Certified FRBN

$5 FRBNs
Last updated 3-15-18
1850-B$51929B02067456A65EPQNow almost as available as the Chicago. This NY district used to be a more difficult.$345Image
1850-D$51929D02965013A65EPQCleveland Gem++ white and very well centered$445Image
1850-F$51929F00888565A64EPQScarcer Atlanta five with excellent color and embossing$395Image
1850-I$51929I00040392A63EPQSuper Scarce pop 1 of 5 with only six 64s, three 65s and one 66 finer (3/18), not well margined but few are..$1,295 Image
1850-I$51929I00408066A63EPQSuper Scarce pop 1 of 5 with only six 64s, three 65s and one 66 finer (3/18), better margined than above…$1,595 Image
1850-K$51929K00788477APC64QCool number on a better Dallas fiver$395Image
1850-L$51929L00258637APMG25San Francisco scarcity$995Image
$10 FRBNs
1860-K$101929K00454410APC53Scarce Dallas District, with stain removed$995Image
1860-K$101929K00454589APMG64Scarce Dallas District net for small stain but only 5 finer at PMG 3/18$1,295 Image
1860-L$101929L00337026APMG20Scarce San Fran. impossible in CU as a 64Q just sold for $12925 which makes Hadji really pleased! Why because I sold him the only Gem I have ever seen in the 90s for $200. Wow, I sure hope it grades high 🙂$95Image
1860-L$101929LA and KA35EPQAnd better wanted, always buying key notesWANTED
$20 FRBNs
1870-C$201929C00092845A65EPQPhilly Gem, white and well centered$350Image
1870-E*$201929E00007996*PMG20Richmond STAR Only 21 in all grades at PMG 3/18$495Image
1870-E*$201929E00007636*35EPQRichmond STAR Only 21 in all grades at PMG 3/18 only ONE 45EPQ FINER$895Image
1870-E*$201929E00000959*35EPQRichmond STAR Only 21 in all grades at PMG 3/18 only ONE 45EPQ FINER$995Image
1870-F$201929F00521682A65EPQBetter Atlanta only 3 finer 3/18$850Image
1870-G$201929G01255602A63EPQCommon Chicago Type$195Image
1870-H$201929H00078382A64EPQSt. Louis in affordable near gem$295Image
1870-J$201929J00548898A64EPQOnly THREE finer at PMG 3/18$395Image
1870-J$201929J00271809A64EPQKC Beauty Two 65Q and a 66Q finer OUTSTANDING embossing$495Image
1870-L$201929L00509837A65EPQOne of Three with only One finer 3/18$1,850 Image
1880-B$501929B00342698A58EPQNear CCU NY FRBN$295Image
1880-L$501929L00148701A55EPQOnly 14 FINER!!!!! 3/18, This shits just too cheap gents!$395Image
All$1001929WANTED45EPQAnd better wantedWANTED
1890-D$1001929D00167055A65EPQGem Cleveland$795Image
1890-G$1001929G00102023APC63QChicago District type$375Image
1890-G$1001929G00124906A63EPQChicago District type$445Image
1890-G$1001929G00102034APMG64Great serial# 1234 up ladder with 0 in between!$600Image
1890-G$1001929G00003645A64EPQNearly a short up ladder and another great #!$695Image