Certified Hawaii

WW II Emergency Issues
Last updated 6-4-18Hawaii
2300$11935AC04091782C65EPQAttractive for the grade and price and far from the most common block$325Image
2300$11935AC00002633C65EPQGreat four digit Gems on the only low number block of the Hawaii issue$395Image
2300$11935AC00002634C65EPQThe only block you will see in low numbers on a Hawaii $1 SC.$395Image
2300$11935AC00002635C65EPQOr take any consecutive pair for $800, $1100 for all three$395Image
2300$11935AL77764131C66EPQRare block in GEM+$395Image
2300$11935AS54765223C65EPQThe generic block that is now selling for its previous higher levels in 65 or better.$275Image
2300*$11935A*70314193APMG64Near Gem Hawaii Star that looks nicer than the EPQ below$1,895 Image
2300*$11935A*70312043A64EPQWhite and EPQ Hawaii Star with good color and embossing$2,195 Image
2302$51934AL66874385APMG63Half the embossing remains but may have been book pressed?$425Image
2302$51934AL55955902A63EPQOf course the back is centered well and the embossing and paper colors remain original on this Hawaii five.$500Image
2303$101934AL69921089APMG50Flat but looks CU to the untrained eye!$300Image
2303$101934AL67620838A65EPQThe PCGS banknote grading of the WORLD!! Nicer Holder than pcgs/currency USA branch. Wonderful original note from the whiter run with great embossing!$950Image
2303$101934AL67939301A65EPQVery white, and well embossed and few are except from the LA runÂ…$1,100 Image
2303$101934AL70884632A65EPQGem Ten Hawaii with margins of a 65/66$1,150 Image
2304-5$2034-34AWANTEDALLGrades 30EPQ and better. Stars are always wantedWANTED
2305$201934AL88919349A50EPQLooks nicer, affordable!$375Image