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$1 Silver Certificates
1600$11928A17879241A64EPQFirst block and really a gem with extra right margin and perfect registrationSOLDImage
1600$11928A17877866A66EPQIt seems most will pay a 50% premium now for 66s, esp. in this first block beautySOLDImage
1600$11928B00000084A64EPQA great low number note with blast white paper and gem margins on the face$345Image
1600$11928D60000060A65EPQA great serial number on a Gem DA block$345Image
1600$11928F00000040A64EPQ*Another low serial number on a note PMG could have given me a 65 based on the 'star' symbol next to the 64SOLDImage
1600$11928F21222221A64EPQA great fancy, near solid and one that has .5mm less bottom margin and no star symbolSOLDImage
1600$11928F30003003A66EPQSuper number on an absolute GemSOLDImage
1600$11928H31864435A64EPQTwo to chose from, pair for $180SOLDImage
1600$11928H31864437A64EPQSuper fresh consecutive notes with just a bit of shift high$110Image
1600*$11928*06038984A63EPQProperly graded and affordable first series, funnyback star.SOLDImage
1600*$11928*09026750A65EPQOne of only 14 with 9 finer in 66 but I have enough trouble just finding one PMG65. This one, although I agree it is Gem, where the margins are on the boarder line. Difficult and affordable (4/14)$995Image
1600*$11928*00232539A66EPQWith a sliver more bottom margin this would be a 67 but as there aren't any this is surely one of the finer 66s in a PMG holder. Blast white paper and superb embossing under the heavy inks. An interesting lower serial number range than most I have seen.SOLDImage
1601$11928AH15982542A66EPQAn availabe block that is easily Superb by PCGS standardsSOLDImage
1601$11928AJ12820381A64EPQAnother available block in this series$95Image
1601$11928AJ72639770A65EPQCommon block and too cheap as a PMG65Q$125Image
1601$11928AK93585359A63EPQI purchased a nice collection but you can't find all the blocks in Gem even if you look for 30+ years like this gent.$85Image
1601$11928AK00000110A63EPQA neat Binary that seem cheap for nowSOLDImage
1601$11928AK00000190A65EPQAnother fancy but this one is a slam dunk gem with superiour margins and color to most 65's and some 66's$295Image
1601$11928AL29999993A64EPQA near solid "Nine" note that are in great demandSOLDImage
1601$11928AM17333514A64EPQOriginal with an as made wet paper wrinkle right$85Image
1601$11928AM22228222APMG58A near solid that didn't quite make the grade$195Image
1601$11928AN02222222A58EPQ*A great serial number and that silly "Star" symbol that means nothing to anyone it is so arbitrary. Boo PMG Boo for your obvious attempt to add .5 to the equally silly Sheldon system of 1 to 70.SOLDImage
1601$11928AN79286004A64EPQA better block in Gem as there are only five finer and five in PMG64QSOLDImage
1601$11928AP08240584A64EPQ1 of 10 w/ 12 finer and appears to be a better block than first thought (10/15)$95Image
1601$11928AP08240588A64EPQ1 of 10 w/ 12 finer and appears to be a better block than first thought (10/15)$95Image
1601$11928AP39679268A64EPQOne of 10 now with 12 finer but this one is Gem in every respect so if priced higher but still a bargain (10/15)$105Image
1601$11928AQ78957218A67EPQOne of only two in this lofty PMG grade for the block! Top pop and priced near a generic 67 (10/15)SOLDImage
1601$11928AR87046943A64NETLooks gem and I have no idea where the 'foreign substance' is$85Image
1601$11928AR76823241A64EPQWithout the net with only centering keeping it out of 65, Gem grade.$95Image
1601$11928AS15429182A66EPQBlazing, white paper and deep, green, blue and black inks.$150Image
1601$11928AT54239549A66EPQOne of only 9 in 66 at PMG for this block with only a lone 67 finer (10/15)SOLDImage
1601$11928AV77627628APMG58PMG is seeing things on this note so it is a super bargain.SOLDImage
1601$11928AW06333680A64EPQSemi-fancy that I thought might 65$100Image
1601$11928AX75372043A65EPQWhite and embossed every one on this type block$125Image
1601$11928AX63908071A65EPQLovely type block$125Image
1601$11928AX75517795A66EPQAnother type block in 66$150Image
1601$11928AA93391214B64EPQThis is a near COP from the same collection, see 1602 A11B ending!(4/14)$115Image
1601$11928AC01824077B58EPQThe "B" suffix group is one of the more difficult in the 28A series.SOLDImage
1601$11928AC90351094B66EPQOne of eight and only one 67 finer on this block at PMG with 57 total on this block graded at PMG as of (10/15)$245Image
1601$11928AD29601543B65EPQA standout Gem with only 14 finer and 10 in PMG65Q. Remember if it isn't EPQ it can't be Gem at PMG unlike other TPG's who seem to think a pressed and doctored note can be Gem, even Superb without their PPQ moniker. Ridiculous and beyond the pale and the main reason, beyond the worst holder design of any TPG services, I abhor PCGS holders!!$175Image
1601$11928AF47266053B66EPQOne of eight and only one 67 finer on this block at PMG (10/15)SOLDImage
1601$11928AG52787905B65EPQOne of nine in this lofty PMG grade with only 6 finer (10/15)SOLDImage
1601$11928AH67016313BPMG58There are only 13 graded at PMG on this block and 9 of them are better than this (10/15)$75Image
1601$11928AI83760920B53EPQThere are only 13 graded at PMG on this block and 9 of them are better than this (10/15)$135Image
1601*$11928A*01773959A63EPQAn affordabel Star for a change with great embossing. A bit of smudging and a tight margin keep it well out of Gem moneySOLDImage
1601*$11928A*27893332A64EPQAll the Gem attributes but an overly large right margin keeps it from Gem. This kind of center-centric grading gives many the incentive to trim notes now.SOLDImage
1601*$11928A*33434414A65EPQA nice 65, just a question of if you want this one with the narrower face design, evidently due to shrinkage in the wet paper process, which makes the margins larger. $1,195 Image
1601/2exp$11928A/BWANTEDAU and betterALL X,Y,ZB, experimental blocks WANTED
1601exp$11928AY00000040B65EPQOne of the few available notes in this experimental series in PMG but this one has a special numberSOLDImage
1602exp$11928BX00000040B64EPQAlways in great demand as the 63EPQ just sold in auction for around $750 without a fancy.SOLDImage
1602exp$11928BX00077778B62EPQA special serial number on the toughest block to find in CU on this series (4/14)$795Image
1602exp$11928BY07872337B53EPQScarce since the registry sets started up this is a more affordable example.SOLDImage
1602exp$11928BY07027863B65EPQOne of five with only 4 66s finer at PMG 10/15SOLDImage
1602exp$11928BZ05346403B64EPQJust a bit nicer than the one below. This ZB block has only 3 in PMG64Q and 3 in 65Q so we currently have 66% of the second finest with only three finer in a superior PMG holder.$575Image
1602exp$11928BZ05221325B64EPQWe are always interested in buying ALL experimental issues!$525Image
1602exp$11928BZ06151179B64EPQAnother one that didn't make 65EPQSOLDImage
Regular issues cont.
1602$11928BZ88602670A67EPQOne of only Two in this grade and Top Pop for the block as there are few 68s on the entire series 10/15.SOLDImage
1602$11928BA99999922B58EPQA lot of nines so my best guess on price as much as anyone's$395Image
1602$11928BA93391211BPMG64This note is a case study on two counts; it is only 2 numbers removed from the 1601 above with serial number A93391214B so a near COP (change-over pair), and also for the lack of EPQ due to a 1mm razor knick in the top margin. I measured. PMG is notorious for this and although I can see there point, to a degree, it is punitive in cases like this where the note is obviously a slam dunk 66 otherwise. Even in this era it was customary to use razor knives to cut the bricks from thier respective wrappings. I would have never noticed 90% of these knicks if it were not for submitting to PMG.$125Image
1602$11928BB63389541B63EPQEasily a 64 on the face, white, very well centered with smashing embossing (4/14)SOLDImage
1602$11928BC78193140B64EPQOne of seven with only ten finer for the block in the PMG census (4/14)SOLDImage
1602$11928BD81702445B63EPQTight on the bottom, 28B funnybacks in GEM have always been difficult to find in all but a few hoard blocks.$80Image
1602$11928BD78507085B65EPQOne of only eight 65s with twelve 66s and two 67s finer (4/14)$195Image
1602$11928BF22934156B65EPQThe GB block is still the most common in GemSOLDImage
1602$11928BH82136217B65EPQA total of 26 in all grades of this block have been submitted (4/14)$175Image
1602$11928BI21950439B64EPQThis is a Gem but is being punished for one large margin. I paid $100 with the grading fees, a super duper 64!$115Image
1602$11928BI21950440B64EPQYou be the judge of these consecutives I would take $210 for, "GEM 64s)$115Image
1602$11928BI12640461B65EPQObviously a type block. I still like the margins of the 64s better.$165Image
1602*$11928B*30077510A40EPQLovely original Star with a monster right marginSOLDImage
1603$11928CB29449226B65EPQThe type for the series but I thought this should have a 66 on the holderSOLDImage
1603$11928CD34751607B53EPQA very scarce block with only 11 total graded at PMG in all grades 10-15. A light center bend is visible on the back only with some handling. The contrasting colors of the paper and ink are superb on this note that falls squarely in the middle of the condition census.SOLDImage
1603$11928CD92849339B64EPQVery rare block with only 11 graded at PMG in all grades. One of three in 64Q with a lone 65 and 66 finer (4/14)SOLDImage
1603$11928CE71349606B64EPQDarned scarce, 1 of 2 in this grade with two 65s and one 66 finer (9/13)$1,195 Image
1603$11928CG55751962B45EPQAs gorgeous a 45EPQ as you will ever seeSOLDImage
1603$11928CG43787877B64EPQOne of five with 8 finer on 10-15, a much more difficult block in this lofty, near gem grade$950Image
1603$11928CI48962995BPMG25Only 13 graded at PMG as of 10/15 with most better than this VF$250Image
1603$11928CI64969172B62EPQOnly 13 graded at PMG as of 10/15, this note is one of one with only a lone note finer in 64 and 65EPQ$900Image
1604$11928DD82596402BPMG64No EPQ but cut from sheet as most all these DB blocks are, and with 66 centering. I can find no offending reason why this is not gem but for a natural paper craze.$550Image
1604$11928DD82596260B65EPQThe common type in Gem for the series normally cut from sheets as was this one.$700Image
1604$11928DG24222671B63EPQGreat embossing, inking and white paper on a much scarcer block. Only 13 to date (10/15) in all grades at PMG and this 63Q is exceeded by only one 65Q and a 64 flat.$950Image
1604$11928DH90735569BPMG30Dead on for the grade as PMG has finally started grading the VG to VF ranges a lot less liberally.$150Image
1604$11928DH93724184B63EPQThe third most available block in the series.SOLDImage
1604$11928DH77822831B64EPQThere are currently 16 finer at PMG 10-15$550Image
1604$11928DI91350715B55EPQNot a rare block but a beauty of a slider that looks Gem but for one off center wallet bend.$275Image
1604$11928DI24094591BPMG58NET for aged paper and a spot on back, affordable but not real attractive$195Image
1604$11928DI24019347B64EPQA more available block but still difficult in Gem as there are only 12 finer than this nice CCU+ specimen$395Image
1604$11928DJ49000396B65EPQOnly 13 graded at PMG as of 10/15 with this beauty being one of two in 65 and a lone 66 finer! Damned scarce with only 2 other GEMs in PMG holders and this note has great color, embossing and paper surfaces!SOLDImage
1605$11928EH07196864BPMG25Most are better than this VFSOLDImage
1605$11928EI13193215BPMG20Yeah but barley VF so I am pricing below book$545Image
1605$11928EI69106942BPMG25A solid VF of the Key to FunnyBack series$595Image
1606$11934B66525236A64EPQThe slightest of skewed margins from a GemSOLDImage
1606$11934C39995550A65EPQAmple margins on this well centered Gem with the added bonus of a semi-fancy serial number$275Image
1606$11934D09248923A64EPQ*Based on what I paid I expected a 65 so I guess the Star symbol on this one is a "tough luck Charley" symbol. I don't like 'em and think they are a stupid marketing ploy.SOLDImage
1606$11934D13243402APMG64A smudge from EPQ and possibly GemSOLDImage
1606$11934D44317910A65EPQOne fresh 65 that won't last long.SOLDImage
1606$11934D74986916A66EPQAnd one 66, ditto$225Image
1606$11934F84906448A65EPQAttractive and obviously Gem along with the fact that it is a less available block$245Image
1606*$11934*03132183A58EPQA great slider that a customer paid CU money. A great one year type in a starSOLDImage
1607$11935A07869743A64EPQThe type block and the first for this unique seriesSOLDImage
1607$11935B00025000A65EPQFancy, Gorgeous and White!SOLDImage
1607$11935B14573436A64EPQOnly 16 finer 10-15 at PMGSOLDImage
1607$11935C05487657A58EPQI see the light, hidden fold just right of the Treasury SealSOLDImage
1607$11935D17192631APMG64A more affordable TPG alternativeSOLDImage
1607$11935D17192619APMG64Consecutive but no EPQ, am I missing something?SOLDImage
1607$11935D17192620A64EPQConsec pair for $85SOLDImage
1607$11935F53393670A64EPQMore affordable now that this run has come out in PMG holders$75Image
1607$11935F75902435A65EPQA nice little run of these have come out and been slabbed at PMG$125Image
1607$11935F75902436A65EPQNow there are 29 in Gem at PMG with about a dozen each in five and 6 and a few 67s (10/15)$125Image
1607$11935G84984466APMG58Now only eleven in Gem at PMG 10-15SOLDImage
1607$11935I00149067APMG64The lack of EPQ is obvious as there is a spot on the back above "America"$65Image
1607$11935K47654365APMG64A margin nick from EPQ which PMG is not as pedantic about lately$49Image
1607$11935K34771981A66EPQOne of Six with only a lone 67 finer 10-15SOLDImage
1607$11935L63373564A65EPQThirteen now with 18 finer at PMG 10-15$90Image
1607$11935M22227598A58EPQPriced as low as I can go…$60Image
1607$11935M22237588A63EPQThere are currently 8 in 65 and 7 in 66 (10/15).$85Image
1607$11935M22237589A63EPQThis is about the seventh most difficult block based on total graded at PMG to date.$85Image
1607$11935M04332664A65EPQOne of eight with only eight finer at PMG 10-15$150Image
1607$11935M45626892A66EPQOf the 7 in this grade at PMG 10-15 there is only a sole 67 finer. One block I have sold few of until recently and not in a certified Gem.SOLDImage
1607$11935N75105996A50EPQA scrarcer block in a more affordable alternative that has a light horizontal which shows on the back only$50Image
1607$11935N04013275APMG64A small paper clip mark or nick from Gem65SOLDImage
1607$11935N04013271A65EPQA couple of 65s left from a group I was able to sell at reasonable prices but the well is running dry now.SOLDImage
1607$11935P10483693A63EPQThe fourth scarcest block, tied for the EA at 22 total submitted in all grades to PMG after over 10 years$225Image
1607$11935Q01408117A55EPQThe rarest 1935 Series non-mule block with only a total of 11 submitted through 10-15.SOLDImage
1607$11935R46628045A64EPQRarely offered in CCU and there are only two 65s finer at PMG 10-15.SOLDImage
1607*$11935*00305638APMG 63An affordable but flat CCUSOLDImage
1607*$11935*02669303APMG 64Obviously original paper but a small top margin nick and the fact that it is likely trimmed from EPQ$675Image
1607*$11935*09828421A64EPQWith the EPQ and fuller margins at about $100 a mm. The key to the 35 stars and a basic one year type that most all need to complete the set.$895Image
1607*$11935*13811138A64EPQA special serial on a difficult, one year type, Star$995Image
1607*$11935*00001040A64EPQA great Oil serial number esp. if it were to have a W suffix! Six Zeros grace this nearly perfect binary serial number on a much more difficult Star that is consecutive to a PMG65EPQ and there is no difference between the notes.$1,395 Image
1607m$11935P65536840APMG30There are only 40 mules graded at PMG for all 5 blocks of 1607 mules. This one with 15 total submitted in all grades is the "common" block 10-15.$225Image
1607m$11935Q13059113APMG20Only 6 at PMG 10/15, and although not pretty it is priced very fairly considering the rarity.$135Image
1607m$11935Q05412747APMG64Only 6 total at PMG for this rarest block, second only to the MA which has had only 2 submitted in low grade, one of which I recently sold for a client 10-15. Pop 1 of 1 with only one 66EPQ finer!SOLDImage
1607m*$11935*AALLStar mules wanted in all grades!!WANTED
1607exp$11935A03111153BPMG64A cool serial number that is priced to sell as the note is nicely centered and white but has been wet and has wrinkles throughout the note.$225Image
1607exp$11935A02251624B63EPQA standard CCU and the most affordable AB experimentalSOLDImage
1607exp$11935A02251648B65EPQA premium 65EPQ with fantastic registration, margins and color.SOLDImage
1607exp$11935B00000037B64EPQThe typical low number one sees often on these 1935 series experimentalsSOLDImage
1607exp$11935B00234288B65EPQA BB Experimental with the start of a ladder and in a Gem holder for a change.SOLDImage
1607exp$11935C00000050B64EPQThe CB is the most difficult to find in CCU to GEM on these experimental issuesSOLDImage
1608m$11935AM78885874A64EPQOne of two with 8 finer at PMG 10-15$100Image
1608m$11935AN48442634A64EPQA scarcer mule with only 18 graded at PMG to date 10/15 with nine Gems finer$195Image
1608m$11935AP10678780A45EPQOnly 19 but most are CU or better though this one looks it as well$55Image
1608m$11935AR67630619A64EPQOne of five in this grade with only 5 finer 10-15$140Image
1608m$11935AS34938110A55EPQLooks like a 64 or better but has a whisp of a center bend on this 'common' block with 23 total at PMG 10-15$60Image
1608m$11935AT07086643A66EPQThe only 66 1608 mule I have ever had has been two on this blockSOLDImage
1608m$11935AU38165662A45EPQI consider this one of the more available blocks yet only 11 have been submitted as of 10-15$65Image
1608m$11935AU87217476A63EPQEleven total at PMG 10/15 with five finer than this scarcer mule$175Image
1608m$11935AV33597222A63EPQ16 at PMG 10-15 so a bit more 'available' and affordable CCU example$75Image
1608m$11935AW86728436APMG58Really scarce in high grade with only 8 at PMG 10-15$100Image
1608m$11935AX35562828A55EPQThere are two in this grade with one finer and one lesser of the total of FOUR graded 10-15$150Image
1608m$11935AX15467998A55EPQI have both of the PMG55Q here and they represent 50% of the total of 4 currently in PMG holders only one is finer, a 64Q. The eye appeal is easily worth the extra dollars.$195Image
1608m$11935AY77195056APMG35Crazy that in 10+ years that only 5 have been graded at PMG!$125Image
1608m$11935AY38492150A58EPQFive total at PMG 10/15! This is Top Pop!$245Image
1608m$11935AZ24695334A30EPQOnly 5 at PMG 10-15 and thought these are both the lowest grades$100Image
1608m$11935AZ46996102APMG45They are exceedingly scarce to rare$125Image
1608m*$11935A*25216412A63EPQShifted high and right but these mule Stars have never been easy in CU or better.$595Image
1608m$11935AA53899557BPMG40Only 4 at PMG 10/15 with only two finer and the 45 just sold for around $300+SOLDImage
1608m$11935AB11847106B58EPQOne of three in this grade with only two finer, a 63Q and 65Q.$275Image
1608m$11935AB06421868B58EPQOne of three in this grade with only two finer, a 63Q and 65Q 10-15.$275Image
1608m$11935AC98489899BPMG63A rare mule with only two finer with a total of 3 at PMG 10/15.SOLDImage
1608m$11935AD73403539BPMG20Only 3 total graded at PMG and the slightly better one sold for $500+SOLDImage
1608$11935AX11290665A65EPQThese A suffix range are all very scarce in CU or better as this note proves. Only 9 total graded at PMG 10/15 and only three are finer than this super white gem!SOLDImage
1608$11935AI99954069C64EPQThis block is shared with the North Af. issue$25Image
1608$11935AI99954065C65EPQThis block is shared with the North Af. issue$35Image
1608$11935AI99954083C66EPQA great 66 with a 999 start on a shared block$45Image
1608$11935AA63802861D64EPQGem centering throughout and a note that should have been a 65. Look at these broad margins!$35Image
1608$11935AC95337998D64EPQI thought this was easily a 65$29Image
1608*$11935A*93796877A45EPQChoice Extremely Fine$65Image
1608*$11935A*97402043A58EPQA note that looks absolutely GEM in every way. Really this note looks much better than the 65 I just acquired.$115Image
R and S Experimental
1609$11935AS71856968C58EPQWell centered R experimental that looks as nice as many in Gem slabs$395 Image
1609$11935AS71288808C63EPQR Experimental, this one with typical centering and orginal paper and embossing$495 Image
1609$11935AS71288902C64EPQR Experimental, this one with near gem quality and punch through embossing$575 Image
1609$11935AS71288087C64EPQThis R exp has Gem margins on the face$625 Image
1610$11935AS74221956C63EPQOnly one TPG CCU S Experimental available for nowSOLD Image
Regular issues cont.
1611$11935BC93384102D64EPQA more affordable CCU+ on this scarcer block$200Image
1611$11935BC93385063D66EPQOne of two with only one finer on this scarce block!8/15SOLDImage
1611$11935BG41087439D65EPQThe common block in Gem but I can't seem to keep any in stock for longSOLDImage
1611$11935BI24024132D64EPQThis one is a 64Q due to centering only$30Image
1611$11935BL24896130D65EPQOne of four with only 4 finer 10/15 than this GEM!SOLDImage
1611*$11935B*11818821B64EPQThis is what I expect a 64Q to look like but I have seen PMG start grading more like this 63 than previously.(4/14) I have enough so this one is priced to sell as well.$225Image
1611*$11935B*08398579B64EPQSuperior 64 that is a sniff from Gem 65.SOLDImage
1611*$11935B*10931595B64EPQEven a bit closer to Gem on this scarcer starSOLDImage
1611*$11935B*10744540B65EPQOnly 21 finer than this Gem 10-15 but as you can see I usually get 64s.$550Image
1611*$11935B*08221991B66EPQOne of 18 with only 3 67s finer at PMG 10-15SOLDImage
1612$11935CK99997363DPMG64NET For the ink bleed from the Courtesy Auto of John W. Snyder on a better block$200Image
1612$11935CL28714000D66EPQOne of 11 with none finer 10-15SOLDImage
1612$11935CM09454437D66EPQOne of 13 none finer 10-15SOLDImage
1612$11935CN64348097D66EPQOne of 6 with a lone 67 finer 10-15$95Image
1612$11935CP74091850D66EPQOne of 5 with 3 finer 10-15$80Image
1612$11935CD42939235EPMG65A type block, one of the few$60Image
1612$11935CF48242979E64EPQOne of two with only 7 finer 10-15$85Image
1612$11935CH64168684EPMG64Correctly graded and I am losing money$35Image
1612*$11935C*45204461BPC66QNothing wrong with this one I just despise the PC holder so I discount as a reholder fee will be in my future as they do not hold up to any travel and the paper label wears easily.$195Image
1613w$11935DR88104723E65EPQThere are only 11 at PMG on 10/15 with 7 finer than this 65Q$250Image
1613w$11935DE45633333F66EPQEight total 10-15 at PMG and this is one of two and TOP POP!SOLDImage
1613w$11935DQ38091356F67EPQThere are now 4 in 67 so this is TOP POP 10-15!SOLDImage
1613w$11935DK09830268G63EPQA scarce block as only 8 collectors can have a PMG in any grade$75Image
1613w$11935DK18439083G65EPQBased on only 8 being graded on 10/15 at PMG I am likely selling this one below true value.$150Image
1613w*$11935D*98200912B35EPQWide excellent for the grade and very difficult in Gem$39Image
1613w*$11935D*60621274B55EPQWide with tiny corner tip fold outside design$65Image
1613w*$11935D*00595550C65EPQA lovely, fully original Wide *C block. There are only 24 in all grades with this being one of five in 65EPQ with a lone 66 finer. A truly difficult block as a Wide Star. I know of a 64Q that may be available but no less than $900.(10-15)SOLD Image
1613n$11935DJ75209234FPMG63Scarce, only 8 better (10/15)$60Image
1613n$11935DZ09117124F65EPQOne of 5 and only 8 finer 10/15$60Image
1613n$11935DZ09117125F66EPQOne of 8 now at PMG with only one finer so still a bargain for the block$75Image
1613n18$11935DG62791642G65EPQReally difficult to find well centered as there are only two in the grade at PMG and 9 finer 10-15$145Image
1613n18$11935DN30080726G64EPQOnly 13 finer at PMG 10/15SOLDImage
1613n18$11935DN30080724G65EPQOne of 6 with only 7 finer 10/15SOLDImage
1613n18$11935DN30080725G65EPQOne of 6 with only 7 finer 10/15SOLDImage
1614$11935EY73510278GPMG64Good embossing is noted but this 66 got hammered by a pedantic grader$25Image
1614$11935EY84372122G64EPQEPQ with as made wet paper wrinkle notes by PMG$29Image
1614$11935EG73200930H65EPQOne of four with 3 finer (9/13)$45Image
1614$11935EJ50212927H64EPQAnother I thought would 65 for sure$25Image
1614$11935EM17236405HPMG64Good embossing is noted but this 66 got hammered by a pedantic grader$29Image
1614$11935EM94812426H65EPQThe 66 above graded as a 64 is more nicely centered$40Image
1614$11935ER59206020H58EPQI don't send in obvious AU notes to get graded and I have no idea why PMG graded this a 58 as it looks 66+$25Image
1614$11935EU43890535HPMG64Gem centering throughout and a note that should have been a 65.$25Image
1614$11935EU43890540H65EPQWhite and well centered from the same pack$35Image
1614$11935EU43890533H66EPQWhite and well centered from the same pack$40Image
1614$11935EU43890543H66EPQWhite and well centered from the same pack$40Image
1614$11935EE65376233I64EPQI get no favors from PMG I can assure you as these$29Image
1614$11935EE35057997I64EPQnotes all prove out as every one of these$29Image
1614$11935EF09265521IPMG64On half the $1s I sent in. Yes PMG can be too tough at times$25Image
1614$11935EF09265520I66EPQFinally a Gem, it must be perfect$50Image
1614$11935EJ36874949IPMG64Must have been one of those micro razor nicks that only a PMG grader can see$30Image
1614$11935EJ36874951I65EPQNo 65s in the census but this is one and one 66 finer. Too cheap considering the amount of work it takes to get notes certified$50Image
1614$11935EN75488433IPMG64A more common block but with 67 margins that got unjustly undergraded.$30Image
1614$11935EN75488484I65EPQGem beauty and I only have one 65SOLDImage
1614$11935EN36760377I66EPQAnd only one 66 that I priced high enough to get imagedSOLDImage
1614$11935EP79735144IPMG63This one I just sent in but it is a 63 with a tight top$25Image
1614$11935EP79735140I63EPQDitto on the tight top margin so correctly graded$29Image
1614$11935EP79735149I64EPQI just couldn't find them well centered enough$35Image
1614$11935EP79735146I65EPQOnly one available in this block$45Image
1615$11935FQ81419647I64EPQBetter than many PC Gems$30no image
1615$11935FS79912857I66EPQA common block in 66$39Image
1615$11935FT71418662I64EPQVery few graded so far, 1/5 with 15 finer$30Image
1615$11935FU03325923I64EPQ1/6 with 18 finer$30Image
1615$11935FU03325921I65EPQOne of 8 with only 7 66s and three 67s finer in the PMG census$45Image
1615$11935FU94652047I66EPQOne of the seven 66s with superb marginsSOLDImage
1615$11935FV51406981I64EPQOnly 39 graded in PMG holders to date$30Image
1615$11935FV51406989I65EPQOne of five with 17 finer in the only census that matters to me$40Image
1615$11935FV10487299I65EPQTom Denly prefers PCGS but I prefer PMG's more conservative grading.$40Image
1615$11935FV51406979I66EPQOne of 11 with 6 finer$45Image
1615$11935FV63079936I66EPQHow can a non PPQ note be GEM? Ask PCGS as I have never called a pressed or doctored note GEM and never will.$45no image
1615$11935FW21836640I65EPQOriginal paper, hence GEM, 1 of 4 with only 3 finer$65Image
1615$11935FY14900616-17IPMG64Really a GEM 65 with a micro razor nick and superb margins, the pair $49$30Image
1615R1$11935FB52559126JPMG64"Good Embossing" is denoted on these original Gems that were too conservatively graded$45Image
1615R1$11935FB52559132JPMG64The last block on this series$45Image
1615R2$11935FB71967068JPMG 15The rare Run 2 with a printing of only 360,000. One of five total in the PMG census with a 35 the finest which I sold to a serious block collector. One of two with two finer 8-15.SOLDImage
1615*$11935F*87284595F67EPQThe first Superb Gem I have had on this blockSOLDImage
1615*$11935F*04299836G65EPQThis better Star block priced to sell$85Image
1615*$11935F*04296963G66EPQNearly three times scarcer than the *F block in Gem (4/14)$110Image
1615*$11935F*04299851G66EPQNearly three times scarcer than the *F block in Gem (4/14) consec pairs for $195SOLDImage
1616$11935GB67851529J65EPQRun 1 with broad margins$55Image
1616$11935GB70887963J66EPQRun 1 with jumbo margins$75Image
1616$11935GB70887964J67EPQRun 1 with jumbo marginsSOLDImage
1616$11935GB95896428J65EPQRun 3 with jumbo margins as well$65Image
1616$11935GC18291942J63EPQTight right, very$25no image
1616*$11935G*15669494G66EPQA near superb, no-motto Star always in demandSOLDImage
1617*$11935G*19817176G64EPQWith Motto and typical centering$165Image
1617*$11935G*19817149G64EPQWith Motto$165Image
1617*$11935G*20085428G66EPQThis with Motto Star is far above the average and at the peak of a CGA (if you can believe it!) TPG auction frenzy these were bringing $1000 in Superb Gem holders but were not nicer than this beauty.SOLDImage
1619$11957B62345111A63EPQ$25no image
1619$11957F06332868A64EPQ$30no image
1619*$11957*74993893A65EPQAll are white and well centered.$39Image
1619*$11957*45055193C66EPQALWAYS BUYING PMG!$60Image
1619*$11957*45055192C66EPQConsecutive pair, not imaged, $105$60Image
1620$11957AA00000936A65EPQNeat low number in Gem$95Image
1620$11957AB55318193A66EPQOnly the DA is scarcerSOLDImage
1620$11957AC63639055A64EPQ$29no image
1620$11957AD59022524A66EPQonly eight 67s finer at PMG 10-15 and one of the scarcest blocks with only 34 total 65 or better notes availableSOLDImage
1620$11957AF66450060A64EPQ$35no image
1620$11957AM21324916A64EPQ$35no image
1620$11957AP02198144A66EPQSOLDno image
1620$11957AQ66683385A67EPQOnly two finer 68s at PMG 10-15SOLDImage
1621$11957BQ99997815A65EPQGreat quad 9 startSOLDImage
1621$11957BX52093162A66EPQ$40no image
1621$11957BV74138009A64EPQCheap slab$23Image
1621*$11957B*30595689B65EPQCommon Star type$39Image
1621*$11957B*30595691B65EPQCommon Star type$39Image
$5 Silver Certificates
1650$51934B47300750A66EPQOne of only 13 in 66 with a lone note in 67 (11/14) now one of 14 with one finer (10-15)SOLDImage
1650$51934C20180321A64EPQOnly 26 in all Gem grades at PMG and as rare as the BA above in the 1934 series (10/15)$85Image
1650$51934E19798445A55EPQOne of three in this desirable grade with only three 58EPQ, three 64EPQ and a lone 65Q finer in Gem. Well centered on white paper with good margins, only an obvious fold and some handling on the left, as you view the face, are evidence of the proper grade on the label. Only a total of 20 total graded at PMG to date (10/15)$750Image
1650*$51934*02451188A58PPQVery well centered and embossed for the issue with only the slightest counting marks on the left margin that enter into the design. Looks like a gem otherwise in this PCGS58PPQ holder.SOLDImage
1650*$51934*02791792A64EPQThe back is a 66-67 but the face is not as well centered. An attractive and affordable 64Q Star.$495Image
1650*$51934*00915723A65EPQAn attractive note with well balanced margins and certainly superior to the one above in centering. The margin is a bit tight for me on the bottom which is the best place to have one if you must. At least to my eye. This used to be very difficult to find in Gem grade until a small group came out a few years ago. This note is not from that group which also had numerous borderline 65s run through auction in PCGS and PMG Gem slabs. This lower number range sets it apart from this group as well.SOLDImage
1650m$51934E49244319A55EPQThe non-mule EA above is slightly scarcer overall but far more difficult in Gem than this Mule variety. Still there are only ten finer at PMG 10-15.SOLDImage
1651m$51934AF39217482APMG 64Not a mule block often seen in any CU grades with only a corner tip fold, not into the design, from Gem. The note is fully original so the lack of EPQ is anyone's guess.$75Image
1651m$51934AF15250806A66EPQOnly 23 Gems at PMG to date and priced fairly for a top pop 1/8 none finer 10-15.$250Image
1651m*$51934A*04465817A64EPQOne of only four in this grade at PMG to date (11/15). There are three 65s, three 66s and ONE 67 finer. A grossly undervalued note that is easily FIVE times scarcer than the non-mule variety but brings only double the price of late. Embossing, color and eye appeal is exceptional for this very solidly and properly graded note.SOLDImage
1651$51934AWANTEDAnyFace plate 307 and scarce high grade mulesWANTED
1651$51934AF65801491A65EPQHalf cut sheet of 6 and all Gems or better on a block$100Image
1651$51934AF65801492A65EPQwithonly 51 in the current, 8-15, PMG census and this$100Image
1651$51934AF65801493A66EPQlovely Gem group comprise 25% of the Gems in the census$145Image
1651$51934AF65801494A66EPQ$595 for the 6 or individually much higher.$145Image
1651$51934AF65801495A66EPQHalf cut sheet of 6 and all Gems or better on a block $595$145Image
1651$51934AF65801496A65EPQHalf cut sheet of Gems $595$100Image
1651$51934AG11346680A66EPQOne of nine with four 67s finer (10/15)$195Image
1651$51934AH89139474A64EPQA bit tougher blockSOLDImage
1651$51934AI30567205A63EPQFinally a reason to update the Five and Ten Silvers as I purchased a nice group and a few collections.SOLDImage
1651$51934AI30567206A64EPQThe second most available block, $450 for the sheet while it lasts or as singlesSOLDImage
1651$51934AI30567207A65EPQOnly JA is more common, a type gem$85Image
1651$51934AI30567210A65EPQLovely Gem singles as I have not had any in a while$85Image
1651$51934AI13544127A65EPQThe only one I really want to sell as a single. Half cut sheets are very hard to find these days in $5 Silvers.$85Image
1651$51934AI30567209A66EPQLikely to sell all as singles??SOLDImage
1651$51934AJ41900853A66EPQA 66+ but from the most affordable block and superior to many$125Image
1651$51934AK34753470A65EPQBy PMG rankings of notes graded to date 10-15, this is the third most common block but most are from the last run. This$125Image
1651$51934AK36341988A58EPQAn early run of the block that interchanged with North Africa $5 S.C. and difficult to find as such. With the 2nd No. Af. Run starting at 36,420,001 this note was nearly a yellow seal.$75Image
1651$51934AK50246090A66EPQThe last blue seal run sandwiched between the last two NA runs and one I don't see often$175Image
1651$51934AK72314850A65EPQMost are as below with few near the 65 million end of the yellow seal North Africa issue$125Image
1651$51934AK88994506A64EPQThe blue seal block shared with the North Africa issue$75Image
1651$51934AK88994507A64EPQThe blue seal block shared with the North Africa issue$75Image
1651$51934AK88302292A65EPQNot much better the 64Q above$95Image
1651$51934AK94597976A65EPQThis one looks more like a Gem to my eye with great white paper and balanced margins.$115Image
1651*$51934A*08721607A58EPQA whisper of a centerbend from a superb grade or nearly so (11/14)SOLDImage
1651*$51934A*10676973A66EPQThis 66 Star came back to me after a short time in a 'horseman's' collection. Of course when it rains it pours as I had just bought the one below. This one doesn't meet the standards of the next 66 but it is a properly graded note in the old style holder. All three of these have identical width and one would have judged this note more harshly without a close comparison as the margins are narrower but do to the larger engraved image size in this case which is easily wider than the other two in the same grade by around 3 mm.$995Image
1651*$51934A*10457801A66EPQNot all 66s are created equal and this one has superb embossing, white paper and registration for the issue. Exceptional note with an exceptional cost basis and price. I can't recall seeing anything better. Only two 67s finer (4/14)SOLDImage
1652$51934BK94313544A66EPQA much scarcer block on the 1934B series. One of only ten with a lone 67 finer at PMG (11/15).$250Image
1652$51934BL38838482A64EPQThe key to the basic series set in a bit more affordable grade$75Image
1652$51934BL38683405A65EPQDown to the last two of this key to the series in Gem, one consec pair left for $275 or each..$135Image
1652$51934BL38683434A65EPQThe key to the basic series set in GemSOLDImage
1652$51934BWANTEDVariousMA block and scarce 637 mules wantedWANTED
1652*$51934B*11946273A40EPQThe kind of EF original we would all like to find for every scarce note like this one. Although I have handled a half dozen true Gems in my time this is truly elusive in this premium collector grade. A single soft center fold and some mishandling are all I can distinguish as circulation. Color is a bit subdued but the margins, inks and original embossing are standouts.SOLDImage
1652*$51934B*12428958A65EPQPMG and most TPG grading firms will punish a note for having such a broad margin on the right but this time they didn't. Frankly I wish PMG would be a bit more lax so that so much trimming wouldn't go on but I understand as even though Gem the eye appeal suffers if one margin is a JUMBO.$2,750 Image
1652*$51934B*11533459A65EPQI just like this one better as the face is well balanced. One of 6 with four 66s finer in the current PMG census 10-15.SOLDImage
1652m637$51934BL39397537A55NETThe only AU with five finer, two in 64q, one 65 and two 66s. Very scarce to rare in higher grades but this note has been doctored and is appropiately labeled "retouched, minor rust" all of which is true. Still desirable and this one won't cost you thousands (11/14). No more have been added since but I lowered the price 10-15.$495Image
1653m637$51934CM07817537A65EPQBoth absolute Gems and though from different sources from the same group.SOLDImage
1653m637$51934CP27010860A63EPQThese PA's seem to come with poor centering unlike the MA above. Still a nice CCU mule 637.$250Image
1653$51934CL76980724A65EPQOne of 13 in 65 only ten finer (11/15)$195Image
1653$51934CM74192653A66EPQA beauty of a type note if you just need one in 66SOLDImage
1653$51934CN90835562A65EPQThe type block in Gem and it is Gem$95Image
1653$51934CQ33877311A65EPQAll there but second most common block on this series$90Image
1654$51934DQ55796208A64EPQOnly the VA is rarer$60Image
1654$51934DQ55796204A65EPQThese are anything but common on this block and seriesSOLDImage
1654$51934DQ55796205A66EPQCurrently, 10-15, only six in 67 and one in 69!!(must be perfect) finere.SOLDImage
1654$51934DQ55796206A66EPQEx BarnesSOLDImage
1654$51934DR40000010A64EPQEx Barnes, and a sweet pair of low million numbers$165Image
1654$51934DR40000009A64EPQEx Barnes, both for $295.$165Image
1654$51934DR87330205A65EPQI hand selected a nice group of raw notes and submitted them.$90Image
1654$51934DR65627193A66EPQAll from different runs but unequivocal Gems everyoneSOLDImage
1654$51934DS40763858A64EPQPairs of consecs are 10% off$50Image
1654$51934DS40763857A65EPQA Gem on the more common blocks$95Image
1654$51934DS19596675A66EPQI only have two and they are both near superb$125Image
1654$51934DS19596676A66EPQStandout embossing and these used to slab at PC as 67+ but they have now tightened there grades considerably after 6+ years of incredible feats of inconsistency and piss poor service. Good luck picking out cherries from the pits.$125Image
1654$51934DV03294356A50EPQMuch scarcer block, 33 total graded PMG 10-15$60Image
1654$51934DV05945490A64EPQOnly 33 graded at PMG to date (11/15). Fourteen now in Gem grades finerSOLDImage
1654$51934DV05945489A64EPQFlawless paper and vibrant inks on this rare VA block, one of three with only eleven finer to this properly graded note (4/14)$150Image
1654$51934DV05945307A66EPQThe nicest I can recall ever offering. At least since we all came to find out, with TPG, that the Wide 1 was nearly half as difficult to find in Gem as the Wide2. One of Five in 66 with only a lone 67 finer at PMG (11/15)$450Image
1654w*$51934D*19487854A53EPQProperly graded and affordable type star in near CU.SOLDImage
1654w*$51934D*20642745A65EPQBeauty of a type note Star that is superior to most 65s in any holder. This note easily faces up like a Superb Gem and I have seen PMG66s that looked no better if even and PCGS 67s with even worse margins though they seem to have tightened up their act in the last year or two. This note is a bargain as compared to the premium you will pay for better back centering on the 66 below.$495Image
1654w*$51934D*20181398A66EPQAnd here is one now with similar face margins but the back is centered much better, although the face is not, a total of 28 in 66 with only Six - 67s finer at PMG (4/14)$745Image
1654n$51934DT59313813A58EPQPristine narrow in slider "UNC"$40Image
1654n$51934DT78238820A67EPQOne of three with NONE FINER, top pop and always a more difficult Narrow to find in Gem 10-15SOLDImage
1654n$51934DU80856794A65EPQThe TA is a bit more difficult which I have on the raw list as wellSOLDImage
1654n$51934DV05945493A66EPQOne of only Six with Two 67s and a lone 68 finer 10-15SOLDImage
1654w2$51934DU68598101APMG64Netted for a small spot near the left signature which is minor but at least I could find it in this case. Note is otherwise EPQ.$105Image
1654w2$51934DU45603968A64EPQThe scarce Wide 2 backplate, there are only 93 total Wide 2 notes graded at PMG to date (10/15) and many are not CU. I never have more than one or two in stock and they always sell.$135Image
1654w2$51934DU76871931A64EPQAnother but I paid a bit more as it looks like a 65 all day to me..$165Image
1654w2$51934DU47937568A66EPQOnly 16 in 66 and seven finer in PMG67EPQ (10/15)SOLDImage
1654w2$51934DV08866108APMG64Truly scarce to outright rare in Gem with only 6 finer than this note 10-15.SOLDImage
1654w2*$51934D*22551111APMG 55I took this note in on trade and even though it is pressed it has such a great repeater serial number I thought this scarce Wide II Star would brighten up my listing for the number junkies.$425Image
1654w2*$51934D*22926677A63EPQOne of Two with Ten finer at PMG 10-15 but they have yet to grade a total of 30 notes on this scarce variety, star block.$1,150 Image
1654w2*$51934D*23034751A64EPQRarer than the Mule* but just as under-appreciated. Of the 29 total submitted at PMG to date there are seven in 64Q with only two 65Q and one 66Q finer (10/15).SOLDImage
1655$51953A78497509A64EPQFrom a nice runSOLDImage
1655$51953A78497505A65EPQAll are pack fresh and white$59Image
1655$51953A78497504A66EPQVery near 67$75Image
1655$51953A78497508A66EPQVery near 67 as the one consecutive wasSOLDImage
1655$51953A76937669A66EPQMany of these 53 series blocks are elusive in well centered PMG Gems. The DA is especially challenging well centered.$75Image
1655$51953A78497507A67EPQSuperb 67 at PMG is a perfect note to the average eye as is this oneSOLDImage
1655$51953B51463812A66EPQNot so easy to find if you don't want the AA block$95Image
1655$51953C76038011A65EPQThe DA is the most difficult$59Image
1655*$51953*10578511A65EPQThis 1953 'plain' star is elusive and always in demand. Two to three times more difficult to find than the 53A* in well centered gem.$275Image
1655*$51953*13765691A66EPQVery well centereded for this 1953 Star blockSOLDImage
1655*$51953*01244923A66EPQThese are both very nice notes but I paid a bit more for this one$345Image
1656$51953AD76831492A66EPQA Christopher Columbus year ending on the block that is twice as scarce as the two to follow. 1/24 with only seven 67s finer (10/15)$95Image
1656$51953AE09892671A66EPQOver a dozen 67s finer now$65Image
1656$51953AF63564509A66EPQThe common block in Gem +$60Image
1656$51953AF68370000A64EPQAn interesting quad ending not often seen on $5 Silver Certificates.$100Image
1656*$51953A*17949143APM64A small rust speck from 65EPQ$85Image
1656*$51953A*21762873A65EPQMore difficult with each passing day but a very nice 65$125Image
1656*$51953A*27231778A66EPQOnly 25 67s finer and one 68 already placed (10/15)$155Image
1656*$51953A*21114371A66EPQA premium example for the grade$165Image
1657$51953BF84733423A63EPQOne CCU in stock$45Image
1657$51953BF77177039A66EPQAnother difficult issue, the pair for $210SOLDImage
1657$51953BF77177040A66EPQUntil my friend Jeff B. found this small run I was hard pressed to have any to offer$115Image
1657*$51953B*28395883APMG30Here is the first of two KEYs to the $5 SC set. Fully original paper just no EPQ from the conservative PMG camp. PMG may overgrade some lower graded material but are much tougher over all and esp for EPQ and superb gem and above. In other words they grade 98% of the time the way I have always, conservativley with and eye towards original paper surfaces which this key has in abundance.$2,500 Image
1657*$51953B*08379362APMG50This one is eye appealling and quite attractive (not to mention reasonably priced for the current market). It has been pressed as flat as the Red River Valley of the North to 'improve' the eye appeal and grade to some. I have personally never seen a pressed note that would be "improved" by pressing or major doctoring. Unfortunately many don't agree because doctoring makes it easier to dupe the unsuspecting public in to paying too much. An EPQ on this note would add about $2K to the value if it were justified. An EPQ note will bring from 20 to 40%, sometimes even more, than the same grade without.$4,950 Image
$10 Silver Certificates
1701$101934A51637007A65EPQA blazing white Gem and the $10 Silvers are still the bargains they were a few years ago so now is the time to buy them.SOLDImage
1701*$101934*00432116A55EPQWell centered with typical embossing for the issue. A great alternative to a rather rare note to find in a PMG Gem and this note is white and attractive to the point of appearing CCU$645Image
1701*$101934*00356293A64EPQOnly 5 total in 64Q and above on the PMG census with only THREE notes finer, a 66 and two 65s! (10-15). A properly graded CCU+ note with embossing so deep that nearly every dentical and detail in the Treasury Seal is punched through the white paper. Very scarce and nearly impossible in Gem.$1,950 Image
1701m$101934A72593077A64EPQThe more difficult mule variety with the grey paper and good margins even with the obvious shift to the right.$150Image
1701m$101934A56500547A65EPQIncredibly white and well embossed with only the slightest shit to the bottom which keeps it out of the 66-7 category.SOLDImage
1701m$101934A57517819A66EPQThese have become more affordable over the last decade not less so. Only three 67EPQ finer with 17 in the current 66EPQ category at PMG 10-15.$350Image
1701m*$101934*00851698APC64PPQThe majority of the $10 Silvers seem to be undervalued and downright ignored at times so I had to pick this difficult Star even though PCGS graded. The bottom margin is tight so there is no chance of a higher grade. I refuse to pay for PCGS's census as it means little to me so I will site the PMG data available for FREE to all in the marketplace. Of the 22 graded in this Mule Star at PMG only six are CCU or better; one 64, two 64Q, two 65Q and one 66Q. Plain rare in CU and better and unlikely to be any more affordable in the future. The embossing and orginality of the paper is very visible through the holder glare. 10/15)$1,745 Image
1701m*$101934*00851697A65EPQOne again coincidence from two completely different sources produces consecutive notes. This Gem has superior centering overall and substantial embossing and original wetted paper surfaces, as made. The centering and paper color is easily superior to its consecutive mate above. One of two and only one 66EPQ finer at PMG 10-15.$5,500 Image
1702$101934AB18031912APMG 64The more common later run. Some embossing intact but not enough to be completely original.SOLDImage
1702*$101934A*01544570APMG 30Only 52 total of this star graded by PMG to date and not many can be this attractive both to the eye and the wallet. Orginal embossing is very evident still (11/15)SOLDImage
1702*$101934A*01476209A64EPQOne of six in this grade with only two in 65Q and one in 66Q. Always rare in CCU and practically unobtainable as the current census at PMG validates. White, well centered on the face and well embossed throughout, only the shifted back kept this note from being added to the current Gem census of three at PMG 10-15. Faces up like a 66-67.$1,900 Image
1703$101934BB19084551APMG30One affordable alternative in a PMG slab that has been slightly diddled with.SOLDImage
1703$101934BB18703125A55EPQGreat PMG stats on this hard to find EPQ 34B Ten Silver; this is the only 55EPQ with three finer in 58EPQ and 18 other notes deemed original by PMG finer. You can see from all the flat notes in EF-AU and finer that the temptation is far too great and the temptation of the laundry wins often. Still only 91 graded at PMG in all grades to date (11/14)$975Image
1703$101934BB15436448APMG58Ever so difficult to find even in original VF. A very small pool of about 20 original choice to gem notes exist but the true Gems go for $6K plus if properly graded. This one has been pressed to look gem and try and fool the untrained eye into thinking it was but it couldn't fool me or PMG.SOLDImage
1703*$101934B*01456947APMG25NET, for obvious removal of some red ink or crayon from the front near the seal and serial number. Stain is the net reason but the attempted removal is all that is really evident unless they refer to the very light pink residue still remaining. Regardless the note is still origianl otherwise with embossing intact on the seal plainly evident on the holder. Priced to sell as I knew it would net grade.$1,795 Image
1703*$101934B*01396160A35EPQA wonderful original note in the Key Star of the $10 SC small size set. There are only 4 finer in the PMG census,10-15, with the EPQ moniker and this one was somehow spared from the doctor's table. The lone Gem is in good hands so this one has come back on the market. $4,750 Image
1704$101934CB38593570A58EPQConsecutive pair of "ghost fold Gems" $190, price reduced.SOLDImage
1704$101934CB38593571A58EPQReal "Gem About Uncirulated" I am tired of these, $100 or best offer at a loss ($/14)SOLDImage
1704$101934CB38593573A58EPQHow about $225 for the three 58s? GOODBYE OLD FREINDS!SOLDImage
1704$101934CB38605022A64EPQAttractive and near gem typeSOLDImage
1704$101934CB38605020A65EPQGem type, all three consecutive for $425$195Image
1704$101934CB38605021A65EPQOr a Gem pair for $350$195Image
1704$101934CB38512831A66EPQThe generic type series for the Ten Dollar Silver CertificatesSOLDImage
1704$101934CB38251735A67EPQRegistration and margins are near perfect on the creamy white paper common to this series. I have not had any of the other series or blocks in 67 but this one. Now there are 18 in 67 with only two finer in 68 at PMG (4/14)$695Image
1704*$101934C*01773426A63EPQThis type Star has everything but the left margin for a higher grade. The affordable 1934C series Star in CCU, all the others are much more difficult in 1934 series. Well centered Gems even in this 'common' series come up infrequently.SOLDImage
1705$101934DB39162299A63EPQA more affordable TPG alternative on a much scarcer and underappreciated series.$185Image
1706$101953A06242489A35EPQThe nicest VF you will ever see as I sold the other two (10/11)SOLDImage
1706$101953A02962856A63EPQAn unusual grade as most are gem and this is a premium note for the grade of 63Q$175Image
1706*$101953*00550119A66EPQAn all there 66 that likely only missed Superb due to the back centering as the face is spot on and the originality unquestionable.$995Image
1707*$101953A*00582173A64EPQThere was a time when these were selling for $1000+ in this grade$695Image
1707*$101953A*00623322A66EPQThe centering front and back are superb so this could not have missed the 67 mark by much. The registration is absolutely perfect and only the slightly larger left margin kept it from that superb moniker.SOLDImage
1708$101953BA11736114A63EPQDefinitely only a 63Q with the narrow top marginSOLDImage
1708$101953BA11709002A65EPQJumbo margins on the most available of the 1953 series' and as affordable as they have ever been in properly graded Gem TPG slabs.SOLDImage