Certified $10-$1000 GC

Gold Certificates
2400$101928WANTED50+EPQAnd better wanted in $10-$20-$50-$100 Golds!!!!!!WANTED
2400$101928A78472112APMG25Problem free VF$140Image
2400$101928A47607082A30PPQA properly graded PCGS example with obvious signs of paper body and originality on this lightly circulated Gold Certificate.$215Image
2400$101928A83911492A30EPQProblem free VF+ at a favorable price considering the demand for these things. Embossing is quite evident on the seal.SOLDImage
2400$101928A10037408A35EPQA very choice VF, with full original, colors, paper and ink and still in an affordable grade.$245Image
2400$101928A82367323A35EPQA very choice VF, with full original, colors, paper and ink and still in an affordable grade. Both examples have adequate embossing and very original paper.$250Image
2400$101928A69921881APMG58This Gold Certificate did not receive the EPQ designation for a common reason. The upper left corner tip has been massaged to hide a fold just into the frame line and the rest of the note has been pressed. Still, with TPG Gems bringing $1500 and much higher in some instances, this full margined, appealing note is a relative bargain. (2/15)$395Image
2400*$101928*01014254APMG35Original paper and only the light wallet stain on the right half of the note likely prevented the EPQ designation. Presentable and scarce in grades above VF that haven't been washed or whizzed.SOLDImage
2400*$101928*00319042APMG35Net for a very small tear but this note is far superior to every other VF35 I have seen with ample originality and the rarity of unpressed folds!!SOLDImage
2400*$101928*00273323APMG40As is the norm this note was lightly pressed, though some embossing is still faintly evident. This Star would face up well in any type or specialized Gold collection.$1,195 Image
2402$201928A13578385A25Properly graded Gold Certificate$195Image
2402$201928A17447268A25A very choice and original VF+++$215Image
2402$201928A19058862A30Original and just a bit nicer than the conservatively graded piece aboveSOLDImage
2402$201928A02876230A64EPQA premium 64Q but with the tighter margin on the bottom though still quite adequate, and jumbo original margins everywhere else$995Image
2404$501928WANTEDALLOriginal raw or properly grade TPG notesWANTED
2405$1001928A00416745APMG15A farily low grade for a TPG slab but priced as low as I canSOLDImage
2405$1001928A02169884APMG35This one has very attractive, contrasting colors, but perhaps lightly book pressed at some time yet the folds are still quite evident. 90% orginal whereas most $100 G.C. are heavily doctored.SOLDImage
2405$1001928WANTEDALLOriginal raw or properly grade TPG notesWANTED
2407$5001928WANTEDALLOriginal raw or properly grade TPG notesWANTED
2408$1,000 1928WANTEDALLOriginal raw or properly grade TPG notesWANTED