Uncertified North Africa

SOLDS 1/29/17
North Africa
2306$11935AI36118863CCCU(VF)Not as white as the one below with a bit of counting smudges but very well centered and light handlingSOLDImage
2306$11935AI36286069CCCU(VF)White for the issue as some can be subdued with a gray cast to the paperSOLDImage
2306$11935AR94391170CGEM(VF)Will likely 65 or better at PMG but I can slab them all. Excellent margins, embossing and original paper.SOLDImage
2307$51934AK56998334ACH/AU(F)Bright, white and original with just one hard center fold that shows more on the backSOLDImage
2307fp307$51934AK60780353AVFVF face plate 307$130Image
2309$101934AA93076644AF/VFBetter AA block in average, affordable circ.$60Image
2309$101934AB00513443AVG/Flight soiling and stains$35Image
2309$101934AB04060709AFinelight staining top margin$50Image
2309$101934AVariousF/VFA decent circ. BA block example$65no image
2309$101934AB02539140AVF+Solid for the grade without issuesSOLDImage
2309$101934AB04744531ACCU(F)A 63 that is a bit shifted to the upper left and has a browned corner tip but is priced right. Generous embossing and decent color for the issue.SOLDImage
2309$101934AB03662543ACCU(VF)Shot 65 grade that has the whiter paper of this earlier print run. Excellent eye appeal and color contrasts.$475Image
2309*$101934A*01183349AVFOn the lower end of the VF range this note also has a 1/8" margin split or two but not intot the design.SOLDImage