US Fractional Currency

COMPLETE UPDATE8-28-15Fractionals
126610 CentFifthCH/AUTighter right margin on this Thick Key variety that also sports a pinhole$50
130225 CentFourth63EPQMany of these are not easy to find in CU or better$345Image
130825 CentFifthAUOne pinhole lower right corner, otherwise choice for the grade$59
130925 CentFifthVFOne circ thin key, that is conservatively graded$30
130925 CentFifth66EPQOf course the 67s sold right away$295Image
130925 CentFifth66EPQBut these 66s are all superior as such and we have only three$295Image
130925 CentFifth66EPQWanted to BUY all Fractionals but this one!$295Image
134350 CentThird58EPQThree superior margins with vibrant bronzing. I have seen many notes purported to be of higher grade that cannot match up to this note.$595Image
137450 CentFourthPMG 63Three broad margins on this very popular Lincoln, price reduced.$795Image
138150 CentVF++Original, well centered William Crawford note. Known among the neophytes as the "Bobe Hope" note and he does bare a resemblance.$50

Fractional currency are a wonderful historic remnant of the economic hardships brought on by the Civil War.