Uncertified FRBN

$5 FRBNs
1850-L$51929L00243102AVFThe next is a bit nicer looking over all but I can deal on this one as I bought it right$950 Image
1850-L$51929L00192088AVFAn evenly circulated San Francisco. Evidently a small group appeared and this item will go down in the next edition if I am contracted by F&W to assist on the 11th edition.$1,150 Image
$10 FRBNs
1860-B$101929B02861841AVFA nice choice VF NY$65 Image
1860-H$101929H01144777AVF+Neat repeater digits on this FRBN that is a crumpled up CU and very choice for the technical grade. To mishandled to call EF but I am tempted.SOLD Image
1860-J$101929J00231720ACCU(F)Another earlier release and this is another original beauty that won't grade 65 or better so it is here, in the raw, and affordable.$250 Image
1860-L$101929L00753914AVFThere was no information on San Fran issues but considering their scarcity no doubt most were already in circulation by WW2.SOLD Image
$20 FRBNs
1870-B$201929B02115155ACh/AU+(VF)Excellent embossing, colors and paper quality and a neat serial on a popular type issued at the height of the depression as an emergency issue.SOLD Image
1870-E$201929E01155253AVFAverage VF Richmond FRBN, post WW2 release$50 Image
1870-F$201929F00639611AVF+A better district and choice for the grade$80 Image
1870-H$201929H00424629AAU+/CUFully orginal St. Louis with a pinch on the right and a central paperclip depression. No real signs of circulation.SOLD Image
1870-I$201929I00765310AVF/EFThis Minny is right in the middle of the VF/EF range and affordableSOLD Image
1870-K$201929K00419026ACH/VF+The key to the set and this is a very attractive, fully original alternative, that sports full embossing, crispy white paper and only general handling for circulation. The note will grade a 30-35 net however due to a 1/4" or less tear on the bottom center margin.$395 Image
$50 FRBNs
1880-I$501929I00039260AVFThis entire issue of Minny Fifties was released after Dec. 7th, 1942, such an interesting date which must be coincidence.SOLD Image
1880-J$501929J00205982AVFOnly the first 2001 notes released prior to WW2, so in effect, all were released later into circulation.SOLD IJage
$100 FRBNs
1890-B$1001929B00374380AVF+Very choice and attractive for the grade with a slightly crumpled look over crisp, white paper is the only circulation, other than a couple vertical folds, that hampers this note froma higher grade.$200 Image
1890-B$1001929B00417976ACCU(F)New York premium white paper and embossing+F710$445 Image
1890-E$1001929E00078700AVF+Neat serial number on a scarcer district in unfettered, choice original condition.SOLD Image
1890-G$1001929G00092079AVF+/EFA scarce early release Chicago Hundred$225 Image
1890-I$1001929I00056655AVFAll are in the late issue range and very affordable considering a program buyer has been sucking up anything in F to VF for $160 and up. A quaint serial number adds to the value.$190 Image
1890-I$1001929I00111798AEFMinneapolis with excellent embossing and light mishandling throughout but no definite folds, a note doctors dream.$270 Image
1890-I$1001929I00099213ACCU(F+)All late WW2 release, this Minny has all the attributes needed for 64EPQ grade, yet I can't spend all my time and money on PMG grades. We have to have a few items we can still experience the "Feel of Steel"SOLD Image
1890-J$1001929J00086655ACU(F)An affordable, attractive Hundred on KC that lacks the abundant embossing typical of the issue. Although this note should grade 62/63 it will not EPQ as it is flat.SOLD Image