Uncertified Hawaii

WW II Emergency Issues
UPDATE DUE 4/28/17
2300$11935AY71453095BAU(F+)A lightly circulated hard cfold AU with good embossingSOLDImage
2300$11935AZ99478352BFineA much better block rarely seen in circ$65Image
2300$11935AA99992235CGoodVery close to the highest possible serial #$50no image
2300$11935AC00220552CFineA couple of spots but a better block and serial$59no image
2300$11935AS50214677CCCU(F)One of the more original notes in the groupSOLDImage
2300$11935AS48362391CCCU(F)Original decently centered$145Image
2300$11935AS46318890CCCU(F)Bright paper and deep overprintsSOLDImage
2300$11935AS43202048CCCU(F)Well embossed with good color this one is a lovely Uncirculated note but is a bit tighter on the top margin.$155Image
2300$11935AS53750918CGEM(VF)Consecutives that would cost 20% more if certified$225Image
2300$11935AS53750919CGEM(VF)The raw pair of consecs for $425$225Image
2300$11935AS53750921CGEM(VF)Another near consecutive single of equal qualitySOLDImage
2300*$11935A*70288314AVG/FEven overall soiling on this star with ample paper body. It feels better than it looks.SOLDImage
2300*$11935A*87363150AVF+A bright white, pressed to look EF or better, Hawaii Star! Very attractive doctoring didn't hurt this notes eye appeal but 'it is what it is', pressed with two slightly hidden staple holes and can be seen in Pres. Washingtons right ear and lapel. SOLDImage
2303$101934AL66406874ACH/AUA light center fold and some edge foxing keep me from asking more$395Image
2303$101934AL45229241BFineBut choice for the gradeSOLDImage
2303$101934AL12167265BVF+/EFGreat paper and embossing to boot on this lightly circulated, crackling fresh noteSOLDImage
2303$101934AL50505660BEF/AUThough it looks CU it is not and has been flattened to appear nicer$245Image
2305$201934AL89615820ACH/VFVery choice for the grade as most would call an EFSOLDImage
2305$201934AL87745916AAU(VF)A light wallet bend from a 64+ grade. This note has bright paper for the issue and better than average embossing, centering and originality.SOLDImage