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$1 Legal Tender Notes
1500$11928A01383156A63EPQUsually you are lucky to get one Gem out of a half cut sheet as most will have margins that look like this$425Image
1500$11928A00001771A63EPQNice colonial year number$475Image
1500$11928A01772918A63EPQTight bottom which I prefer$425Image
1500$11928A01383152A63EPQRed Seal FunnyBack$425Image
1500$11928A01772919A65EPQA solid PMG GemSOLDImage
1500$11928A00808367APC65QA generic PCGS Gem with a normal number$625Image
1500$11928A01383153A65EPQAnother generic Gem in a PMG holder this time$600Image
$2 Legal Tender Notes
1501$21928A26977669A64EPQOriginally from a cut sheet and each bright white with one tighter margin.$195Image
1501$21928A26977670A64EPQAny two consecutives take a 10% discount$195Image
1501$21928A26977671A64EPQAny three 15% off$195Image
1501$21928A26977672A64EPQAll four consecutive notes for $800$195Image
1502$21928AA92056127A65EPQNearly as difficult as the 28B to find in with well balanced margins$895Image
1504$21928CB09770377APMG63Original embossed paper is plainly evident through the holder but the margins are irregular right and bottom. Possibly trimmed so lacking the EPQ.$145Image
1504*$21928C*01477031APMG35The start of some very nice 1928C 'Starz', very attractive VF+ with two hard folds and some general crumpling. Typical in that I can't see why it is not EPQ but perhaps the folds were too strong. Nice color and appearance for a note that has less than 50 submitted in all grades and this is 12th through 15th finest with 32 of the 47 so far graded by PMG, lower than this note, One of Four with only 11 finer (6/13)$645Image
1504*$21928C*01125580A58EPQOn eye-appeal this is top pop. I have handled two or three of the 64s and did see the 63 sell but none had margins like this note. In paper, the number doesn't tell the whole story and if you want the best looking note overall in the PMG census this is most likely it. Super white and red contrasts with dark inking on the face, only an oblique corner tip fold in the upper left that barely nicks a millimeter into the frame line keeps this note from what otherwise would have surely been a Gem 65Q grade. See for yourself, pop 1/1 with Five finer by most measures (6/13).$2,950 Image
1505m*$21928D*02240027A65EPQNear top, one of one with only three 66s finer in the PMG census and the last 66 sold for $7475. (11/15)$4,750 Image
1505$21928DD24251779A64EPQCCU DA block$75Image
1505$21928DD01385820A65EPQA gem on the DA block with slightly greyish paper$145Image
1505$21928DD17448268A65EPQAny consecutive gets a 10% discount.$150Image
1505$21928DD17448269A65EPQA lovely PMG graded Gem.$150Image
1505$21928DD17448270A66EPQNearly superb with excellent front to back registration, deep black and red inks on a whiter paper than often seen.SOLDImage
1505*$21928D*02725582A65EPQA near perfect note with only 7 graded finer(4/17)$1,950 Image
1506$21928ED35533213APMG64The lack of EPQ is mystifying, very well embossed$175Image
1506$21928ED34411202A66EPQI paid over $300 for this one$325Image
1507*$21928F*03642486A65EPQA bit more attractive than the one below but very difficult to find in true, attractive Gem. One of 11 with only Six finer (6/13)$1,750 Image
1508$21928GD99959844A65EPQGreat triple 9 start$110Image
1508$21928GD99959845A65EPQThe consecutive pair for $235$110Image
1508$21928GE01279860A55EPQLight center fold$39Image
1508$21928GE07175492A58EPQCorner tip fold$49Image
1508$21928GE29237815A64EPQPack fresh$69Image
1508$21928GE29242052A65EPQCouple small specks on the face$85Image
1508$21928GE23118083A65EPQA slight teller smudge$95Image
1508$21928GE13382050A66EPQA premium 66 that is very difficult to tell apart from the 67 below which came from the same consecutive run.$125Image
1508$21928GE23153616A67EPQExquisite margins, eye appeal etc.$292Image
1508*$21928G*03688545A66EPQThe TYPE STAR in the earlier series of $2 US Notes but still only 23 in 66 with ony four finer and this is a no doubter 66 (6/13)$995Image
1510$21953AA55041803A65EPQLovely affordable but difficult to find$75Image
1510*$21953A*02220855A64EPQVery cheap starSOLDImage
1511*$21953B*03389656A66EPQStill affordable and near superbSOLDImage
1512$21953CA75433579A65EPQGem Duece$60Image
1512$21953CA75433581A65EPQGem Duece$60Image
1512$21953CA75433582A65EPQGem Duece$60Image
1512$21953CA75433578A66EPQGem Duece$75Image
1512$21953CA75433580A66EPQGem Duece$75Image
1512$21953CA79326560A66EPQGem Duece$85Image
1512*$21953C*03940707A65EPQI used to think these were common but have had difficulty finding them in Gem PMG holders$125Image
1512*$21953C*03924654A65EPQYikes the last one of these sold 6-24-14 HA weekly isale for an incredible $270 and it was no nicer.$125Image
1512*$21953C*03672759A66EPQNear Suberb and affordable starSOLDImage
1512*$21953C*03912990A67EPQSuperb perfection$250Image
1514*$21963A*00640950A65EPQWhite and well printed$125Image
$5 Legal Tender
ALL$5ALLSERIES65EPQStars wanted, call for best offerWANTED
1525$51928B75009388APMG64Fully original and well embossed paper. PMG found a 1mm razor nick in the margin to disqualify it from the Exceptional designation and a likely 65 grade.$145Image
1525$51928D01356009A65EPQPop 1 of 4 with nothing finer on this block (7/14) through (6/13) and if you check you will see that someone paid $6,037 for a PC65 in 08, attractive, properly graded and it comes with a near COP bonus below.$2,950 Image
1525$51928B58527224A66EPQDifficult to find so white and well balanced marginsSOLDImage
1526$51928AD01356027A64EPQThis one and the one 1928 DA block above! I will throw this one in on the purchase of the DA block.$295Image
1527$51928BE45604896A64EPQBetter blockSOLDImage
1527m$51928BE49385111A63EPQI never see these well centered and there are only 13 finer in the PMG pop report (7/14)SOLDImage
1528$51928CF53985706A65EPQFantastic embossing with the seal denticles almost ripping through the back of the paper, easily seen through the holder$200Image
1528$51928CF54163097A66EPQNearly superb with excellent front to back registration, deep black and red inks on a whiter paper than often seen.$175Image
1528*$51928C*060907370APMG53Possibly lightly pressed but an attractive note for the priceSOLDImage
1528*$51928C*05951063A58EPQBetter than 51 of the other 93 submitted to PMG to date (6/13)$595Image
1529$51928DG53916871A65EPQReally can't chose between the two as the centering is unimprovable and looks better than a Gem 65$345Image
1529$51928DG64291721A65EPQWonderful margins and embossing on this semi key to the series$350Image
1529*$51928D*07095844A20PPQA very difficult star in an attractive and affordable grade well below book as these circ stars and keys have fell out of favor if they don't make the vaunted Gem or higher grade.SOLDImage
1529m$51928DG62461870APMG25637 muleSOLDImage
1529m$51928DG64975432A30EPQThe fourth finest with EPQ in the PMG census with the scarce backcheck 637 muleSOLDImage
1530m$51928EG72469334APMG25The rare GA 637 mule but it is more of a VG/Fine$245Image
1530m$51928EG91395343APMG25MULE 637 that is a decent VF from the more difficult block with only 8 at PMG to date and most at this grade and below (11/15)SOLDImage
1530m$51928EH18981062APMG25The type, or most common, 637 mule block. Again I disagree with PMGs grade and give this one a 15/20 , make me an offer..SOLDImage
1530$51928EH09567893A64EPQSuper white with great embossing$95Image
1530$51928EH56834436A64EPQI liked this one even more so paid more$105Image
1530$51928EH39980339A65EPQA passable gem yet back centering is lacking$155Image
1530*$51928E*07324229A58EPQOne center fold with some of the best embossing you will see on a small size note of the Legal Tender issue.SOLDImage
1531w1$51928FI18483969A66EPQType 66 that is always in demand as a 66$155Image
1531w1*$51928F*08724506A65EPQAnother to chose from..$950Image
1531w1*$51928F*09440200A65EPQA beauty, pop 1 of 14 and they aren't getting any easier to find (5/11)$950Image
1531n$51928FI58460773A65EPQOne of thirteen in Gem with 29 finer but only 63 total in all grades submitted to PMG to date$225Image
1531n*$51928F*09514969APC20QThe Narrow variety Star, 10K in Gem of late, a very affordable registry set 'hole filler' and quite nice for a VF 20 from what I see from PMG at times$750Image
1534*$51953B*12405243A66EPQThis one is slightly better balanced and unimprovalbe as a 66EPQ and there are only two 67s finer!$475Image
1535*$51953C*13645021A65EPQPop 1 of 12 and always wanted but less available (10/11)$395Image
1535*$51953C*13642143A65PPQA less expensive PC GEM$325Image
1536$51963A19732538APMG64Most have great white paper and deep overprint$40Image
1536$51963A58381600A65EPQMost have great white paper and deep overprint$50Image
1536$51963A44922366A66EPQPretty and affordable but common$65Image
1536$51963A36403414A66EPQPretty and affordable but common$65Image
1536$51963A36403415A66EPQPretty and affordable but common$65Image