Small Size Nationals

Small Size Nationals 1929

1801-2$10ARA014089F/VFComm. NB of Little Rock, C# 14000 And a State Capital! Some slight wallet staining is evident on the face only but the paper has oodles of body and 3/4 of the original crispness$295Image
1800-2$5CAA000492VFThe Pacific NB of San Francisco, C#12579$125Image
1801-1$10CAF007612AF/VFCentral NB of Oakland, C#9502, a slightly better LA county bank$145Image
1801-1$10DEF001229AVF++Fruit Growers NB and Trust Co. of Smyna, C# 2336. Incredible embossing with original paper, excellent margins, this note is near the finest known and faces up EF/AU.SOLDImage
1800-1$5IDD002492AFINEThe Boise City NB of Boise, C#3471, difficult State and Capital combined$350Image
1802-1$20ILF012373AVF+The NB of the Republic of Chicago, C#4605, super white, crispy and original$75Image
1801-1$10ILC001597AFINEThe First NB of Savanna, C#8540$175Image
1802-1$20ILD000324AVG/FThe Illinois NB of Springfield, C#3548, State Capital, evenly soiled but solid for the grade$60Image
1802-1$20ILC000182A65EPQGEM(VF)/ Farmers NB of Taylorville IL, C#5410 just plain gorgeous for type and it doesn't hurt if your last name is Taylor!$450Image
1802-1$20ILC000389AVF++The FNB of Vienna Illinois, C#4433. Great embossing and only a couple small size records in the last couple of decades, one from 1997 (a low grade T1 $10) and a $20, S#B000365A in raw VF20, 2005 HA $603.75 so this original beaut should be worthÂ…(T&P census 9 small 6/15)$795Image
1802-1$20KSB000410ACCUThe Citizens NB of Fort Scott Kansas C#3175. There are only a few reported Uncirculated but none certified yet. This is 64EPQ quality due to the one smaller margin.$450Image
1802-2$20KSA000130VFFNB of Liberal Kansas, C#3175 Scarce type , nice circulated VFSOLDImage
1801-1$10KSE001305AFINEThe Farmers NB of Topeka, C#10390, a better State Capital, evenly soiled$195Image
1801-1$10KSD004116AVFThe Merchants NB of Topeka, C#3909, easily a VF Capital City$115Image
1801-1$10MEC000623AF/VFNorway NB of Norway Maine, C#1956. Though two $20s are reported they have not been confirmed and only one small size has shown up in the last 20 years, this one. The highest reported grade and only confirmed note.SOLDImage
1802-1$20MEB000128AFINEThe Portland NB of Portland, C#4128, only one from Maine, a difficult state$125Image
1801-1$10MAF008696AFINEAtlantic NB of Boston, C#643, ink & margin stains, but far from unsightly and quite affordable State Capital$80Image
1800-1$5MIA000797AAU/CU+FNB of Norway,Michgan C#6863SOLDImage
1801-1$10MIE000334AVF/EFFNB of Norway,Michgan C#6863, pressed but better than mostSOLDImage
1802-1$20MID000042AVFFNB of Norway,Michgan C#6863, original and above averageSOLDImage
1801-1$10MOB003066A63EPQFNB of Cape Girardeau, C#4611 Gem paper and embossing but no-one worried about margins when these were cut.$375Image
1800-1$5MOB000725AVFThe Drovers NB in Kansas City, C#12794, a great title that brings to mind the old Cattle Town days and affordable for a KC as most go pretty dear.$115Image
1802-1$20NED000225AFINEThe Stephens NB of Fremont, C#13408, a half dozen pinholes right of portrait$150Image
1802-1$20NEB000807AF/VFThe Continental NB of Lincoln, C#13333, a neat Charter no. on a State Capital$145Image
1800-2$5NJA030608F/VFThe Boardwalk NB of Atlantic City, C#8800, a popular title and town that always sell well$195Image
1801-1$10NJE000567AF/VFThe Peoples NB of Hackettstown, C#8267$175Image
1804-1$100NJB000208ACH/VFSecond NB of Patterson, C#810, a problem free and original small $100 that is slightly better than type.$450 Image
1802-1$20NYD001090AAU+/CUManufacturers NB of Troy, C#712$245Image
1802-1$20NYD001091AAU+/CUManufacturers NB of Troy, C#712$245Image
1802-1$20NYD066634-35AEF/AUFNB of the City of New York, C#29. Common and consecutive pair for $225 or each at$125 Image
1801-1$10NDF001432AVFFNB of Dickinson, North Dakota C#4384 A nice VF I bought from Orville Berve in Feb. of '96. Orville was one of the best old-time vest pocket dealers you would ever want to meet.$295Image
1801-2$10NDA001683CCUFNB of Dickinson, North Dakota C#4384 Tim Kyzivat found me this type 2 a decade ago, Best I have seen.$1,000 Image
1802-1$20NDA000392AVF++FNB of Dickinson, North Dakota C#4384 Glen Jorde this one in '96$350Image
1802-2$20NDA000262AU+FNB of Dickinson, North Dakota C#4384 Tim Kyzivat found me this type 2 a decade ago, Best I have seen.$795Image
1802-1$20NDB000062APMG25The Liberty NB of Dickinson North Dakota C#12401$750Image
1802-1$20NDF000160A58EPQFNB of Fargo North Dakota C#5087, you can't find 'em this nice but once a decade.SOLDImage
1801-1$10NDC000016AEF/AUFNB in Garrison, North Dakota C#13501, Finest know but has some staining and evidence of a large paperclip depression which is the only sign of circulation.SOLDImage
1802-1$20NDA000024AFINEFNB in Garrison, North Dakota C#13501, The only $20 with a small brown stain mentioned for accuracy.SOLDImage
1801-2$10NDA00063158EPQFNB of Rolla North Dakota C#6157$1,250 Image
1801-1$10NDB000285AVFFNB of Ryder, North Dakota C#9214 A strong VF on a note with only 12 known. $550Image
1802-1$20PAB000149AVFThe Northeast NB of Philadelphia, C#13175, a rarely offered Philly bank but quite inexpensively priced.$135Image
1801-1$10PAB004709AVF++Second NB of Uniontown, C#5034, great orginal paper with a handful of folds$165Image
1801-1$10TNC003452AFINEHolston-Union Bank of Knoxvill, TN. C#4648, 19 known on all Ssize NBN and only 7 offerings in the last decade$145Image
1802-1$20UTE000310AFINE+First NB of Salt Lake City, C#2059, only a single problem free, evenly circulated State Capital$150Image
1801-2$10VAA014026F/VFPeoples NB of Lynchburg, C#2760, Type 2 and scarce as such$225Image
1801-1$10VAF003989AF/VFThe Colonial-American NB of Roanoke, C#11817, large pinhole near lower left serial$80Image
1802-2$20WVA000063VF+/EFWeston NB of Weston, West Virginia, C#13634, very lightly circulated attractive original and likely finest available$395Image