Certified Hawaii

WW II Emergency Issues
Complete Update DUE
SOLD UPDATE 11/13/17

2300$11935AA99813359CPC20A decent affordable certified circ.$100Image
2300$11935AA99328859CPMG62Correctly graded as the bottom margin is a bit tight. A scarce block in CU and better, attested to by the fact that PMG has only 14 finer than this note (9/16).$795Image
2300$11935AC04091782C65EPQAttractive for the grade and price and far from the most common block$325Image
2300$11935AC00002633C65EPQGreat four digit Gems on the only low number block of the Hawaii issue$415Image
2300$11935AC00002634C65EPQThe only block you will see in low numbers on a Hawaii $1 SC.$415Image
2300$11935AC00002635C65EPQOr take any consecutive pair for $800, $1100 for all three$415Image
2300$11935AF41971270C65EPQCheap for a 65 but it is a weak 65 by my estimationSOLDImage
2300$11935AL76245934CPMG64A very scarce block that is CCU SOLDImage
2300$11935AL78642213C66EPQTom Flynn pedigree and a nice 66 that just misses Superb. One of 16 in this PMG grade with only 7 finer in 67. The LC has always been an under valued block considering its scarcity relative to other blocks (9/16).SOLDImage
2300$11935AL77976175C67EPQThe scarce LC block which is difficult in Gem and this is one of only five 67's in the PMG census (10/14)SOLDImage
2300$11935AS54765223C65EPQThe generic block that is now selling for its previous higher levels in 65 or better.$275Image
2301$51934L12432925A63EPQThe much scarcer non-mule with embossing and the whiter paper of these earliest runs. The back is also of a lighter green hue that some have made effort to classify as a variety. Also has had 1 to 2 mm of the top and 3mm or more trimmed from the margins. The rookie whom graded this at PMG should be fired!SOLDSOLD
2302$51934AL66874385APMG63Half the embossing remains but may have been book pressed?$495Image
2302$51934AL55955902A63EPQOf course the back is centered well and the embossing and paper colors remain original on this Hawaii five.$595Image
2302$51934AL55374042A65EPQAn obvious Gem with well balanced margins and very evident embossing on the third and Hawaii overprints.$995Image
2304-5$2034-34AWANTEDALLGrades 30EPQ and better. Stars are always wantedWANTED
2304m$201934L56524685APC25A better series and denominationSOLDImage
2304$201934L34103262APMG30Impossible in CU and better!SOLDImage
2305$201934AL86162750APMG25The back plate 204 variety I haven't had for a whileSOLDImage
2305$201934AL89629198APMG 35A very nice and orginal note that has better paper than the 35EPQ to follow but does have a bit of soiling/toning in the upper right corner as you face the back only.SOLDImage
2305*$201934AL00865752*PMG25To my eyes this is a nice Fine Star Twenty and as such is priced to sell. A difficult note to find in better grades and always in demand.SOLDImage