image
2064-L$201950EL27549293D64EPQStill affordable with only three in the census so far and this is way conservative on these two Choice CU notes and I think the 64 is nicer overall.$135Image
2064-L$201950EL27549258D65EPQA Gem San Francisco 1950E that is pop 1 of 3 with eleven 66s and three 67s finer to date (3/16)$185Image
2064-L$201950EL27549268D66EPQ1 of 11 with only three 67 finer, and most of the 65s and 66s look SUPERB! (3/16)$225Image
2065-J$201963J00000060A66EPQGreat low # and only one 67EPQ at PMG finer$375Image
2065-L*$201963L00293932*67EPQTwo 66s, and four 67s at PMG 4-1-16.Top pop and very well centered. This is one of my favorite series as it presents a signifcant challenge. My consignor looked for decades till he found a small group on the internet. He now controls the entire population but he is a reasonable and true collector. A PMG 66EPQ sold from this same group for $500 in a Spink USA sale a few years ago. If the auction market was better we would likely not have these for sale.$950Image
2066-H$201963AH18922476A65EPQOne of only two in 65EPQ at PMG and only a lone 66 finer. St. Louis has always been underated.$175Image
2068-E*$201969AE02964158*64EPQOnly a 65 and 66 finer at PMG 3/17$195Image
2069-F*$201969BF01343756*65EPQOne of four with four finer (3/16).The census quatities haven't changed in the last four years but I have reduced the price$500Image
2069-F*$201969BF01343753*66EPQPop 1 of 3 with one finer (11/12), still on 6/13 price reduced$595Image
2069-J*$201969BJ01596408*PMG30No CU or better stars offered since a couple Gems at Heritage going back to 2002-05, before legitimate TPG appeared. At that time they sold for $1093 and $805 respectively$200Image
2069-J*$201969BJ01476354*35EPQOne of one three finer on this scarce KC Star 3/17$300Image
2069-L$201969BL55862026B64EPQNo CU or better notes, L* and LA offered sinceT&P started the census program. One of one five finer, see below 3/17$200Image
2069-L$201969BL80500877B65EPQOne of two and three finer all 66s 3/17$300Image
2071-K*$201974K03727640*64EPQZero records 1/1 the only 64Q at PMG 3/17 with only three finer. Heritage has not had one go through their auctions since their records began approximately 15 years ago. Only 680,000 printed but a Dallas auction house should have sold at least one in that time!?$275Image
2072-D$201977D32334451B64EPQERROR-Insufficent Inking Error - The top two thirds of this note are very insufficiently inked. This major under drinking is caused by insufficient pressure when the presses are stopped and re-started.$595Image
2072-J*$201977J00138803*66EPQ11 total at PMG 3/17! One of two with a single 68 finer. This is a beauty$200Image
2072-K*$201977K00718090*65EPQ10 total at PMG 3/17 in all grades! One of only two in 65 and a lone 66 finer!$275Image
2074-D*$201981AD01638471*65EPQDifficult even as a type star, only 7 at PMG 3/17 and this is one of two in 65EPQ with two finer.$225Image
2074-L*$201981AL02384481*67EPQOne of three but top pop. Only the D* is known with one 67 at PMG and a total of 4 now with this L* in the mix. Unimprovable$395Image
2075-B$201985B64707234A66EPQERROR-Insufficent Inking Error - A near superb and dramatic error with all the black portions of the third printing missing.$595 Image
2075-C*$201985C04756699*64EPQ1 of only 4 with 5 finer (3/17)$145 Image
2075-C*$201985C04756700*64EPQThese two represent one fifth of the notes in the PMG census$145 Image
2075-E*$201985E04747655*65EPQOnly 10 at PMG but most are better than this 65EPQ as there are 6 finer 3/17.$125 Image
2075-I$201985I80401211A65EPQMinneapolis 1 of 5 with six 66s finer (3/17)$85 Image
2075-K*$201985K02186656*65EPQ8 total at PMG 3/17 but most are Gem with 2 66epqs finer$250 Image
2076-L$201988ANA65EPQERROR-Insufficent Inking Error - This one just as nice is missing all of the third printing.$595 Image
2079-A*$201993A02493124*66EPQNear Superb Boston$95 Image
2079-A*$201993A02493134*66EPQNear Superb Boston$95 Image
2080-L*$201993L05520887*64EPQAffordable near Gem$60 Image
2081-B$201995B37073003B66EPQERROR-Type II Inverted Overprint Error - This is a wonderful error on the much more difficult $20 domination. These errors were caused by feeding the currency sheets incorrectly during the third printing process.$945 Image
2085-B*$201999BB00578948*PMG64DC Star, trimmed but scarce$50 Image
2086-B*$201999BB08034358*65EPQFort Worth Star, Gem Type$59 Image
2090-F*$202004EF01713966*66EPQtype Atlanta Star, Colorized from here to current issue$70no image
2090-G*$202004EG00920532*65EPQtype Chicago Star$60no image
2091-B*$202004AGB04636856*66EPQOnly one is finer with six others sharing this grade (3/16)$75no image
2091-E*$202004AGE00445351*65EPQPop one of two with only a lone 66 and 67 finer (3/16)$80no image
2092-K$202004AGK49872744B66EPQColorized Dallas district$60no image
2094-L$202006IL05932710A66EPQNear the serial number$60no image
$50 FRNs
2101-B$501928AB01834168A53EPQDGS NY$195Image
2101-G$501928AG02457026A65EPQA blazing Gem Type note on Chicago$350Image
2101-H$501928AH00626703APMG64PMG denotes "Foreign Substance" which in this case is some light glue residue within the Treasury Seal. DGS$225Image
2102-H$501934H00259391A66EPQOne of five in DGS but since it is erroneously listed as a LGS, one of six would be more accurate. The high range in the 10th editions SGSS has the high as 236,275 for the LGS and the low at 286,389 for the DGS so you can call the in-betweens "transitional green seals". This is not one of those and I would call it DGS without hesitation. Scarcer than the LGS which is more available in grades above Gem 65EPQ. I can not track a 66DGS in a PMG holder at Heritage since 2007.(4/16)AUCTIONAUCTIONImage
2104-D*$501934BD00113465*PMG30Of a total of only FOUR in the PMG census there are two VF35s finer (3/16). The 1934B series has turned into one of the most popular overall.$1,450 Image
2105-D$501934CD11973634A63EPQOne of two with one 65 finer on a series you rarely see in CU and better on most all districts!n(4/16)$350Image
2105-G$501934CG09166785A64EPQOne of two with only three Gems finer at PMG 3/17$325Image
2106-B*$501934DB00159767*PMG20A very attractive note for a lowend VF and a great Type Star for this very scarce series. A total of six have been submitted to PMG with the 58Q Star selling for $1840 in a Heritage sale two years ago now. The Taylor Sale example described as Fine-Very Fine sold at Heritage for $873 in 2005. (3/16)$495Image
2106-B*$501934DB00160853*PMG25This one is slightly nicer and since I have two make me a reasonable offer.$545Image
2107-I$501950I00063265A64EPQA lovely original Minneapolis District 1950 Fifty. There is an as made wet paper wrinkle about an inch and a half long that is visible above the district seal. I have seen only two or three CU pieces in my lifetime and the PMG census parrots that recollection as this is the only 64EPQ, with only a lone example in 65 and 66 for a total of three in CU or better. One of One with two finer Scarce! (3/16)$375Image
2107-I*$501950I00008081*PMG30Only four at PMG in all grades and this is the one of one with three finer. No Heritage sales records as of 5/2018. An attractive and rare Minneapolis Star.$595Image
2107-K*$501950K00019425*PMG20A truly rare Dallas District Star with only this lone VF and an EF40 in the PMG census (3/16). All these rare Fifty Dollar Stars came from a long term collector so I didn't steal them but still think I purchased this note favorably enough that the price is very fair considering one has never been offered in auction that I can find (3/16).$895Image
2111-H*$501950DH00805851*PMG58One of three and one finer but the centering keeps me from asking more (3/16)$195Image
2114-I$501969I00422842APMG65Minn. Type$195Image
2114-J$501969J00988623A63EPQExcept for Minneapolis, which is plentiful in Gem, this series can be very difficult to find. One of one with one 65 at PMG finer and only four total submitted so far (3/16)$175Image
2117-C$501969CC07962394A65EPQTwo years ago there was only this and 66 in the PMG census now there are 150+ 64 to 67 graded notes! Yikes, definition of a hoard note that I didn't realize was such a large hoard (3/16)$135Image
2117-H$501969CH00919338A66EPQOne of three with only two 67s finer and one is below (6/13)$185Image
2117-I$501969CI01082206A55EPQOne in 45, this one in 55Q and three 65s finer and a scarce Minny(3/16)$100Image
2118-J$501974J04478572APMG58The sole note in the entire PMG census for this FR#TOP POP(3/16)$140Image
2118-G$501974G44833844A64EPQRare radar $50!$295Image
2119-A$501977A04599019A63EPQERROR-This is a dramatic medium dark back on face offset printing error in the toughest denomination of all the $50 note. Only the narrow margin on the left keeps this note from a much higher grade.$845Image
2119-H*$501977H00299246*63EPQA low issue of 512,000 printed on this St. Louis District Star.$245Image
2119-H*$501977H00299247*65EPQOne of four, two finer in 66EPQ. This star is the type for for the series.$375Image
2119-H*$501977H00299245*65EPQOne of four, two finer in 66EPQ. This star is the type for for the series.$375Image
2119-H*$501977H00299248*66EPQOne of four, two finer in 66EPQ. This star is the type for for the series.$495Image
2119-I$501977I01184123A64EPQOne of eight with only four 65s finer(3/16)$125Image
2119-A$501977A04599019A63EPQERROR-This is a dramatic medium dark back on face offset printing error in the toughest denomination of all the $50 note. Only the narrow margin on the left keeps this note from a much higher grade.$845Image
2120-B*$501981B00389126*PC62Only 6 total graded at PMG and only on GEM! This one looks like a 63 should but the lack of PPQ is curious.$110Image
2120-B*$501981B00389109*PC62Never could agree with PCGS and this is another example but this is a case where I though they were too harsh. An occurrence I find to be about one in a hundred at least.$150Image
2120-E$501981E11224964A58EPQ1 of 1 and two 66s finer on this block(3/16)$115Image
2120-E$501981E06004880B66EPQ1 of 1 and one 67 finer (3/16)$195Image
2120-G$501981G15253984A63EPQType on the "Windy District"$105Image
2121-A$501981AA04559760A66EPQOnly five total at PMG and this is one of only two 66Q and a sole 67EPQ is finer at PMG 3/17$250Image
2121-I$501981AI00588628A64EPQThere are no auction records on this note, only three finer at PMG (4/16)$200Image
2122-D$501985D44136002A66EPQThe type for the series and denomination but a 66$150Image
2122-E$501985E11951762A64EPQA couple dozen have been added to the census, price reduced$120Image
2122-E$501985E23716590A65EPQOne of six with seven finer (3/16)$150Image
2123-B$501988B42324220APMG64The only CCU note in the entire PMG census (3/16)$120Image
2123-B$501988B42324215A66EPQAlways a difficult series to find to complete a type set.$150Image
2123-B$501988B42324213A67EPQOne of six and only the 68 below is finer (3/16)$225Image
2123-B$501988B42324214A67EPQThe registration is perfect on all of this run I recently graded$225Image
2124-B*$501990B02708346*65EPQA NY type Star in Gem$125Image
2124-B*$501990B02708358*65EPQThe Type Star for the Series$125Image
2124-D$501990D31005872A64EPQPop 1 of 6 only two finer (3/16)$105Image
2124-D$501990D31005871A64EPQConsecutive pair $195$105Image
2124-L$501990L41693069A65EPQOne of six with four 66s finer (3/16)$125Image
2125-B$501993B75848874C64EPQERROR-Solvent smear error on a $50 note with easily 70% of the note affected on the face. If you want to own one of these ugliest of all errors in my humble opinion it should be one of the more difficult denominations.$345Image
2125-B*$501993B01262668*66EPQOne of four with six finer (3/16)$175Image
2125-E$501993E26395789A66EPQTop Pop, 1 of 3 with one finer (3/16)$155Image
2126-B$501996AB04742861B66EPQType on NY$100Image
2126-E$501996AE64979373A66EPQOne of two with one 67 finer (3/16)$150Image
2126-L$501996AL04150171C66EPQOnly two 67s finer (3/16)$145Image
2128-J$502004EJ15919001A66EPQRember we can not image these colorized notes, only a 67 finer and four in this grade to chose from in the census. (3/16)$125no image
2128-L$502004EL00033553A64EPQSan Fran and a neat low number$125no image
2130-I$502006II12187632A66EPQTop pop and only four digits away from the plate note in the SGSS 10th on page 287.$125no image
2130-I$502006II12187639A66EPQOne of 11 with none finer and I have them all including the plate note (10/12)$125no image
2130-I$502006II12187640A66EPQOne of 11 with none finer and I have them all including the plate note (10/12)$125no image
$100 FRNs
2151-C$1001928AC00328971APMG58the only 58Q at pmg 5 finer, 63q,two 64Q, one 65 and one 66,looks original through the holder (4/16)$395Image
2151-B$1001928AB02119736A64EPQLIGHT GREEN SEAL! Only seven total in CCU or better at PMG (4/16) with this being one of only three in 64EPQ and a lone 65 finer! Great contrasting light green overprint over white, nearly perfect paper.$1,100 Image
2152-G$1001934G03774992A64EPQDark Green Seal and very near Gem, pack fresh$250Image
2152-G$1001934G03774991A65EPQThe Chicago District and the type note of the series in Gem$475Image
2152-H$1001934H00856963APMG63CCU DGS on the St. Louis District$215Image
2152-H*$1001934H00021947*PMG25Used to be Top Pop but is now edged out by a lone VF30. Very attractive and clean for the grade.$325Image
2152-I$1001934I00716791APMG35A cheap undoctored note, lack of EPQ is often inexplicable with PMG.$165Image
2152-L$1001934L06958537A53EPQAttactive, affordable San Francisco district hundred DGS.$185Image
2154-G$1001934BG10292257A50EPQChicago, near CU type on a difficult and popular series.$225Image
2154-G$1001934BG10292259APMG55Chicago, near CU type on a difficult and popular series.$265Image
2154-J$1001934BJ02394294APMG40Chicago, near CU type on a difficult and popular series.$185Image
2155-I$1001934CI01430014A55EPQOnly eighteen graded so far with only five in CU to Gem 3/16$295Image
2157-Cm$1001950C00214433A64EPQOne of only one in this grade and only a lone 65 finer (4/16), original and very crispy white.$295Image
2157-Jm$1001950J00728060A64EPQTop pop and lovely (3/14). There have been no CU's listed in an auction as a single lot in Track & Price so this KC is difficult to price. Now the only 64Q now there are two 65s at PMG (3/16) price reduced$295Image
2161-C*$1001950DC00576227*53EPQTOP POP 1/1 and only two total at pmg 5/18$795Image
2161-L*$1001950DL01001616*PMG64The minor rust is minor indeed as it is a head of a pin speck just below the flourish that the back plate rests above. Took me a few minutes of searching but I finally found it damn-it! A near gem for overall appeal but correctly graded and the small defect does exist in this case at least.$295Image
2163-G*$1001963AG00451107*65EPQThe Type Star for the series but a very nice one at that. There are Six with Nine finer in 66 (11/12)$325Image
2163-L*$1001963AL00641776*65EPQA great patriotic year ending of 1776 on this San. Francisco Star. A near superb example of a fairly scarce star on this district (3/16)$475Image
2166-E$1001969CE10086739A66EPQERROR-Major Misalignment Error - The entire (black & green overprints) third printing is shifted into Franklin's portrait so that the the Richmond District seal is in Franklin's ear. Dramatic and easily GEM or better!$1,495 Image
2168-C$1001977C047….66EPQERROR-Major Obstructed printing error on a $100 note. Only the very smallest portion of the serial number left of Franklin's portrait remains along with all of the Philadelphia District seal.$900Image
2168-H$1001977H00812933A65EPQERROR-Hundred dollar denomination in PMG 65EPQ with the first print missing also known as a Blank Back. A dramatic error and all the more difficult in the hundred dollar denomination!$2,000 Image
2172-A$1001988A06380235A66EPQTOP POP no auction records since tpg with only a total of 8 in all grades at PMG (4/16)$445Image
2173-E$1001990E85117317A66EPQThese all have monster margins only three finer (3/16)$245Image
2173-G*$1001990G02591472*PMG64One of a total of only FOUR in the census and this is second finest and the first I have ever seen personally so it is sure to be of interest. (4/16)$295Image
2173-I$1001990I46113856A66EPQNear Superb Gem Minny, only four finer at PMG (3/16) $225Image
2173-J*$1001990J02528127*65EPQOne of Two and three finer out of a gross total of 16 submitted to PMG so far (4/16)$395Image
2173-K$1001990K32499423A66EPQThis note has now turned up in quantity with 30+ Gem or better grades at PMG (3/16)$195Image
2173-K*$1001990K01053562*66EPQTotal of eight in all grades at PMG with this note being one of four with only one 67 finer (4/16).$595Image
2173-L*$1001990L01427247*64EPQOnly nine Gem or better notes finer now (3/16)$215Image
2173-L*$1001990L00743539*65EPQA PMG66 sold for over $1000 HA/14, one of six with three finer at PMG (4/16)$395Image
2174-C*$1001993C00830891*65EPQPhilly Star Gem$275Image
2174-H*$1001993H02489529*66EPQJust as nice for a lot less dough$250Image
2174-H*$1001993H02489530*67EPQOne of Seven and only one 68 finer that came from my run (3/16)$450Image
2174-I$1001993I03021943A65EPQGreat WW 2 year ending notes(1950,2,4,55-58 are available to the first to ask) and possiblly Birthday notes if anyone was born on March 2nd?$205Image
2175-I$1001996I00767295A64EPQOne of 8 with four finer. I was the only one to find a few consecutives$195
2178-B*$1002003DB04672593*64EPQ21 CCU or better at PMG but no auction records of a certified and very few raw examples have been offered for sale (3/16)$195Image
2178-B*$1002003DB04672594*65EPQOne of Nine with Eight finer$235Image
2180-I$1002006HI11398843A66EPQ#40 IS THE PLATE NOTE$150Image
2180-L*$1002006HL26594373*66EPQOne of 16 but I only have a couple in stock, two finer, see below (3/16)$225Image
2180-L*$1002006HL26594888*67EPQTOP POP 1/2$395Image
2187-C*$1002009ALC00488144*66EPQWe have more than one but list a couple serial numbers only$150no image
2187-C*$1002009ALC00488175-9*67EPQConsecutive pairs for $325, all near perfectly centered.$175no image
2187-L*$1002009ALL04033864-5*66EPQConsecutive pairs for $280. Mix and match districts as long as you buy more than one I will discount as consecutives.$150no image
$500 & $1000 FRNs
WantedALLHighDenoms in all grades!WANTED