News + Updates 1-29-17

Happy New Year Everyone!

Nang and I are happy to be here in Florida and we wish you all a Wonderful New Year!

Between Blizzards I have updated the $1-2 FRN Raw, Large Size, Large and Small Nationals and am currently half way through a major update on the Certified FRN page. A large number of misc. new purchases are also breaking in my next BNR advert likely out by now.

The year in review will be short as I wish not to dwell on its shortcomings. Most of the shows I attended were about the same as last year with my favorite, March CPMX, no longer taking place. Yet the good news..PCDA, which I didn’t attend for lack of profitability over the last decade, is now moving to the CPMX month of March. I will be happily attending this show and hope many of the previous CPMX attendees show up again along with the PCDA attendees.

I am also attending the Baltimore shows in November and again this March. It was a pretty decent show for me at the last Baltimore show and I look forward to reconnecting with the East Coast Show customers.

The Best to You All,
Scott and Nang

News + Updates 3-23-2016

Just returned from the CPMX and most of the news was good. Had a much improved event as compared to the previous year where the Show Organizer, F&W publishing of Banknote Reporter fame, seemed to forget they had a show to run. The very good news is this year was dramatically improved for attendance by collectors and most I spoke with in Chicago had a good show this time around. In 2014 I had the best show since I went independent again in 2009 after a successful stint of nearly eight years at R. M. Smythe & Co. The 2015 results were a true outlier in my experience at this show I have been attending since the mid 1990’s. The CPMX has always been one of the best events from the perspective of selling directly to collectors.

My sincere thanks goes out to all the collectors who made the effort to come see our wares close-up and in person. It takes real effort on everyone’s part to keep these events relevant and breathing! A great suggestion from another dealer that the PCDA show in November(I am no longer attending as it is the poorest performing show consistently for the last decade plus) be combined with the CPMX. To be held in March not in November which is traditionally a bad month for shows. This is mentioned as no dates are set for the coming CPMX next March and I fear we may have attended our last.

FRN’s continue to be updated and a fresh batch has slowed up my uploading of the extensive Cert. FRN list. To be completed
by April 1st.

Numismatic Regards,

News +Updates 10-30-15

A few happy NYC area collectors just returned from another fun-filled Wall Street Show held by John Herzog at his gorgeous and wonderfully presented Museum of American Finance at 48 Wall Street, on the site of the former and storied Bank of New York. This rare NYC show is in keeping with John and his “Team” of show organizers ways of Strasburg’s past. Often cited as the best show for Scripopholy, the Strasburg, Pennsylvania shows held under John Herzog’s auction Company of R. M. Smythe & Co., was certainly the best mixed Stock & Bond/ Banknote shows on the east coast for close to a decade.

The bourse was held on the main floor of the AMoF for the first time this year and there was literally a buzz this past weekend of Oct. 22-24th. I wish to personally thank Christopher, Rick, Roger and Ira for stopping by and making the show all the more interesting. Business has always been modest in the previous four shows and I will never profess it a great commercial success, yet this year was decidedly better attended with numerous dealers walking the floor. Without going into great detail you will never be better treated as a table holder than at one of John Herzog’s bourse events.

Shows around the country seem to be suffering for attendance and I can say from personal experience that only Memphis was an improved event from the previous couple years. Auctions have also been ‘mixed’ since my last post early this past spring, when things were decidedly less so. Buying opportunities exist for $5 and $10 Silver Certificates in high grade and all the rare varietals are more affordable today in grades below Gem than I have ever seen in my lifetime. If it is not Gem65Q it is being ignored by what appears to be a growing majority leaving many bargains of great rarity that are only available in mid grades. You may likely never see a time when you can fill those empty spots in your collection for the bargain prices of today in mid-grade, small size rarities.

Keeping busy with updated Small Size sections below:

Silver Certificates Certified – Completely updated with a couple hundred new items

WW2 Uncertified North Africa and Hawaii – Complete update

Gold Certificates Uncertified – Complete update

Federal Reserve Banknotes 1929 –Complete update

Nest shows are November Chicago PCDA and Tampa FUN show in January. Please see “Show Schedule” for complete details on the shows we attend.

Come see me at the shows or call or write anytime. The weather has turned cold and I am cloistered in the warmth of my office, updating sections and filling orders. ‘Tis the season to get busy with my site and my own favorite collections.

Numismatic Regards,
Scott Lindquist

Hello All in 2015.

We have disposed with the string of posts running at the end of the most recent posts. Four years is long enough and of course the useful information was saved.

The market has been quite robust this past couple of years. Especially so for the premium rarities in high grades or even some notes we considered ‘common’ selling for 10 times what they would have sold for in the run-up to the last small-size, market peak, April of 2008. Of course the more generic material that is always readily available remains so and at prices similar to 10 years ago. The strengthening economy has seen an uptick in this market as well as the “program” buyers have started sucking more material up for the non-numismatic marketplace.

The strongest areas in small size, 1928 FRNs, Light Green Seals, High Denominations and Pop One material in general, are driven by an elite group of collectors with literally millions to spare. I have never seen a FRN market like there is today with some $100s in particular selling for 4 or 5 times what I might be willing to pay. Ones market reality is obviously based, heavily, upon the spare change in your bank account. Yikes!

I empathize with the collectors out there being blown out of the water in recent auctions, especially at Heritage, but it is part and parcel to being in a collecting field where the demand and prices can be quickly ratcheted up to levels well beyond our modest expectations. The supply has always been incredibly thin in Small-Size when compared to our ‘big brother’ coins or even with many Large Size issues being more available. At least we can enjoy an increase in our collections’ value along with our bank accounts as it is getting very difficult collecting increasingly scarce “GEMS”.

The CPMX show has fallen on hard times and appears to be toast. Sad as it was always my best retail show in the Chicago area but just like the Small Size guide F & W publications isn’t making enough money. In my opinion based on a corner cutting corporate structure that is doomed to producing ever worse products.

The Large Size Federal and Nationals, along with the Small Size Nationals have all been updated as of 3-24-15.

Numismatic Regards,

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